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Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS North American Playoffs


NA Playoffs: Quarterfinals

So the quarterfinals between TSM and Dignitas I would had usually put in TSM’s favor because they bootcamp well for playoffs. The reason I was uncertain of the result of this quarterfinal is because of DIG’s chances were pretty good despite not coming into the playoffs with high morale. The first two games were intense base races but TSM was able to go 3-1 in the end.

CLG vs Curse was an insane 3-0 stomp. It really didn’t look like CLG’s bootcamp in Korea did any good. In fact, I think it did more harm than good. Note that since they bootcamped they dropped to 6th position because the CLG sub squad went 0-4. The fact that they didn’t scrim against any NA teams for playoffs which they had to beat to even qualify for worlds versus playing Korean teams. They did have the wildcard advantage but if they couldn’t produce good plays in lane and in team fights then there’s no point. Hopefully they work out their problems because they got relegated; DIG beat them for 5th place.

NA Playoffs: Semifinals

I didn’t know who would win between LMQ and TSM. I would have put it more in favor LMQ in the beginning of the series but at Game 4 I really could’t tell. It kept going back and forth but then Dyrus turned a kill switch on and wrecked top lane, which I guess motivated the other lanes because they started to stomp them as well. TSM won game 5 so convincingly, getting them a ticket to worlds

C9 versus Curse. I would give the upper hand to C9 in this case due to the players and shot calling being better but it really all came down to Hai. His performance hasn’t been the best since he got sick but he has been getting better during the split. That and Curse didn’t ban Zed after Game 1. Zed proved to be quite the comfort pick for Hai making C9 win 3-0 under 30 minutes each game. That is quite the dominance in addition to securing their spot in worlds.

NA Playoffs: Third Place

LMQ versus Curse I would easily give this to LMQ. LMQ had a good series but lost it in the end whereas Curse just got, sorry to say, annihilated  by C9. I didn’t think they had the right mentality going into the games but they did well. In the end LMQ won out and is the 3rd team going to worlds.

NA Playoffs: Finals

C9 versus TSM. Round 3. I really didn’t think TSM would have made it this far but they did. Riding off the momentum from the LMQ match I think they had a chance but C9 did go 3-0 versus Curse in under 30 minute matches. That’s a hard pill to swallow. In the end it went to a game 5 and TSM won out thanks to one team fight and banning Zed in 3 of the 5 games in which they won.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

Alright after 4 days of playoffs, we have C9, TSM and LMQ heading to worlds. C9 I feel will do way better having more international games under their belt but Hai needs to find more comfort picks otherwise he’ll get dumpstered. His Yasuo is pretty good but I’m not sure what else he can dominantly play. Probably Syndra. LMQ I’m not sure how they’ll do, they did well in the NA scene and maybe they keep up with the Chinese scene as well so they might have a small edge. TSM, they did look a lot better as the playoffs kept going but they need to work on their team play. I think transitioning to the mid game when even against their opponent could go better if they have concise plans on what to do given a situation. It will be interesting to see how far these teams can go since NA has flack for being the underdogs at international events.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS European Playoffs


Europe Playoffs: Quarterfinals

Alright so, The quarterfinals between SUPA HOT CREW and ROCCAT was a hard one to choose basically because of the way the teams were during the summer split. I gave the edge to ROCCAT because they were more consistent in their play in the last couple of weeks but I didn’t know who’s training for playoffs would come out on top. It turned out ROCCAT’s training was way better as they came out super strong winning versus SHC.

SK Gaming versus Millenium was another hard choose because, again, it’s whoever plays better. Despite Millenium’s great play during the split they seem to have gone down a bit while SK Gamin was catching their second wind. It showed in the games as SK Gaming swept Millienium.

Europe Playoffs: Semifinals

ROCCAT vs Fnatic was a series I was a bit on edge about. Normally I’d give it to Fnatic but ROCCAT looked very good versus SHC. It took all five games in the series but Fnatic was able to capitalize on ROCCAT’s mistakes and won despite having huge problems with ROCCAT getting ahead.

SK Gaming versus Alliance was a series I’d give to Alliance. Despite the training SK went through I felt it couldn’t beat Alliance. Alliance did well and won very convincingly.

Europe Playoffs: Third Place

ROCCAT vs SK Gaming I thought would be interesting but I think ROCCAT got a bit demoralized when they couldn’t beat Fnatic. It kind of showed in their gameplay and SK was able to win and get that 3rd place spot for Worlds.

