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Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 4


Europe Spring Week 4

We’re going to start with Giants Gaming this week. They went 0-2 in the week versus Gambit Gaming and H2K. H2K has been solid during the split losing only one game. However, Gambit Gaming were on the rise so the matchup could have gone either way. Sadly Werlyb had a bad week losing hard to Cabochard. Versus H2K he had more presence on Ekko but the team comp didn’t have a decent frontline which is why they probably lost. Giants obviously needs to work on their comps a bit more and Werlyb needs to try to survive the early game while farming. It’s easy to say but hard to do these days.

Next up is Copenhagen Wolves. They faced Fnatic and H2K so you know a lot of people are thinking 0-2. Which is pretty much what happened. The Wolves got crushed vs H2K from the start. They had a fluctuating gold lead with Fnatic but then a team fight happens and Fnatic got a tons of kills and a lot of turrets following afterwards in the next 5 -10 minutes. Hard to say what the Wolves did wrong when the game is looking really bad for them at 20 minutes. They may pick fights that aren’t in their favor or try to make plays to come back and it bites them.

SK Gaming is a weird story. They went 2-0 which is great but their first game against Unicorns of Love was a pretty ugly sight. SK was losing the entire game until the got a good fight and rushed the Nexus down. Not the type of game you’d be happy with as a pro player. The next game against ROCCAT they played really well. They went back to the turret game and got global gold early. They used this to increase their lead for a convincing win.

ROCCAT went 0-2 this week. Versus SK they just couldn’t keep up with the rotations and against Elements they actually went pretty even but Elements’ team had the better team fight.

Alright, Gambit Gaming. We covered vs Giants but against Unicorns of Love they fell flat. They were losing slightly but then it went bad when Forgiven was sent to push bottom solo and Unicorns made a play for Baron, got Baron and pushed top to inhibitor getting some kills in the process. Unicorns won this game but lost against SK due to a bad team fight so they really just need to make sure they keep up what they’re doing in addition to working on polishing their teamfighting.

H2K as I covered are pretty solid and pulling out strong wins against the lower teams of the Wolves and Giants. This is good as they took their games seriously and won very convincingly. Fnatic and Origen. What can I say? Are probably the best 2 teams in the EU LCS right now; H2K arguably better than Origen. Fnatic vs Origen would should who was the stronger of the two and Fnatic pulled out on top. Ultimately it was Fnatic who won out. Fnatic had the better team engages and disengages which at times turned back into reengages.

North America Spring Week 4

NA I’m starting with Dignitas. I really don’t know what to say. They’re currently sharing 2nd place and went 2-0 versus Team Liquid and Team Impulse but it’s really due to their insanely high skill of punishing a bad decision a team makes. These ultimately lead to their wins. Grant you I’ll give it to them that they have what it takes to find and abuse a mistake a team makes to it’s highest limitations. Most teams are either stuggling or have someone carrying so NA teams do have mistakes in their games. I really would like to see if Dignitas make it to worlds if they can play this style against the Asian team who make very few mistakes if any. I think the credit goes to Helios for these calls in the end. I will give credit to Shiphtur and Gamsu for their play though.

Team Impulse is, to me, a mid tier team. Mostly due to the significant chaos they bring which leads to death at times. Versus Enemy Esports Impact and XiaoWeiXiao died too much in my opinion. Speaking of Enemy Esports, they took a game off Cloud 9. They legitimately got ahead and beat C9 at almost every step of the game.

Let’s talk Dragon Knights. They may be a sub squad but they’re learning. They lost to Team 8 and CLG but they made them work for their wins. Was kind of impressed to be honest. Team is is playing with a sub mid after all. They did lose to Gravity but BunnyFuFu was hitting 85% of his hooks on Thresh. Gravity versus TSM proved to be more difficult though. Altec really stepped up this week as well on Vayne and Tristana.

Team Liquid went 0-2 versus TSM and Dignitas. Both of these team shut down Quas enough to significantly reduce his carry potential. Quas has been carrying Liquid a lot and teams are starting to see that. This essentially means that Fenix and Piglet need to pick up the slack when Quas doesn’t have his OP carry potential.

Cloud 9 is still struggling and I’m thinking that we won’t see them at Worlds at this rate. Their shot calling has improved a bit but not enough. TSM is another team that is struggling. Not as much since they went 2-0 versus Gravity and Team Liquid but Wildturtle is getting caught out of position too much lately and Bjergsen has been getting caught out a bit on Azir. Granted it’s a hard champion to play and he recently picked up the champion so I guess playing Azir in high tier play. So this will result in some out-of-position deaths.

