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ArenaNet’s Response To The Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase Issue


Good news for vets and new players alike! ArenaNet has heard player’s complaints and they’re being rectified! The post ArenaNet made can be found here but here’s a rundown:

Vets Are Getting a Free Character Slot

Veterans of the game will get a free character slot. Veteran status is considered anyone who had the core game registered prior to January 23rd, 2015. It’ll take time to get these slots so please be patient.

New Players Can Get Some Money Back When Buying HoT

New players with the core game will get an automatic refund if you buy Heart of Thorns prior to July 31, 2015. New player status is considered as anyone who had the core game registered between Januray 23rd, 2015 and June 16, 2015. Also, if you just want a refund, purchased the game via the Guild Wars 2 site and fit the new player status, you can contact support for a full refund. ArenaNet does not support third party refunds in this case.

A Note For The Future

Just something you should note for the future, when a new GW2 expansion is released, the “new core” will be all previous expansions as well as the core game. This is to allow new players to get in more easily as well as for players overall to access content in an expansion. For example, Heart of Thorns requires a lot of the core game.

This “core game merging” is similar to how Blizzard updates the “new core” for WoW to the previous released WoW expansion. In the case of GW2, you’ll probably have access to previous content from expansions (story, items, etc) and you don’t need to buy the latest GW2 expansion to continue playing; you buy the expansion to have access to the latest content.