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Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 2


EU and NA LCS continues in Week 2. We take a look of how teams are progressing and growing in the LCS.

Europe Week 2

The teams are bunched up in a few areas. G2 Esports, Vitality, Unicorns of Love, H2K and Elements are all in 1st place with a 3-1 record. Elements did face ROCCAT and Giants two teams that are struggling really hard. Giants more so. Due to the history of the team, I think they’ll be out next split at this rate unless they change something for Week 3. Splyce, a new LCS team finally got a win versus ROCCAT who, again, has a weird roster.

In the cases of G2 Esports, Vitality, Unicorns of Love, and H2K, these teams have good rosters that work together well in addition to a good coaching staff. Interestingly enough each of these teams lost a game in Week 2. Out of the matchups, I think G2 Esports did the best seeing that they lost to H2K while the other teams lost to new rosters or some under performing teams.

Fnatic, still learning with their new roster went 1-1. All things considered, I think that’s decent as the team still learns to work together. Finally, Origen did pick up a win this week versus Unicorns of Love which is good considering last week’s performance. It seems they worked on their shot calling somewhat.

North America Week 2

For NA, I first want to talk about Team Impulse. They did a 180 in week 2 going 2-0. Now this week’s schedule was more balanced in difficulty (faced off against teams at similar skill level) but the games went better. They beat Cloud 9 quite handily even though CS was more or less even. They need to keep it up because I was ready to count them out if they didn’t perform well in week 2.

Let’s talk about Cloud 9 for a bit. For that Impulse game, Hai wasn’t there. For the CLG game which C9 won, Hai was there. Exactly the same story as last week. This shows that Hai is still the most integral part of Cloud 9 due to the shot calling. I wonder if Hai will be on Support the games in week 3 due to this or are C9 slowly grooming someone to be the shot caller.

TSM, CLG and Dignitas aren’t looking half bad with their rosters at the moment but they still need some work. I will say that DIG really needs to step it up when it comes to the higher tier teams.

Team Liquid & Echo Fox . I’m still not sure what to say. For Liquid, with IWillDominate retiring I’m not convinced the team will go far this split. Echo Fox can’t say since 3 subs filled in week 2.

Renegades I still think can be decent. I think the vision mentality might be out of place but I could be wrong as it helped them get this far.

Immortals and NRG are pretty much the teams to beat sitting in 1st and 2nd place respectfully. I knew NRG would be a strong team but my hat’s off to them. Immortals I knew would be a good team but I didn’t expect for them to be this good so fast.

Looking Forward To In Week 3

Week 3 I’ll be looking at the middle tier teams and see who will improve. I’m not convinced the lower tier teams will make it to playoffs unless something changes for the better. I think we’ve seen enough games to understand what teams will run but there maybe a few pocket picks left.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 1


As with every new split, there are new possibilities with teams. We’ll be exploring this for the first week of EU and NA LCS.

Europe Week 1

The most surprising results came from G2 Esports. This team had a successful 2-0 week 1 which is always good for a Challenger team coming into the LCS. I feel the additions of Trick and Emperor really helped this team out. Arguably they faced off against weaker teams of ROCCAT and Elements who both went 1-1. I’m not sure how I feel about ROCCAT’s and Elements’ rosters. They feel a bit weird. We’ll see how they shape out in the coming weeks.

Unicorns of Love had a really good week going 2-0. Diamondprox, Fox and Steelback joining the team made for some interesting swaps for jungle, mid and ADC respectfully. Again you can argue that they faced off against weaker teams of Splyce and Giants both teams going 0-2. Splyce I can understand being from challenger moving into LCS. Giants however I feel just won’t be able to compete again this time around; they can probably seat around the middle of the table if they’re on their game.

Vitality and Fnatic are teams I was looking out for. Both have an interesting roster with potential. Vitality did go 1-1 beating the new formed Fnatic and Fnatic went 1-1 beating Origen. I’m not sure what to make of that. Both teams do have some room for improvement but they can be surprisingly string teams down the road. Speaking of potential, H2K is the last team that went 2-0 in the first week. I honestly wasn’t sure how this team would do but they had some pretty high potential. And it showed in week 1. We’ll see if they can keep it up.

Surprisingly, Origen had just one change team roster wise and went 0-2 this week. PowerOfEvil is now the mid laner instead of xPeke. Now, I fel like xPeke was still holding his own versus mid laners. However, xPeke’s skills weren’t a sthey used to be and I think he knew he couldn’t play at the top of his game for long. Hence the PowerOfEvil pickup. I feel POE is a decent player but with such a small champion pool for a mid laner, it makes it easier to play against. Then there’s the shot calling. I’m pretty sure xPeke did most of it so with him out I’m not sure who’s doing it but it doesn’t seem to be too crisp at the moment. We’ll see how Origen works things out for Week 2.

