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Age’s League of Legends Season 5 Basics Guide: Part 2 – How To Deal With Toxicity


Feel The Need To Rage At a Teammate? Or Maybe Getting Raged At? Here’s Some Tips On Dealing With Toxicity Directed Your Way And On How To Avoid Being A Toxic Player.

Hello summoners! This section covers the toxic behavior that occurs in League of Legends (and pretty much any MOBA). For those who don’t know, toxic players are people that are seemingly angry-all-the-time players that really want to win and will lash out over the smallest mistakes even if they’re the ones doing badly. These people usually get found and their accounts banned if their toxic behavior ensues.

There are times when you will have a bad day and do poorly in lane. There are times where you miss an opportunity to attack with a teammate or accidentally take a buff.  There’s a bunch of stuff that could happen and someone will call you out on it sooner or later. That someone just might get upset and it’ll be the end of it. Other times they’ll keep complaining and hating on you. This is one situation you can land in. Thankfully, if you’re starting out playing LoL now it’s less likely to occur thanks to steps Riot has been taking to reduce toxic behavior.

Another situation is if someone else is doing badly on you’re team. If you have patience, you can probably let it go and try the best you can for the game, even offer advice and help that person out. However, if you’re the type that gets upset easily over this, you might be tempted to lash out. You may not see or feel the need to rage if you’ve just started playing LoL (assuming you’re coming from a non-MOBA background) because usually everyone is learning… well… basically everything.

Essentially I’ll be giving you some tips on possible actions you can take when these two main situations arise. Learning how to react to these situations is one of the best thing to do to deal with rage or with avoiding to become a toxic player.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 1: Tips on How To Not Be Toxic

Rage Out Loud

This is quite a simple thing to do. Providing you’re not streaming or playing with people via voice chat or something like that. Just say out loud what you’re thinking. When rage starts flying in chat, everyone else on your team gets the feeling the team won’t do well. If you are streaming or doing voice chat, say what the person did wrong in your opinion and in a calm and decent manner to your streamers or to your teammate. The chat room (if streaming) or the teammate might give you a decent reason for what they did or how they’re doing in lane. This might prompt some empathy.

Take A Break

Goes pretty much for any game causing you to get upset really (Dark Souls anyone?). If you find yourself getting upset because you lost 5 games in a row, I think it’s time for a break. Go relax, watch a movie. I heard there’s this thing called the outdoors? Maybe give that a shot. Come back later when you feel better. Maybe even the next day if that’s what it takes. This helps eliminate if not reduce the stress and the frustration you feel.

Help Them Out / Give Advice & Encouragement

You can suggest stuff to your teammate or maybe even work around the person playing poorly in order to help the person out.  For example, give a lane for the person to farm in or kill enemy champions in small packs or gank their lane if you’re doing well. This helps motivate the player to do better and encourages the person that they can still get back into the game and be an asset. You’d be surprised where a little encouragement can go.

Section 2: Tips on How to Deal With Incoming Rage

Explain Your Problem

If you see that the person raging at you because you’re doing poorly in lane, you can them your situation in the game. For example, if your opponent in lane totally outplayed you, you can say there’s really nothing you can do but try to farm at tower and ask for ganks. If the they can’t understand the situation you’re in, you’re trying your best,  and they aren’t willing to help, then that’s them not being a team player.

Be Silent

Don’t say anything, don’t read anything the person says in chat and focus on map pings. This will keep your focus on the game. If you find you can’t help yourself from reading chat, then maybe the next point will do the trick for you.

Mute Them!

While I was leveling and had people raging at me or other teammates for no reason, I sometimes forgot I had this feature. If you press and hold the Tab key and go the the right of each player, you’ll see some radio buttons (the circle thingy) there. If you check one off, you will not be able to see any text that player puts into chat any more and they will be added to your ignore list. Unchecking the radio button does the opposite. Very useful if you don’t want to deal with any rage and just play the game out. You can still see pings on the mini map so you can still receive useful information from them.

That concludes Part 2 of this guide. It was just a few tips but I hope you found this part a bit helpful, if not, a bit insightful. Hopefully this helps you find your own way to deal with toxicity. Have a good time on the Fields of Justice!