CLG. Damn. They’re at the top of the table beating TDK and a struggling C9 but it seems that they are in a good state and plan to keep it that way. I hope they continue the good performance and don’t let the stress get to them.

Looking Forward To In Week 5

In EU, the H2K  games vs Fnatic and SK Gaming will be ones to watch out for. In NA, the CLG matches are the ones to watch out for vs Team Liquid and TSM. Will be some good games to see if anyone can get dethroned from 1st place.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 2 & 3


I honestly thought I had a Week 2 post up but I couldn’t find it so I guess not. Apologies about that, E3 prep and working hard during the conferences takes a toll but it’s no excuse to keep up on the stuff I put out. Going to rectify missing last week by talking about Week 3 but use Week 2 as a reference.

Europe Spring Week 3

Let’s start with Fnatic. They are the most solid team in the EU LCS right now. Have not lost yet. Went even against ROCCAT and pretty much owned Gambit Gaming last week as well as Elements and Giants Gaming. I really had no doubt that Fnatic would have a hard time versus Elements and Giants Gaming. Quite honestly, out of the four teams Fnatic faced recently, I thought ROCCAT had the best chance to beat them.

Elements are in a terrible state right now losing their last four game. I really thing the mistake Froggen made was replacing everyone on the team. Granted he may have needed to replace the bottom lane if Rekkles and Krepo left the team, but I feel that the team was fine and just needed to work out the kinks. I really can’t see a surge in performance from them.

With Gambit Gaming, they’re like an X-factor. Last split they started terribly then ended up in 4th place if I recall. This split it could happen again. Week 2, they lost both games but won both games in Week 3, one

Unicorns of Love I think are in an odd spot given the current state of the teams. They’re currently 5th behind Giants Gaming by one game which is odd to see. Speaking of Giants Gaming, they’re a bit of a dark horse. They have a chance to beat the top 3: Fnatic, Origen and H2K and can beat every other team.

ROCCAT and the Copenhagen Wolves are teams I want to see do well. Every split I feel both teams have the capacity to do well but it doesn’t show throughout the split.

Origen and H2K are teams that are doing well.  Oddly enough, Origen dropped a game to ROCCAT and ROCCAT won that game quite convincingly.

North America Spring Week 3

NA is in the weirdest state right now. We have CLG and Team Liquid at the top of the table dropping only one game so far. CLG really looks way better with Pobelter in mid and I definitely have to say Trick2g is helping the team out. This CLG team is pretty much the best it’s been in a while. Now the question is: can they keep up the consistency? They started to dive last split so we’ll see how it goes this time around. Liquid drop a game last week to Gravity but won both games this week versus Cloud 9 and Team Impulse. I really have to say that Quas and Dominate have been carrying hard these past few weeks.

Dignitas I are in 3rd but I’m still not really convinced. Granted they have a new jungler but they had a good Week 2 going 2-0 vs Team 8 and TDK but went 1-1 winning against TSM. In that game, TSM were playing horribly in my opinion with poor team engages and some bad calls; Dignitas capitalized on these for the win. Dignitas lost against Gravity and pretty much got owned. Gravity I have to say is doing pretty well. They went 2-0 last week vs Cloud 9 and Liquid but went 1-1 losing to CLG. Team Impulse feels like in the same spot as last year so I don’t really ahve much to say on that.

C9 and TSM are teams that you just don’t expect to be this down. Well, Cloud 9 was sitting low at this point last year but it makes a bit more sense for them due to swapping Hai out for Incarnation which means they lost their main shot caller and mid laner who quite honestly fared just fine by surviving the early game. TSM, quite honestly looks sloppy in the past few games. Which is really weird because it’s the same roster as last split and they did fairly well last split. They really need to work on their positioning, especially with Bjergsen and Wildturtle always being upfront and getting caught out.

Team 8 keeps on getting dumped in games and most of the time everyone on the team has a negative score. Especially Nien and Slooshi but Slooshi had some sort of family issue that popped up so that could affect his play somewhat because he’ll be away in Week 4 to handle said issue. Enemy Esports isn’t having a good showing winning only one of their last 4 games against TDK. I will say that it was close vs Team 8 and gave CLG  a bit of problems. We’ll see how they do. TDK really, REALLY needs their main roster. They lost all their games so far and it’s not looking good for them at this rate.

