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List Of The 40 New Guild Wars 2 Traits


I did this post over at Gamebreaker TV, but I’ll do it here as well! Here are the 40 new Grandmaster traits coming in the Guild Wars 2 Features patch this April. If you have any questions about them, let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them. This info was compiled thanks to the GW2’s Ready Up Dev Stream Episode 8:


  • Fire – Binding Ashes – Burning foes also blinds them for 5 seconds (5 second cooldown)
  • Air – Lightning Rod – When you interrupt a target, shoot a lightning bolt on the target that weakens them for 5 seconds
  • Earth – Stone Heart – Cannot get critically hit while attuned to earth
  • Water – Aquatic Benevolence – Healing towards other allies is increased by 25% (doesn’t apply to self)
  • Arcane – Elemental Contingency – Being struck will result in defense boons based on your current attunement:
    • Fire: 3.5 seconds of Retaliation
    • Air: 5 seconds of Fury
    • Earth: 2.5 seconds of Protection
    • Water: 3 seconds of Vigor


  • Explosives – Synaptic Overload – Gain 3 seconds of quickness when using a knockback on a foe (20 second cooldown)
  • Firearms – Bunker Down – When you critically hit, you create a mine that lasts 10 seconds at your location (2 second cooldown)
  • Inventions – Fortified Turrets – Creates a reflective shield for 4 seconds on newly spawned turrets. Shield ends if turret is picked up or destroyed
  • Alchemy – Experimental Turrets – Turrets apply boons to allies every 10 seconds based on the turret:
    • Thumper Turret: 3 seconds of Protection
    • Net Turret: 10 seconds of Swiftness
    • Rifle Turret: 5 seconds of Fury
    • Healing Turret: 3 seconds of Vigor
    • Rocket Turret: 3 seconds of Retaliation
    • Flame Turret: 3 stacks of Might for 10 seconds
  • Tools – Gadgeteer – Gadgets applies boons upon use based on the gadget:
    • A.E.D.: 3.5 seconds of Retaliation
    • Personal Battering Ram: 5 seconds of Fury
    • Rocket Boots: 4 seconds of Vigor
    • Slick Shoes: 8 seconds of Regeneration
    • Throw Mine: 6 seconds of Aegis
    • Utility Goggles: 5 stacks of Might for 8 seconds


  • Zeal – Amplified Wrath – Burning damage increased by 33%
  • Radiance – Radiant Retaliation – Retaliation damage scales from condition damage instead of power
  • Valor – Communal Defenses – Grant Aegis for 5 seconds to allies when you block an attack (360 range)
  • Honor – Force of Will – Gain up to 300 Vitality, based on your level
  • Virtues – Purity of Body – Resolve‘s passive effect increases endurance regeneration by 15%


  • Domination – Power Block – Enemy skills interrupted increases the cooldown of the interrupted skill by 10 seconds
  • Dueling – Triumphant Distortion – Gain 3 seconds of Distortion upon defeating an enemy
  • Chaos – Bountiful Disillusionment – Gain boons every time a shatter skill is used:
    • Mind Wrack: 3 seconds of Retaliation
    • Cry of Frustration: 3 stacks of Might for 15 seconds
    • Diversion: 5 seconds of Fury
    • Distortion: 8 seconds of Regeneration
  • Inspiration – Disruptor’s Sustainment – Gain 1000 Healing Power for 5 seconds when you interrupt a foe
  • Illusions – Maim the Disillusioned – Enemies hit by a shatter skill are inflicted with Torment


  • Spite – Parasitic Contagion – 5% of your Condition Damage heals you (does not scale with Healing Power)
  • Curses – Path of Corruption – Dark Path additionally converts 2 boons into conditions
  • Death Magic – Unholy Sanctuary – Regenerate health while in Death Shroud
  • Blood Magic – Unholy Martyr – While in Death Shroud, draw 1 condition every 3 seconds from allies. Gain 5% life force for each condition drawn
  • Soul Reaping – Renewing Blast – Life Blast heals allies that it passes through