North America Week 1

Teams to look out for in week 1 of LCS was definitely Immortals and NRG. Both rosters looks amazing on paper so I was really wondering how they’d do. Each team had a game where they just crushed the opponent. To be fair they fought against weaker teams with the exception of possibly C9 and Renegades. Have to admit thought, if you’re really good, you’d beat lower opponents straight up.

Let’s talk about C9 and Renegades for a bit while we’re at it. It seems Hai took LemonNations’s place as support and they now have Rush as a jungler. That’s pretty impressive of a roster. I think there will be some growing pains but it’s more or less C9 from last season so it shouldn’t be too bad. Renegades features the familiar faces of Alex Ich and Crumbz. This team has some potential but I’m not sure how far it’ll go this season with NRG and Immortals now in the game. However, I definitely think they can place some where the middle.

Teams I’m unsure of are Echo Fox and Dignitas. These teams have decent rosters and went 1-1 in the first week but I’m just not sure how they’ll do. Dignitas has a history of falling at some point and Fox is pretty much a brand new roster. We’ll just have to see.

Teams I’m worried for are Team Impulse and Team Liquid. Impulse had a lot of internal issues at the end of the split and right now they feel like a shadow of their former selves going 0-2, and not in the best way to be honest. Liquid, I’m worried about their 10 man roster. I understand the idea behind it, picking the best players for the given week but it will require a lot more work out of the players and there will be some lack of team coordination due to the variations of team setups that can happen each week as oppose to teams who play with the same roster every week. Going 0-2 in the week shows to me so far they need to figure out a better way to go about this idea.

Finally, we gotta look at TSM and CLG. TSM has a new roster with the exception of Bjergsen. This team you can consider to be the NA super team. I have to say, given the teams lack of playign together they did hold up agianst CLG decently even thought they lost but went 1-1 in the week. I think TSM will be fine in a few weeks. CLG I’m a bit worried about. Darshan seems to be the carry and when he’s not in a position to carry, CLG will have a harder time. We’ll have to see how the team progresses but right now it’s definitely feels like a weaker CLG than from last split.

Looking Forward To In Week 2

We’ll be seeing how teams progress in Week 2. What picks are trending like Support Poppy. Of course we’ll see if the teams with potential on paper can do more this time around.

LCS Teams For The 2016 Spring Split

In case anyone wants to know the rosters and teams coming into Season 6 of LCS, Riot Games put out an infograph for the NA and EU LCS. I placed the images below:


Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Finals


Europe Spring Finals

The European finals consisted of Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love. Now it’s really hard to tell who was going to win this one. On the one side, Fnatic is a solid team when they have good picks and a solid plan going in. On the other side, the Unicorns have these one off picks in best of 5s that just work for them in addition to being skilled.

Game 1 it seemed that Fnatic had an edge. then they went for an early Baron when Unicorns could have contested it. Then the Unicorns stole the Baron and won the team fight because Fnatic was low. That was the turning point. Unicorns just used Varus and Sivir to clear waves and take towers so fast. Game 3 was a more solid and controlled game by Fnatic, although you can see that they got a bit antsy. Game 3 was just insane. Fnatic has a great lead when they got Huni going on Hecarim but Unicorns just kept on taking any fights, barely getting out of fights even and getting towers in the process. Unicorns played like there weren’t down in gold in a constant zerg like pressure. However it wasn’t enough to stop Fnatic from taking the game. Game 4 was a bit stompy by Unicorns. Huni didn’t get the early level 2 on Shyvana and Unicorns composition was played out really well; so much that Fnatic couldn’t do anything. Finally, Game 5 ended with Fnatic simply crushing out the gate, even in great catches by the Unicorns Fnatic came out on top.

So Fnatic won it in the end; I’d say that Fnatic could have won the 4th match if they didn’t do the Smite Shyvana top lane. Fnatic showed a lot of control in most of their games even though they did go a bit off when the Unicorns went aggressive every 2 minutes in that Game 3.

North America Spring Finals

Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid. This one’s a classic but who was going to win it. I was going for Team Solo Mid and I did think they’d win it depending on which Cloud 9 showed up. If everyone on Cloud 9 were on their game, then yes, Cloud 9 had a good chance. However, they don’t seem as strong as they used to this split so I really had to wonder.

Game 1 seemed to be quite even but with TSM having an edge. However, Meteos landed an amazing 5 man Sejuani ult that just changed the game into Cloud 9’s favor. Game 2 had Bjergsen on AP Kog Maw. At first both teamed seemed to be even, maybe even with Cloud 9 with a bit of an edge. Then Bjergsen started killing people at the 30 minute mark. With TSM’s tank line, they were able to tkae the game into their hands. Games 3 and 4 were stomps as TSM controlled the games pretty much from start to finish. TSM did make one or two mistakes but they couldn’t be punished because they were so ahead.

