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Fractal Updates, Legendary Backpacks & Ascended Salvaging!


Mike Zadorojny delivered the news in a blog post today about a lot of changes surrounding Fractals of the Mists. Fractals are getting an update, we’re getting legendary backpacks and ascended salvaging in Heart of Thorns. So excited to share this so let’s get started!

Fractal Updates & Changes

– A Fractal run will be 1 fractal instance instead of 3 fractal instances + boss to complete the round. This is to reduce time spent needed to run a fractal but can still run the same amount of 3-4 if you want. This is also to ease players into fractals.

– Max level raised from 50 to 100, enemies will scale with other stats such as precision and toughness

– The mistlock instabilities are getting reworked in order to make them challenging the higher level you go

– The end of each fractal rewards a player with a fractal encryption lockbox which can hold the Mini Professor Mew, recipes (There’s one for ascended aqua breathers), high level crafting materials and more.

– Dessa’s Observatory will have a new Dessa krewe member NPC when Heart of Thorns releases. This NPC will sell fractal consumables which can stack on your other consumables.

– Fractal achievements will have it’s own tab

– Fractal dailies will be it’s own thing (like PvP dailies) with 3 daily scales a player can complete (1-20, 21-50, 51+) and a daily recommended fractal achievement

– Completing fractal scale 50 (I believe for the 1st time only) you’ll be rewarded with a fractal weapon crate from BUY-2046 Golem in the Mistlock Observatory in order to buy a fractal weapon skin of your choice

– New fractal weapon skins obtained in 51+ fractals can be converted into a new fractal weapon skin of your choice with a Mystic Forge recipe

– There will be Fractal of the Mists leaderboards

Legendary Backpacks


Man, I had a plan to get every legendary in this game. Now it got even harder. Much like with precursor crafting, making a legendary backpack will send you on a journey to complete challenges, boss encounters, and find items (for collections most likely). This journey will take you inside and outside of Fractals to create a backpack precursor.

The final step for making a legendary backpack is called Ad Infinitum. It will require components across Tyria, much like with Legendary weapons right now, and will require a new salvage item from ascended equipment.

Ascended Salvaging

Did I forget to mention ascended salvaging? Because it’s coming! All the extra ascended gear you’ve obtained will be salvageable. There will be new ascended salvage kits players can buy from the BUY-4373 golem. Armor pieces and weapons can grant you a “ball of dark energy” salvage item whereas trinkets, like rings, will grant you stabilizing matrices which will be needed for legendary crafting. Matrices can also be traded in for fractal encryption keys.


With collections that require you to get items to complete, there will be a sub-objective list that will be checked of as you finish each of them. Pretty much like the new Lion’s Arch karka hunting achievement.

In Conclusion

The post ended by saying this is not the challenging content Colin told us about earlier this year which still has me interested in what it is. I’m very impressed with the direction fractals are going. Fractals is the time I spend least in Guild Wars 2 mostly because I hate pugging but the 1 fractal per round makes it a bit better and I might consider running them more. With all these new items, recipes and legendary backpacks, I’m definitely more inclined to run a few. It’s also time to collect and craft some ascended items! I just hope that I can use up my dragonite ore in these new recipes I get.