Oddly enough, most of the mid teams have a chance to move way up in the standing by winning 2 games.

Looking Forward To In Week 4

In EU, Origen vs Fnatic is going to be epic to watch since some old members of Fnatic (Xpeke and Soaz) are facing off against YellowStar and the new Fnatic.

In NA, Team Liquid vs TSM and CLG vs Cloud 9 will be interesting tests because, right now, Liquid and CLG seem like they’ll win.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Summer LCS Week 1


New LCS Teams

The LCS is back for the summer split and for the chance to go to Worlds. But a new split means at least a new team! Coming in Europe is Origen but this team is not necessary inexperienced when it comes to LCS.  The team consists on Mithy, Soaz, xPeke, and Amazing all of whom have been in the LCS. Their ADC Niels is new to the LCS but did pretty well in his first week.

In North America is Enemy Esports and Team Dragon Knights. Not much is known about these team but they each have some LCS experienced players.

Europe Spring Week 1

Alright! So far every EU team seems to be in better shape this season. The dream team of this season is Fnatic who swapped out Steelback for Rekkles. And they did really well going 2-0. Origen is also a team that was expected to do well and playing Giants Gaming and H2K. Elements, Gambit Gaming and SK Gaming were unknowns seeing that they had some roster swapped that made them arguably weaker. Elements was able to snag a win against Gambit, bot both Gambit and SK went 0-2. I’m a bit more worried for SK in this case due to voluntarily swapping ADCs. Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT went 1-1 winning against SK and Gambit respectably. Both the Wolves and ROCCAT had few changes to their roster like Gambit and SK so it shows those teams can handle new members somewhat more easily. Giants Gaming may show some promise in future weeks this time around going 1-1. Unicorns of Love did well going 1-1 losing to Fnatic.

North America Spring Week 1

Alright so the end results for NA were quite interesting. We have Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid both with a 2-0 start. In Liquid’s case, they faced off against arguably the weakest teams and had a poor early game. We’ll see if that will get fixed up for Week 2. CLG fought against Dignitas, who in my opinion are lower mid tier, and  Team Impulse. CLG won those games quite convincingly. Surprisingly, Dignitas took a game off Cloud 9 looking way better on Day 2. Cloud 9 was able to 1-1 taking a game off TSM after waiting to get to late game Kog Maw. TSM and Gravity were able to go 1-1 as well taking a game off Enemy Esports and Team dragon Knights respectively. Team 8 and Team Dragon Knights went 0-2 in quite stompy matches.

Looking Forward To In Week 2

In Europe, I’m interested to see how H2K and Unicorns of Love will do considering their growth from last split. I also want to see if Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT can at least go 1-1 again this week. Gambit Gaming is a team I’m looking for to see if they can have that burst of awesome like they did last split. Origen is another team I’m looking at to see if they’ll go 2-0 this week.

In NA, I want to see if Team Liquid can fix their early game and I want to see if CLG can keep going. The main problem with both these teams is that they always have some momentum during the split but just fall flat at the end or in playoffs. I want to see some consistency with these teams. For C9, it looks like it’ll take time for them to get back into fighting form despite the win against TSM so I’ll be watching them. TSM is another team I’m watching due to mid lane being the only one to convincingly go even in lane. Team 8 is the last team I want to look out for. For some reason I see promise in this team, but they need to fix a lot in order to become a stronger team.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS North American Playoffs


NA Playoffs: Quarterfinals

So the quarterfinals between TSM and Dignitas I would had usually put in TSM’s favor because they bootcamp well for playoffs. The reason I was uncertain of the result of this quarterfinal is because of DIG’s chances were pretty good despite not coming into the playoffs with high morale. The first two games were intense base races but TSM was able to go 3-1 in the end.

CLG vs Curse was an insane 3-0 stomp. It really didn’t look like CLG’s bootcamp in Korea did any good. In fact, I think it did more harm than good. Note that since they bootcamped they dropped to 6th position because the CLG sub squad went 0-4. The fact that they didn’t scrim against any NA teams for playoffs which they had to beat to even qualify for worlds versus playing Korean teams. They did have the wildcard advantage but if they couldn’t produce good plays in lane and in team fights then there’s no point. Hopefully they work out their problems because they got relegated; DIG beat them for 5th place.