  • Marksmanship – Read the Wind – Longbow and Harpoon Gun projectile velocity increased by 100%
  • Skirmishing – Strider’s Defense – 15% chance to block ranged attacks while in melee
  • Wilderness – Poison Master – Poison Damage increased by 50% and the first attack by a swapped in pet applies Poison
  • Nature Magic – Survival of the Fittest – Remove 2 conditions and gain Fury when using a survival skill
  • Beastmastery – Invigorating Bond – Pets heal in an area when using the command ability (F2 skill)


  • Deadly Arts – Revealed Training – Gain up to 200 extra Power when you are Revealed, based your on level
  • Critical Strikes – Invigorating Precision – You are healed by 5% of critical strike damage you inflict (doesn’t work on Ambient creatures)
  • Shadow Arts – Resilience of Shadows – Stealth you apply reduces incoming attack damage by 50%
  • Acrobatics – Assassin’s Equilibrium – Gain 1 second of stability when you are Revealed
  • Trickery – Bewildering Ambush – Stealing applies 5 stacks of confusion on the target for 5 seconds


  • Strength – Burst Precision – Burst skills critically hit
  • Arms – Duel Wield Agility – Attack speed increased by 10% when wielding an offhand sword, mace, or axe
  • Defense – Rousing Resilience – Gain up to 1000 toughness for 4 seconds when you break out of a stun, based on your level
  • Tactics – Phalanx Strength – Grant 6 seconds of might to allies when you grant yourself Might
  • Discipline – Brawler’s Recovery – Remove blindness when you swap weapons

New Traits Coming In Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Features Update


Well, I thought I wouldn’t have anything really good to talk about this week but man this one is quite good. ArenaNet have released a new page the contains a list of blog posts, and future blog topics, about the upcoming features patch which has been confirmed for April 15th. So far we got the details about traits so let’s go over that.

How Traits Work Now

First off, traits are changing on how they work. ArenaNet made the trait system use 14 points instead of 70. So that means you’ll only need 1 point to unlock a trait instead of 5. That also means that you gain trait points at certain levels starting at 30. So the feel of gaining a new trait while leveling stays relatively the same. In the Traits Unleashed blog post it said:

You’ll start acquiring points at level 30, when the adept trait tier is unlocked, then you’ll earn one trait point every six levels until level 66, when you’ll start earning two trait points at a time.”

If I did the math right and understood the post correctly, that means you’ll get 4 points when you hit 30. The tiers are unlocked at a certain level: Adept at 30, Master at 60, Grandmaster at 80. ArenaNet have also updated the UI so that you can change your traits around as you see fit. All of this for free, no need to spend gold anymore! All we need now is a save build feature and then we’re all good!

The New Stuff

In order to gain major traits (aka the traits you can currently select every 10 points) starting Apirl 15th is by a GW1 feature they’re bringing back: profession skill books, well in this case trait guides. You can obtain these books as a drop and you can buy them or the trait from an NPC as well. If you already have a character before the patch, you get to keep the major traits already in the game. New major traits, starting with the features patch, can be obtained via the trait guide.  Now for the new traits. Every trait line for each profession will get a new grandmaster trait. Since each profession has 5 trait lines, that’s 40 new traits. ArenaNet outlined in their blog one new grandmaster trait for each profession in a blog post and they’ll probably go over a bunch of them in their Ready Up vlog that’s today (March 21st).

Traits I’m Looking Forward To

From the traits outlined in the Traits Unleashed blog post they all sound good in one way or another. I’m really looking forward to the ranger’s “Read the Wind” trait which doubles longbow velocity shots. I really disliked the longbow solely because of the attack speed. Maybe this trait is exactly what I need to consider using the longbow. Another trait I’m interested in is the Thief’s “Invigorating Precision” where you get 5% healed when you crit. This helps with survivability. Not sure by how much though, I’ll have to run some numbers. The Warrior’s “Dual-Wield Agility” where you get 10% more attack speed when wielding an off hand weapon makes me want to try a bleed spec build. The Necromancer’s Unholy Sanctuary that let’s you gain health while in Death Shroud is really good. You gain that extra survivability. Again, I’ll have to run numbers on that.

What do you guys think of the update to traits and the new traits mentioned in the blog? Do you think it will help your main profession or make other professions more fun?