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Incinerator: How I Got My First Legendary (In A Nutshell)


Hey all. Last week, I finally crafted my first legendary weapon for my thief: the dagger Incinerator. I wanted to share the experience I’ve had when I first decided to get a legendary about a year ago. Hopefully this helps you decide if the time, effort and gold sink is worth all the trouble.

How It Began

I didn’t start from launch saying to myself: “Ok let’s start working on a Legendary”. I started the game by playing at my pace. Note that I’m not one for doing fractals or dungeons a lot. WvW and PvP I dip into every now and then. For the most part I go running around exploring on my main, leveling alts, doing achievement when I’m up for it and doing living story meta. One of the first things I wanted to do was to get 100% map completion so I can travel around more easily which is where my journey begins.

The Progress

When I first got 100% map completion, I didn’t know what Gifts of Exploration were for. A quick wiki search lead me to browsing through legendaries. I decided that I finally wanted to work towards one but I was torn between Twilight because it looked awesome or Incinerator because I main a Thief and the dagger is pretty cool. I ended up on focusing on getting the general things needed and decide later on.

I kind of went at my own pace, gathering materials as I adventured along and focused on getting specific items for a legendary every now and then, like trying to get Mystic Clovers from the forge, trading in laurels for Tier 6 materials and so on. To make a long story short, I got to the point where I had most or almost most of the items to make the genral items and gifts. All I was really missing was a precursor.

I really didn’t have faith in my RNG luck for getting a precursor via a drop or the forge, and I still don’t. So when I saw I had enough to get Spark, the precursor for Incinerator, I had to make a decision: do I continue to save for Dusk or just get Spark and buy the rest of the materials for Incinerator. With a small push from a friend to go for it, I decided in the end to get Spark.

Am I Happy With My Legendary?

I can honestly say, my friend pushed me into a good direction. Incinerator, in my opinion, is a very awesome legendary. I really like the sounds and animations on it, especially when I death blossom and crit. Incinerator in the Offhand is good too with bouncing dagger having a very cool animation.

The hardest parts of any legendary in my opinion are:
– The precursor (horrible RNG / really expensive in trading post)
– Tier 6 Materials for Gift of Magic and Gift of Might (gathered over time or bought off TP)
– Lodestones (time consuming / expensive[or not, can vary depending on trends])

Players that don’t want to spend there time or gold on Legendaries can buy pretty decent looking exotics for way less. But legendaries, as time and effort consuming (and RNG rage inducing) as the process is, I found it worth it in the end. I’ve even started planning for the next legendary! It maybe a bit more time consuming due to nerf on Karma but I will hopefully will have another legendary in a year or so. If your working on one, just remember to have fun as well, farm when you can, gather at all nodes you come across, and sell stuff you don’t need (it’s surprising how much you can get). Good luck!

Is ArenaNet Making It Too Easy To Get A Legendary?

I was thinking about making this particular post a couple of weeks ago. Now with ArenaNet’s Game Director Colin Johanson‘s blog post about the future of Guild Wars 2 for 2013, this seems like a good time. Now, when Guild Wars 2  launched and, after a while, the data was compiled on how to get the various legendaries, everyone saw it as a large feat to accomplish. If you were smart you’d take some (legit) strategies and apply them to get closer to obtaining your legendary before ArenaNet nerfed that method. For example, there was a rich Orichalcum vein that was always in the same spot every day that you could mine in Orr but ArenaNet eventually removed that node.  So I thought ArenaNet wanted this path to a Legendary to be a challenge, one I gratefully accepted. I thought it might take me a year or 2 to get my Legendary given I was in my last year of school, work and perform other extra curricular activities. Nowadays with all the reward systems in place, especially the new achievement rewards system and the future reward systems coming, I think I could probably get it in 2 – 3 months if I really work at it.

When This Thought Occurred

I didn’t really initially thought about this until the Bazaar of The Four Winds patch which dropped on July 9th. This patch came with the brand new achievement rewards system. Mainly the achievement chests people got (if you were playing the game a lot) resulted in retroactive rewards every 500 achievement points earned. I thought I’d get some skins, boosters, a bit of silver and the like. You know? Small things. Turns out one of the most interesting things I got were some Badges of Honor. And not like 10 or 20. I mean like 100 to 200 per chest. I usually go into WvW when guild mates are going in as well so I didn’t have a lot of badges. Right now I’m sitting on around 1500 badges in my inventory. I would have over 2000 badges but I immediately used a bunch of em to craft my Gift of Battle and an ascended amulet. With that gift, I was able to finish crafting my Gift of Mastery which is one of the four core items (and probably the least expensive item) you need to craft any Legendary.


We also get sweet PvP gear we can swap in which is cool with me and we also get gold. Normally one gold per chest. when you reach a certain point, you can get a lot more gold and even gems at multiples of 5000 points. Naturally this will all slow down as the regression of these chests slow down. However all the stuff I will get is quite a good sum of items. I took some time and thought: You know, minus the precursor, could probably get all the items I need in a month weeks if I tried (and had the time off work). There’s no need to go into WvW for Badges of Honor anymore (as it was the only way to get any) since I now have 3 times more than I need. I could now just run dungeons with people to get money, get materials I needed to craft the other items needed for a legendaries via the trade market and salvaging. Then buy whatever else I needed that was left. So this lead me to believe instead of waiting another year, I can get my legendary, Twilight (image on the right), a bit sooner. Then Colin Johanson posted what’s happening for the second half of this year for Guild Wars 2.

Moar Rewards?!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the stuff in Colin’s post. How can you not? But now they’re even adding a way to get precursors. A quote from the post verifies this:

We aren’t quite ready to go into all the details here, but what I can say is you will see a specific way to build precursor items on your way to a legendary

Now, I want my legendary and much as the next guy, but I’m getting the feeling that if this keeps up that it’ll get to the point where everyone can craft a Legendary within 4-6 devoted months or so… from scratch. I’m sure ArenaNet isn’t going to go that route but it just feels like it at this rate.

Maybe I’m just worried over nothing but I find legendaries are legendaries for a reason: they’re super friggin hard to get (that or expensive). However in retrospect, the standard way of getting a precursor is to buy it off the trading post. That’s not the greatest (nor funnest) way to get it; to just grind for a ton of gold to buy it. I do think it’s a smart idea to make it possible for a player to visually see themselves getting a Legendary in a few months rather than a year or so. Now that I think about it, the post Colin put up did say they’d be adding more legendaries. Maybe this is why more reward systems are coming. For those people that devoted time to a legendary but one of the newer ones coming captivated them more and so they wouldn’t have to start grinding super hard all over again. Maybe ArenaNet saw the stats for crafted Legendaries have dropped significantly or something. Maybe it’s the suggestions coming from the forums. Maybe it’s just solely the fact that they’re adding more rewards as progression so that it brings players back in.

In Conclusion…

I understand people have social lives. I understand that people can’t play Guild Wars 2 for hours on end everyday. However, everyone wants their shiny Legendary if given a chance. These new and future systems are probably in place for people who can’t devote a lot of time into Guild Wars 2 but don’t want to lag behind in the Legendary race. Hell, during the week, I can barely squeeze in my dailies. But I like that challenge of trying to craft it on my own and grinding it out a bit. Ok, a lot. It gives me something to look forward to and makes it so much more rewarding, at least for me. I guess with all these new systems, the question isn’t can I get a legendary by the end next year. Now I feel it’s more: Can I get two?

I’m very interested in what other people think about this. If you have a thought about any of this, feel free to comment below.