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Heart of Thorns: New PvP Reward Tracks And Finishers


PvP players noticed that they’re getting Stronghold, Mist Champion reward tracks (by buying Heart of Thorns), and PvP Leagues. But wait, John Corpening shared more in a blog post!

Mist Champion Reward Tracks – These tracks need to be unlocked via a small gold fee. When completed for the first time, it will reward you with the Mist Champion for Stronghold. Finishing it a 2nd time rewards you with the mini of that Mist Champion.

Rank Reward Tracks – These tracks are unlocked based on your PvP rank (from Rabbit to Dragon). Finishing a rank track (Jungle Rabbit for example) will reward you with an alternate version of the rank’s finisher. Everyone starts at the Jungle Rabbit track and will upgrade to the next rank track when completed until it reaches your current rank. From there you’ll have to reach the next rank tier to unlock the next rank track.

Jungle Dragon Finisher – Obtained by completing the Jungle Dragon rank reward track. It’s is a specialized Heart of Thorns themed finisher.

Shards of Glory – All reward tracks will have Shards of Glory which are used in legendary crafting. Two of the four transmutation stones on each track will be Shards of Glory.

Black Lion Chest Keys – Players will be able to earn Black Lion Chest Keys via one-shot reward tracks including the Mist Champion reward tracks and the rank reward tracks.

I hope you saved some daily PvP reward potions!