Looking at each game, Hai was first blood a lot which is a problem. I remember mid way in the split he said that if he gets out of laning phase, the team should be ok. It seems he couldn’t do that in this series. Another person I want to talk about is Dyrus. He played Lulu the first game and I was afraid he’d be playing just that the entire series but he got on Sion and Maokai and low and behold, he did amazingly well. I strongly believe Dyrus on stronger tanky champions for this meta works well for him.

Conclusion of The Split

Conclusion of these finals shows that the teams with the better and consistent team play, rather than individual skill carrying alone, will win matches. Fnatic vs Unicorns was a fun series to watch because of all the action but TSM vs Cloud 9 wasn’t as fun mostly because of the dominance TSM showed when rolling into mid game. The mid season invitational will be a fun one to watch, I’m really curious where TSM and Fnatic will end up.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 5 Spring LCS Semifinals


Wow. So I have to say, right off the bat that these semi finals were intense. 3 games went to all 5 being played and I was impressed. So let’s hop right in.

Europe Spring Semifinals

The first European semi final was between H2K and Fnatic. Both team are really good but it was hard to call out a clear winner. There were games where Huni (Fnatic’s top laner) played Lee Sin. This only worked out when Huni applied jungle pressure as well as top lane pressure. Otherwise, it fell flat. I felt this pick lead to Fnatic dropping 2 games. Lee Sin is a great champion but needs to apply pressure early to get ahead or to be useful, Later in the game, I find in this meta, a top Lee Sin won’t be as effective as a Maokai or Hecarim. Thankfully, Huni switch to Vladimir who actually provides a lot of pressure and a great ult for teamfights. Utimately Reignover carried hard and Febiven did as well on Zed and Leblanc which lead to Fnatic winning games 2,4 and 5 making them the first EU finalists. H2K played really well for their first LCS split getting better and better. They have great team play but it seemed Fnatic was the better team this time around.

The second European semi final was between SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love. Now this was another matchup that could have gone either way. SK Gaming is a solid team but Unicorns of Love love bringing out different thigns in bets of 5s. The first game was AP Kog Mog mid for Unicorns of Love which proved to be a really menacing champion with full spell pen and Luden’s Echo for more poke. Kog was able to go ham and deathless for the first UOL win. Game 3 which UOL won they just decimated SK giving them no kills whatsoever. It was pretty awesome. SK’s wins honestly came from Svenskeren’s Jungle Lee Sin in games 2 and 4 which made some major plays securing the early game leads and working off of that. Game 5 was anyone’s game. Game 5 seemed to be going to SK Gaming but a Baron steal by PowerOfEvil ept UOL in it and they were able to take it to late game and win the teamfight that secured UOL the 5th game and the other spot to finals.

North America Spring Semifinals

The first final was between Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. I thought that C9 would take the series but wouldn’t get a clean series win. It didn’t look like Cloud 9 would win at all. They dropped the first two games; the first game Liquid outplayed C9 and the second is because of Fenix’s Azir being too much for C9 as it shredded through HP. In Games 3 and 4 Cloud 9 put pressure on Piglet and Xpecial finding their leads there which transitioned into wins. They also had Hai on Corki which proved to be his best champion for the series. Game 5 started out with C9 getting 3 kills in the bottom lane  on Quas, Xpecial and IWillDominate. That gave C9 a lead and Balls an advantage in lane. C9 were able to keep their lead and won the 5th game and the series.

The second final was between Team Impulse and Team Solo Mid. I leaned more toward TSM for this series but it wouldn’t be easy due to Rush. Game 1 proved that to be right. Rush was a nuisance on Nunu and kept on being an aggressive slowing machine. Impulse did get a good buff start as well and Rush was able to put more pressure than Santorin which leads to Impulse getting 5 Dragons for that OP buff and this allowed Impulse to secure game 1. After this game, the rest were in favor of TSM finding the early picks for the lead. In fact, Rush was dying a lot to TSM in game 3 on his Lee Sin which was quite surprising. In the end, TSM’s early movements got them the wins in games 2, 3 and 4 which means they’ll be heading to the finals.

Looking Forward To In Finals

Let’s talk 3rd place finish first. I honestly think H2K can get 3rd vs SK Gaming. It seems that if you take away Lee Sin and some ADC picks then play it well in the laning phase in order to not let Svenskeren ruin your day, then H2K should be good. For NA, I think Impulse can win vs Liquid but the vice versa can be said. I really don’t know who will win that one.

Now for the finals. I really can’t predict who will win. Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love will just depend if Fnatic can handle the one off picks UOL will bring out and if UOL can get an early lead on Fnatic. TSM vs Cloud9 both teams have fought each over in finals but I feel that TSM has a better chance because I feel that they won’t give out early leads that easily and they can survive the laning phase. However, if TSM give up too many objectives, that might prove to be an issue.