Europe Playoffs: Finals

Alliance vs Fnatic. Big series here. If Fnatic wins they win the 4th consecutive split. If Alliance wins, they become the 2nd EU team to ever win a split. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the early rotations by Alliance in three of the games gave Alliance the edge to get ahead and win. Fnatic was better off taking the switch and working with it instead of consistently trying to get the ideal lane.

Looking Forward To At Worlds

I feel Alliance can really go far at Worlds whereas Fnatic and SK Gaming will have to do a lot more to remain competitive and to get out of the Group stage. I can definitely see Alliance as a semi finalist. Fnatic I’m a bit worried about but we’ll have to see if they pull through the group stage. SK Gaming I’m not sure about. A bit of a wild card because they have an odd swing of games. If they bootcamp hard, I’m pretty sure they can do well. Not sure how far Fnatic and SK Gaming will get as I don’t know how NA is shaping up in these past few weeks as well as some of the Asian teams competing. Should make for some nail bitter games to watch though.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 11


Europe Week 11

SK Gaming came back super strong going 3-1 in the week beating Fnatic and Alliance! Fnatic and Alliance themselves had a great week going 3-1 as well. Another team that went 3-1 was surprisingly Gambit Gaming! They’ve all stepped up and did extremely well. They could have made it to playoffs if they played like this earlier. SUPA HOT CREW went 2-2, Copenhagen Wolves and ROCCAT went 1-3 and Millenium went 0-4. A little surprised in Millenium not picking up wins but granted 2 of those matches were against Allaince and a stronger Gambit. Gambit Gaming may not be in the playoffs but they will be feared in relegation.

North America Week 11

Holy cow this was an interesting week! Teams that really stepped up in NA are Evil Geniuses and Curse. Curse had a loss against compLexity in their first game but just dominated their other 3 games versus TSM,  LMQ and DIG! Evil Geniuses surprisingly beat every team they fought that week: C9, CLG (which is understandable), compLexity and LMQ. The reason why CLG was understandable to win against is that the main roster went to bootcamp in Korea and the entire team was subbed in with: CLG subs for (Super) Week 11: Nien (Top), HotshotGG (Mid), ThinkCard (Jungle), Chaox (ADC), Baby (Supp). Even though this CLG team lost every game, they put on a very good effort that I honestly didn’t expect and they got insanely better with each game. C9 has found some resurgence and went 3-1 also with regaining 1st place. LMQ had some good games but lost against Curse and EG. TSM  had some problems as they only picked up one game against DIG which was a close one.

Interesting Picks

In a fun EU matchup, Millienium’s Kerp used Quinn against Alliance’s Froggen and his Malphite. Oh yea, and Kevin used Zac top lane, Shook took Ashe into the Jungle, Wicked took Rammus top lane and the ADC Tabzz used Fizz. It was a bloodbath to say the least. In NA, Voyboy used Talon and Polbelter used Zed both having success on it. Granted it was probably to counter the lane for the specific matchup but maybe assassins will come back. HotshotGG actually used Lux in his last game vs C9 and it was fun to watch.

Looking Forward To In Playoffs

ROCCAT, SUPA HOT CREW, and Millienium have to really step up for playoffs because they’re the ones likely to take the bottom 6 spots at this point. Alliance, Fnatic and SK Gaming are looking on fire and if they can bring that to playoffs then those 3 will be going to Worlds. Supa Hot Crew vs ROCCAT will be interesting because SHC has ups and downs. ROCCAT is a team that can bounce back with hard practice and they did go to worlds last year so well see how that pans out. SK Gaming vs Millenium will be an interesting because both look even to me but I would give it to SK. Curse is one of the teams to look out for. With their impressive week, they showed they can make a run for worlds. CLG is another team to look out for. With the main roster in Korea, we don’t know what they’ll bring back to the playoffs. Oddly enough, both of these teams fight each other in the quarterfinals. TSM and DIG are both in slumps so well see how these two measure up.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 10


Europe Week 10

Alliance still showed they’re the team to beat going 2-0. Especially in the game vs Copenhagen Wolves where they only have one death and 29 kills and everyone except Nyph had a Stacking item (Mejai’s Soulstealer or Sword of the Occult). Fnatic, SUPA HOT CREW and Millenium had a strong showing as well. Gambit is out of the running sadly, they just can’t perform properly. With all the roster changes and problems they’ve had all split they lagged too behind. SK Gaming actually showed some signs of life as they took down ROCCAT so we might see a comeback in Super Week. ROCCAT themselves aren’t too bad right now either and they’re holding on.

