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Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 9


I decided to release this post before playoffs to have a quick reminded of how teams are fairing. Week 9 of EU and NA LCS solidifies placements and overall how teams are doing before they practice for playoffs.

Europe Week 9

Elements picked up a surprisingly impressive win versus Fnatic. It felt like past 20 minutes Fnatic just couldn’t do anything and kept on getting steamrolled. Everyone on Elements was on point. Steve on Trundle in particular was quite a scary frontline to deal with. I’m wondering to myself, where was this team? In any case, Elements finished 7th and secured a safe spot for next split.

ROCCAT versus Vitality was another upset. The gold in this game was quite even given Vitality had twice as many kills. Then a good team fight engage got ROCCAT 3 kills and forced a defensive play from Vitality as minions flooded ROCCAT’s base. It’s at this point Vitality had to choose whether if it’s best to defend and wait for people to come back up or to make a teleport play and try to go for the win. Vitality decided the former and it didn’t matter as ROCCAT was able to push through the defenders, turret and kill the Nexus. I personally would have done the teleport play and risked it since there were only 2 defenders. It also forces one or two people to back to their base which makes your base easier to defend. Sacrificing one live for the teleport play when 3 others are coming up shortly would have probably been worth the risk.

North America Week 9

Renegades looked really good in the last week picking up only wins securing 8th and their first choice relegation match up pick. Granted the teams they fought were weaker ones but it shows promise if they make it back next season.

TSM versus NRG was one interesting game. NRG gradually found an opening to break the game wipe open with 4 kills and Baron but TSM hung on for dear life at their Nexus. They got 2 inhibs in replay and could have won the game but a bad engage pretty much cost them 3 people and the game at that point. TSM did lose both their games in the week, the other game was against Immortals where it looked like TSM couldn’t do much.

Playoff Predictions

For Europe, it’s Team Vitality versus Fnatic. I think Vitality will be moving on from this bracket. Fnatic doesn’t feel as good as last season; the new roster may take a game but I think Vitality is a stronger team. Vitality versus G2 would be an amazing series in my opinion. Both teams are pretty similar in skill in my opinion. Origen versus Unicorns of Love, I can’t say. But if I had to choose I’d say Unicorns; Origen if they use xPeke. I don’t think it’ll really matter since H2K will probably win in the semi finals. I think G2 will take the split overall.

TSM may not make playoff finals this year which would be the first time ever in the history of League of Legends LCS seasons. They face C9 and if they win, face Immortals in semis. This bracket branch is hard to call since these 3 teams can win or lose against each other. On the other side we have Team Liquid versus NRG Esports. Again, this can go either way as the last week showed a lot of skill from both teams. I think Liquid has a bit of an edge though. In the end, I think Immortals will take the entire split here; if they play the way they have all split that is.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 8


Week 8 of EU and NA LCS had some pretty hype games. Man, all the epicness is happening at the end of the split.

Europe Week 8

So the team I want to focus on is Origen. They played Unicorns of Love and ROCCAT. They also subbed in xPeke. Now I wasn’t sure how the team would do with xPeke back in the mid lane but they played a little better than before. The game versus Unicorns looked like a loss but Unicorns overstayed in Origen’s base which resulted in a wipe and Origen simply strolled into Unicorns base for the win. The game versus ROCCAT could have gone either way but ROCCAT was winning in the mid game. The constant split pushing pressure Soaz put on helped Origen win. I wouldn’t say Origen is exceedingly better with xPeke but they play a bit better. There’s still a few individual mistakes here and there but those can be worked out.

North America Week 8

Definetly focusing on Dignitas this week. Echo Fox vs Dignitas. I need to talk about this game. This game was insane. Dignitas had a huge advantage multiple times with Baron and Aspect of the Dragon. Even both buffs at the same time. But Echo Fox managed to win  the fights or hold off long enough to counter. I really don’t know why Dignitas couldn’t close out the game with some many great advantages. On the flip side I’m also surprised Echo Fox was able to hold off a multi buff Dig team like that and somehow pulled off an epic win.

Dignitas versus Immortals was a similar scenario. Dignitas has a great advantage with 2 inhibs down on Immortals side; mostly because Immortals went a bit ham. Then all of a sudden, Immortals Aced Dig, took Baron and siege Dignitas, taking turrets and inhibitors when possible. Immortals didn’t let up and were a bit more cautious with their diving at the end. But when Immortals saw a good opening, they took it and won the game. These two game shows Dignitas has what it takes to gain a lead and control the early/mid game. Now all Dignitas needs to do is to learn how to close out games faster without giving the enemy a way back in or giving the enemy a chance to scale up.

Looking Forward To In Week 9

In EU, the Unicorns’ matches versus H2K and G2 Esports should be good. In NA, Immortals plays TSM & Cloud 9 plays Echo Fox which could be a fun one.

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 7


Once again this week we’ll be looking at specific games from Week 7 from EU and NA LCS. Some shock and awes for sure definitely happened.

Europe Week 7

Unicorns of Love vs ROCCAT was an interesting turnout. First off, Rammus top lane by fredy122 was an interesting pick. Needed some help early but ROCCAT made it work and then the Rammus keeps on flank engaging for kills. I think everything was going well but I think Unicorns made a mistake in the mid game. They got flanked on but I think Hylissang could have had better positioning to close the choke and to possibly get away. If not, he would have been the only one to die and Unicorns could still contest Baron. Even if Hylissang didn’t move, the rest of ROCCAT was grouped whereas Unicorns were split which made it easy for ROCCAT to engage on 3 members. In the end, Unicorns lost 3 and Baron. From there, the game kept going in ROCCAT’s favor due to the pressure Baron buff had on Unicorn’s base.