NA Playoffs: Semifinals

I didn’t know who would win between LMQ and TSM. I would have put it more in favor LMQ in the beginning of the series but at Game 4 I really could’t tell. It kept going back and forth but then Dyrus turned a kill switch on and wrecked top lane, which I guess motivated the other lanes because they started to stomp them as well. TSM won game 5 so convincingly, getting them a ticket to worlds

C9 versus Curse. I would give the upper hand to C9 in this case due to the players and shot calling being better but it really all came down to Hai. His performance hasn’t been the best since he got sick but he has been getting better during the split. That and Curse didn’t ban Zed after Game 1. Zed proved to be quite the comfort pick for Hai making C9 win 3-0 under 30 minutes each game. That is quite the dominance in addition to securing their spot in worlds.

NA Playoffs: Third Place

LMQ versus Curse I would easily give this to LMQ. LMQ had a good series but lost it in the end whereas Curse just got, sorry to say, annihilated  by C9. I didn’t think they had the right mentality going into the games but they did well. In the end LMQ won out and is the 3rd team going to worlds.

NA Playoffs: Finals

C9 versus TSM. Round 3. I really didn’t think TSM would have made it this far but they did. Riding off the momentum from the LMQ match I think they had a chance but C9 did go 3-0 versus Curse in under 30 minute matches. That’s a hard pill to swallow. In the end it went to a game 5 and TSM won out thanks to one team fight and banning Zed in 3 of the 5 games in which they won.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

Alright after 4 days of playoffs, we have C9, TSM and LMQ heading to worlds. C9 I feel will do way better having more international games under their belt but Hai needs to find more comfort picks otherwise he’ll get dumpstered. His Yasuo is pretty good but I’m not sure what else he can dominantly play. Probably Syndra. LMQ I’m not sure how they’ll do, they did well in the NA scene and maybe they keep up with the Chinese scene as well so they might have a small edge. TSM, they did look a lot better as the playoffs kept going but they need to work on their team play. I think transitioning to the mid game when even against their opponent could go better if they have concise plans on what to do given a situation. It will be interesting to see how far these teams can go since NA has flack for being the underdogs at international events.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS European Playoffs


Europe Playoffs: Quarterfinals

Alright so, The quarterfinals between SUPA HOT CREW and ROCCAT was a hard one to choose basically because of the way the teams were during the summer split. I gave the edge to ROCCAT because they were more consistent in their play in the last couple of weeks but I didn’t know who’s training for playoffs would come out on top. It turned out ROCCAT’s training was way better as they came out super strong winning versus SHC.

SK Gaming versus Millenium was another hard choose because, again, it’s whoever plays better. Despite Millenium’s great play during the split they seem to have gone down a bit while SK Gamin was catching their second wind. It showed in the games as SK Gaming swept Millienium.

Europe Playoffs: Semifinals

ROCCAT vs Fnatic was a series I was a bit on edge about. Normally I’d give it to Fnatic but ROCCAT looked very good versus SHC. It took all five games in the series but Fnatic was able to capitalize on ROCCAT’s mistakes and won despite having huge problems with ROCCAT getting ahead.

SK Gaming versus Alliance was a series I’d give to Alliance. Despite the training SK went through I felt it couldn’t beat Alliance. Alliance did well and won very convincingly.

Europe Playoffs: Third Place

ROCCAT vs SK Gaming I thought would be interesting but I think ROCCAT got a bit demoralized when they couldn’t beat Fnatic. It kind of showed in their gameplay and SK was able to win and get that 3rd place spot for Worlds.

Europe Playoffs: Finals

Alliance vs Fnatic. Big series here. If Fnatic wins they win the 4th consecutive split. If Alliance wins, they become the 2nd EU team to ever win a split. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the early rotations by Alliance in three of the games gave Alliance the edge to get ahead and win. Fnatic was better off taking the switch and working with it instead of consistently trying to get the ideal lane.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

I feel Alliance can really go far at Worlds whereas Fnatic and SK Gaming will have to do a lot more to remain competitive and to get out of the Group stage. I can definitely see Alliance as a semi finalist. Fnatic I’m a bit worried about but we’ll have to see if they pull through the group stage. SK Gaming I’m not sure about. A bit of a wild card because they have an odd swing of games. If they bootcamp hard, I’m pretty sure they can do well. Not sure how far Fnatic and SK Gaming will get as I don’t know how NA is shaping up in these past few weeks as well as some of the Asian teams competing. Should make for some nail bitter games to watch though.