North America Week 10

Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9 had a good showing this week going 2-0. Granted TSM had an easier schedule but they still pulled through quite well with their new support Lustboy. A was a little surprised by CLG’s performance this week as they lost both their games this week. Dignitas has slipped back into the middle of the pack again not picking up any games as well. Evil Geniuses surprising stomped Curse super hard with only one death. compLexity lost to LMQ but won against DIG which is good for them.

Interesting Picks

Millenium’s Kerp surprisingly pulled out a Zilean mid. It resulted in a lot of assists but a win nonetheless. Curse’s Quas used Shen but it wasn’t effective enough vs EG who snowballed hard.

Looking Forward To In Week 11

It’s the last week, Super Week. This is the time to see who will make it to playoffs. I still think Alliance and Fnatic will be 1st and 2nd but with SK Gaming looking good in their last game of the week, they might come back strong for the 3rd spot. SUPA HOT CREW and Millenium have what it takes to snag 3rd as well. The Wolves got flattened by Alliance in their last game so I hope they recover for Super Week.

On the NA side, CLG needs to figure out what’s wrong to get back on the horse because they have not been playing as well. Cloud 9 and TSM are looking like their dominant selves again and it looks like compLexity could very well get a spot in playoffs if they can win their matches in Super Week. It’s not likely but it seems they have the best chance.

The 3rd Worlds pick for EU I have to include SK Gaming in the running because it seems like they fixed their problems. I honestly think now that Cloud 9 and TSM can make Worlds if CLG don’t fix what’s wrong.

Super Week will show all and we’ll see the first relegated teams for this split.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 4 Summer LCS Week 9


Europe Week 9

Alliance and Millenium have come back into form as they went 2-0 in the week. Fnatic as well went 2-0. However they did not play each other but arguably weaker teams or Gambit who are having big problems. I honestly think they should start looking towards relegation at this rate. SK Gaming are on the decline for some reason which is odd because they did well last split and earlier this split. I really wonder if it’s the patch changes they’re trying to get accustomed to. I don’t know where Copenhagen Wolves and SUPA HOT CREW will end up. They’re both teams that can make it to the playoffs. ROCCAT went 0-2 in the week, ending their winning streak but I don’t think it should affect them, nor should it.

North America Week 9

compLexity wasn’t able to upset teams this week but Evil Geniuses was able to take a win off of Counter Logic Gaming which was impressive to see. Cloud 9 and LMQ went 2-0 however Cloud 9 had an easier schedule and still looked like they needed to work for their wins, especially against Curse. LMQ’s Ackerman did some great work on top lane Gragas. Team Solo Mid won against compLexity but TSM felt they needed a change to get to worlds so they swapped Gleeb out for Lustboy, an experienced Korean player. Dignitas broke the curse and won a match on Sunday but lost the day before.

Interesting Picks

I totally forgot to mention Xerath being picked up more by a lot of mid laners, especially the European mid laners. This we is about junglers though. Alliance’s Shook pulled out Jungle Riven and convincingly pulled it off helping the team get their wins. Fnatic’s Cyanide was the one to pull out the highly anticipated Jungle Maokai and did well on that going 0/1/5. Gambit’s Diamond used Rammus in the same Fnatic Maokai game. It did alright considering Gambit’s current status. LMQ’s Vasilii pulled out Ezreal to apparently counter a Tristana pick, and apparently it works!

Looking Forward To In Week 10

Fnatic vs Alliance will be an insanely good game if both bring their A game. Gambit may not be able to go to Worlds but they sure can shake up ROCCAT and SUPA HOT CREW. SK Gaming really needs wins to keep their spot in playoffs or risk relegation. Cloud 9’s matches vs DIG and LMQ will be good because I feel DIG and C9 are even and LMQ is a hurdle C9 needs to get motivated for Super Week 11. CLG vs Curse and TSM vs CLG are matchups that’ll be fun to watch as well. Now for my top 3 teams for Worlds that I said I would decide on. For each region (in no particular order), my picks are Alliance, Fnatic and Millienium for EU. For NA I’d definitely choose LMQ and CLG but my 3rd pick is still up for grabs due to the addition of Lustboy onto TSM. Right now the 3rd pick is TSM. We’ll see how they and all the other teams do in Week 10.