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League of Legends Worlds Season 5 Semifinals: Europe vs Korea


So I got around to watching the semifinal games for Worlds and as expected SKT made it to the finals. KT Rolster made it to the finals as well but not in a way I expected.

Origen vs SKT

Let’s start with Origen vs SKT. I think everyone knew this was going to be an uphill battle for Origen. In an interesting twist Easyhoon, and not Faker, played the semi finals. This was probably a strategic move in order to not give away Faker’s pocket picks for the finals. Origen’s first mistake in the first game was not banning Kalista and leaving Fiora open. At least that’s what I thought in picks and bans but Origen was able to keep ahead until around 30 minutes. Then the Fiora and Kalista picks started to shine. With the quick flanks and high burst damage Fiora has late game, the easy baron secures from Kalista, it helped SKT bring the game back. The big mistake for Origen that broke the game open for SKT was getting split up between Baron and a split pushing Fiora taking bottom inhibitor which resulted in a loss of both. I will say thought that Origen played super well around Niels who was on Tristana wrecking face.

Game 2 resulted in a similar game pace where both teams were close in gold but SKT mangaged to pull ahead objective wise which helped them snowball into a lead with Baron. Origen didn’t play as well in this game. Game 3 resulted in a 25 minute win. I think Origen’s morale was a little low going into Game 3.

Another thing to note is that I feel Amazing’s positioning at times were really poor during all three games. Also, some early focus needed to go top lane in game 1 which they corrected in game 2 but I feel the amount of focus in game 3 on Marin was a bit too much as took away from the other areas on the map pressure wise.

KOO Tigers vs Fnatic

Over to KOO Tigers vs Fnatic. The first game wasn’t bad actually expect that Fnatic gave up way too many Dragons for their gold lead that didn’t result in much as the game went on. KOO started to pressure more and more as the game went on. The 5th Dragon forced Fnatic into a situation where they had to take Dragon otherwise KOO Tigers would win with 5th Dragon + late game Kassadin. It turns out that Febiven on Leblanc got really chunked out mere seconds before the fight started and that pretty much sealed the fight and the game.

The second game Fnatic picked Skarner. Now, I’m all for pocket picks but Skarner needs a team behind him doing damage while you slow the enemy team down. I didn’t see any of that happen. And Kuro picked Veigar which pretty much counters Skarner’s chance of ulting someone productively. Since Kuro, yet again, picked another late game champion (who can one shot not less), Smeb and Pray having a better time than their lane counterparts and the score being 17-4 in KOO’s favor at 30 minutes, you could tell the game was pretty over.

The last 3rd game was such a stomp. The chain CC and the winning lanes on KOO’s side pretty much sealed the game at 20 minutes. So what went wrong for Fnatic to lose 0-3? First off is surprisingly the Kennen ADC pick. I know it’s a cool pocket pick that has been working for them at Worlds but I felt it would only go so far. It turned out semis was that limit. Fnatic realized this and went for more traditional AD carries but in game 2 went for Skarner which, in my opinion, is not a good pick when it can be counter picked; for example, Veigar. Game 3 I felt Huni just tilted hard which never helps Fnatic and the morale was low enough for KOO to take the final win.

Who Will Win Worlds?

Now the question is: who’s going to win Worlds this time? I think it’ll be SKT but it could be a 3-1 series given KT Rolster played rather well versus Fnatic who many would argue is a stronger team than Origen. It’d be highly interesting if the games were close and went the 5 game distance. Another question to be answered is if Faker or Easyhoon will be playing in the finals. I’d imagine it’d be Faker but you never know. It’d be cool to see SKT take it because they would be the first team to win 2 LoLWorld Championships. We’ll see what happens when these two Korean teams throw down on Halloween!