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Guild Wars 2 WvW: It’s Not Just About Zerging


I’ve been slacking on them Guild Wars 2 posts! Sorry been busy doing a bunch of WvW lately which is this post’s topic! Some players think WvW is a senseless zerg; just a bunch of players following a commander tag and capping objectives. Well I say it isn’t.

I’ve been away from consistent WvW for a little while now. I decided to head back in recently when Edge of the Mists became available and even more when the WvW Spring tournament was underway. I didn’t know the mechanics or the pathing of the Edge of the Mists map. I mostly followed zergs around and learnt what I could along the way. I learnt quite a bit.

First off, learn the map. There are quite a few elements of the map to learn including zerg paths and various NPCs. Learning about the various WvW maps helps you determine how much you can do for your world. With a small group you can take supply dolyaks, supply camps, generators and even a tower or two. With a large group, aka a zerg, you can take everything up to Stonemist Castle, the largest structure in Eternal Battlegrounds or an enemy keep in Edge of the Mists.

There are some little things that you pick up as well. For example, hitting walls won’t trigger an alert for the enemy but hitting the gate will. In Edge of the Mists there’s a Charr NPC on the south end of the Red keep that lets you transform into a Mecha Siege Devourer which is great for taking towers & keeps.

There are zerging strategies like sticking close to the commander to gain all the AoE buffs everyone is using. There’s zerging as a group so that minimal damage is taken while you pierce through enemy lines effectively scattering the enemy zerg. There’s arrow cart ambushes where your zerg sets up a few arrow carts inside your tower, ready to barrage the incoming enemy as they break down the gate. There’s havoc groups; small groups causing chaos and bait out enemy zergs while helping ally zergs. There’s scouts that keep watch for oncoming assaults. I think you get the point.

I’ve also learn that if your new at commanding, make sure you know the map you’re on and the basic zerging strategies. No one likes a commander that doesn’t know what they’re doing (nor do some have the patience sadly).

So if you think WvW is just a mindless zerg, I suggest trying it again. You’ll see that, in Eternal Battlegrounds at least, zergs don’t just assault the nearest enemy or structure. They move around and wait for the right moments to go for an objective or to engage a fight. This is less so in Edge of the Mists but it’s a good place to start. Hopefully you’ll give it another shot or even go in for the first time! I suggest going in with friends or your guild. Anyways, that’s all for now. Till next time, take care!