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Age’s Site Update For December 2015


Hello all, here’s the last site update for this year!

Guild Wars 2 posts will be covering the story and Pro League weekly until probably mid December. I’ll try to get all the story posts out beforehand because, holidays etc. I’ll cover Pro League until they go on break. I’ll also be doing a Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns review post covering what I think of the expansion since pretty much everything is out now.

League of Legends post is still in downtime as I’ve stated from last month but I have heard rumors that YellowStar has gone to TSM so that’d be an interesting development. I also heard Marin is going to LGD. I don’t really talk too much about team changes unless they sound like really big changes. Mostly because the teams can change slightly before LCS, LCK, LMS (and so on) starts up again.

For Overwatch, I did get into a weekend beta and  I rather enjoyed my time. I didn’t do horribly bad either so that’s a plus! Can’t wait to get a chance to try it out again. I don’t want to do a review of the game before the game is out.

For games of this month, the only one that caught my eye was Xenoblade Chronicles X for the WiiU that came out December 4th.

That’s all from me, happy holidays and I’ll catch you next year!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For November 2015


Greetings friends! No I didn’t forget to post the monthly update, just been busy with Heart of Thorns and Blizzcon stuff. Here’s the site update for November:

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is out! Currently I’ve been leveling masteries, completing precursor crafting and doing some PvP and a little bit of WvW. It’s kinda boring to roaming in the new desert borderlands so I pop into Eternal Battlegrounds every now and then because I need WvW related items for legendaries. I want to post story stuff but I think I’m going to do it in slow iterations, like one or two chapters a week starting next week going through story. I’ll also probably be making a few builds to share. I’ll also post any other news that comes out and talk about any issues that pop up in the community… at least ones I feel comfortable sharing my opinion on.

League of Legends Worlds is over. So there will be probably downtime between now and early next year. I’ll post any big team roster changes I find out about and I’ll be keeping a close eye on the preseason changes for Season 6 of my LoL basics guide.

Overwatch is coming out early next year and I’m really excited to play it. I do want to get into beta but it’s not a big deal if I don’t get in. The bundles were announced at Blizzcon and I’ll probably get the Origins Edition at the very least.

For games of the month, my picks are Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, & Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void which all come out on November 10th. Star Wars: Battlefront is another option that comes out November 17th. For WiiU, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is coming out on November 20th. I’m not into Call of Duty but Black Ops III just came out so if you’re really into the series then go for it.

That’s all for me! Wish you all well and happy gaming!

– Age

Overwatch Beta Starts October 27th!


For those of you interested in Overwatch, Blizzard’s upcoming First Person shooter, you’ll be happy to hear that beta will be starting on October 27th. Blizzard stated in their latest Overwatch blog post that they are looking for player feedback on the core game and server stability.

There will be two types of betas:

  • Closed Beta – a small number of testers that will have regular access. This will mainly be to test core systems.
  • Best Test Weekends – a large number of people can play for a certain amount of time. This will be for stress testing. These weekends will run in parallel with the closed beta.

Sadly the beta will be for Windows-only. You’ll also need the desktop app to play. You’ll receive an email if you’re accepted into either of the two beta options with instructions on how to proceed. If you don’t get into Closed Beta, perhaps you’ll get in on a beta weekend. The first Beta Test Weekend is slated for after BlizzCon 2015; this year BlizzCon is on November 6th and 7th.

If you’re looking to get in, good luck!

Age’s Site Update For March 2015


Hey everyone, hope all is well. Here’s the content update for this month.

Guild Wars 2 news is still flowing. Also, beta signups are open so go for it and good luck! I’ve been streaming GW2 (mostly sPvP) consistently on Thursdays. I plan to get some League of Legends in too. Also, I should have a video up in the coming days talking about my initial thoughts on Stronghold. I’ve been wanting to encapsulate my blog posts (at least one a week) into a video so, if time permits I’ll start doing that.

League of Legends LCS  posts are still going up once a week. I really like the new format as it gives me an easier time to distinguish teams in certain categories. Also, sorry about been late on the guides, I will start them next week since there’s IEM Katowice next week. I won’t be writing about it unless something really good happens.

Heroes of the Storm I can now play Hero League. I need to get back into it though. Speaking of Blizzard games, it looks like Overwatch beta is coming and I can’t wait! I tried it at Blizzcon and it was so much fun. They also released 2 new characters, one is McCree a western gunman and the other is Zarya a Russian tank. Viewing her special, Zarya seems like the anti-turret character for payload which was really needed.

My music project remixing GW2 songs is on hiatus at the moment but I’m releasing something on my Soundcloud every 2 weeks at the very least.

That’s this month’s update. As always, take care and happy gaming,


Age’s Site Update For November 2014


I missed last month but here’s what I’ve been up to and some stuff coming up.

So, if you couldn’t tell by the image above I went to Blizzcon this year and it was quite epic. I met a bunch of guild mates (from GBN), colleagues, devs, personalities including Cloud 9’s Hai and LemonNation. Some of you might be wondering why I went to Blizzcon considering I don’t write or I write very little about Blizzard games. For one thing, I have played every Blizzard game to an extent and I guess I primarily went for the experience. I felt that the Blizzard community is quite amazing. I mean no other game company has an event on this scale. The experience was quite worth it. There was a lot of fun times and great news including Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch which I can’t wait to play in the future. Specking of Blizzard games, Warlords comes out today and I’m contemplating trying it again but we’ll see. Heroes goes into beta next year so hoping I get into that as well as Overwatch beta.

Last month was kind of a rest break for me but that’s over as Guild Wars 2 picks up with living story. I wrote about my experience of the Echoes of the Past patch here. There will be more to come as the Tangled Paths patch comes into play so don’t worry about that, I’ll be on top of that.

Season 4 for League of Legends is over now and open beta for the new Summoner’s Rift map will be going into open beta soon which I can’t wait to try out live. I didn’t play ranked this season in the end. I think I would have done alright but I didn’t have too much incentive and I took a break after Worlds. Congrats if you did play ranked and got to where your at! Definitely getting back into League right now and itching to get my guides updated for the new season. It’ll be quite the overhaul and there will be a lot of balancing so you can expect my guides to be done around the end of preseason / start of LCS.

I’ve slowed down a bit on the Deals page. I’ve decided to update it in a different way by sorting the games “% off” wise rather than change the image because that’s quite time consuming. Also, I’ve been saying this forever but now I’m going to try to be a bit strict about it and stream something on Thursdays. Not sure what for this week but we’ll see. About upcoming games; we’ll there’s Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 both of which I want to try. Assassin’s Creed Unity came out but I haven’t been hearing good things so I’ll probably wait for a sale. Super Smash Bros is a definitely a buy. There’s also the Crew which I had a good time with in beta but I’ll wait to see how the live servers handles things before I buy  it.

That’s all for now. Hope all is well with you all! Happy gaming!

– Age