North America Week 7

Echo Fox’s winning streak has ended. They went 0-2 versus TSM and Immortals. The game I really want to highlight is the one where the winning streak for Immortals ended and CLG was the team to end it.

So aphromoo was being the most annoying support harassing early jungle clear on Reignover and Gromp for Wildturtle but Adrian, the support had to secure it. Because of this, CLG could gank Huni who was 1v1 with Darshan in bottom lane. They even secured a kill onto Reignover when he tried to salvage a kill. From there it was purely harassing Huni and Reignover. A few minutes later, Immortals started to bring the game back by performing collapses to either kill someone or save someone.

The mid game was pretty even with Immortals getting some kills but CLG got a afew as well plus pressure as they got Darshan split pushing the bottom lane as Fiora and Xmithie split pushing on Udyr in the top lane. Whenever Immortals went for a fight or an objective Darshan would get more out of the bottom lane. This works for CLG because it forces Huni to keep Darshan out of the base. It kept on going like this and if you’ve seen Darshan’s games where he split pushes, he doesn’t stop. The breakthrough point was when Immortals went for Baron but Xmithie stole it so no empowered recalls meant Darshan could get into the base with less threat. Darshan and  Xmithie were able to get to the Nexus in time to kill it. A really great game, hopefully we see more entertaining games like that.

Looking Forward To In Week 8

Most teams will have a week free for practice before Week 8 due to IEM Katowice so we might see some new picks or strats coming out in Week 8.

We have Team Vitality versus G2 Esports so that will be fun to watch. Immortals versus NRG could be interesting but I’d put that in Immortals’ favor since NRG have been on a slide as of late.

Age’s Site Update For March 2016


Hey all, I’m back with a monthly update about the site but first I’d like to say something that became big news yesterday.

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson shall be leaving ArenaNet for a new opportunity that will allow him to be with and support his family more. Colin has worked on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 for both of it’s life spans and has been an amazing voice (and smile) in the Guild Wars 2 community. This news was made available yesterday on Reddit as the opening of an AMA from ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien who will be temporarily filling Colin’s shoes. This news hit me a bit harder than I thought it would. I’m sad to see Colin go but I wish him the best and many thanks for the years he’s given to the Guild Wars franchise.

Guild Wars 2 posts have been a bit lacking as of late. But there really isn’t much to talk about right now. Things in Guild Wars 2 are in a slow state. I think I’ll do a state of the game type of deal and highlight some responses from the recent AMA.

League of Legends LCS posts are still going. Week 7’s post will be next week since this weekend is IEM Katowice which you can check out on the ESL LoL Twitch channel.

For games of this month, Far Cry Primal (PC) looks interesting & Black Desert Online (PC) came out earlier this week. Heavy Rain is on PS4 now if you’ve never played it as well as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the WiiU.

What’s coming out is The Division (Xbox One, PC, PS4) on March 8th, Hitman (Xbox One, PC, PS4) on March 11th, Need for Speed (PC) March 15th

That’s all for now, I’ll catch you later!

– Age

Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 6


This week we’ll be looking at specific games from Week 6 from EU and NA LCS and how they didn’t go as expected.

Europe Week 6

We’re going to first take a look at Fnatic’s games. Now I expected Fnatic to go 1-1 but not in the way it turned out. Fnatic won against G2 Esports but lost against Splyce.

In the Fnatic vs G2 game, G2 had the advantage for pretty much the first 15 minutes but then they started losing that advantage when they started getting caught out near Baron and mid lane. Fnatic also had Kog Maw who needs a few items to get rolling. And man Rekkles got rolling at twenty minutes. I also have to highlight Gamsu who was a super tanky tree.

In the Splyce vs Fnatic game, Splyce simply utterly destroyed Fnatic with a 13-0 kill score. It was pretty even around 15 miuntes but then Fnatic kept on overstepping and getting killed.

In both instances I feel like Fnatic overstepped in their games. The difference between the two is the strength they were at. When Fnatic overstepped a few times on G2, they had a super tanky Maokai and a itemized Kog Maw. They weren’t at that point versus Splyce. Also, G2 did make a few positional mistakes that gave Fnatic kills.

Other matchup I want to touch on was the Vitality vs H2K match . It was a really close match up between these teams up to the last fight. Vitality was always in the lead but H2K kept on inching back into the game. It got to the point of fighting for Dragon and an ace in order for Vitality to win. Both of these teams really did well if if some mistakes came out, they made up for it for the most part. Bad time to do Baron? Disengage super fast. Can’t get the flank? Readjust and patiently wait. It was an hour long game but very well played out.

North America Week 6


Echo Fox. This team. This team is amazing. Team Liquid versus Echo Fox was back and forth for 50 minutes. Then it seems like Liquid was winning with the siege pushing in mid. Then the god like team fight in Fox’s base resulted in an Ace for Fox with 3 people up, including Keith, the ADC. With death timers being so long, Fox was able to stroll down mid lane and take the win. Versus Team Impulse it was a solid win for Fox at 25 minutes. I feel like letting kfo get Kayle was a bad idea given the very good utility of the ultimate. Plus Impulse’s team did not scale well damage wise. Is it too much to say that this Fox team can make playoffs? I’m 50/50 mostly because they were going to lose to Liquid but they played that last team fight super well. I will say that Fox is one of the stronger lower teams and could surprise us.

Looking Forward To In Week 7

Echo Fox games are going to be the true test. They play TSM and Immortals. If Fox goes 1-1, then I’d say Echo Fox have a chance at playoffs. I think the chances are low that they beat Immortals but it’ll be interesting to see how well they do against them.