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Sombra Revealed At BlizzCon!


Finally! After months of teasing her, Blizzard has unveiled Sombra! It all started at the Opening Ceremony at BlizzCon 2016 with a video showing the behind the scenes with the launch of Overwatch. The video started to get corrupted and pixelated which led into the animated short featuring Sombra called Infiltration:

A Bit of Background

Sombra is a person who has been virtually infiltrating organizations, governments, and politicians since childhood with her superior hacking skills. One day she was compromised as someone found out about her. She was forced to delete any and all traces of her. She adopted the identity of Sombra when she came out of hiding; and geared with integrated new tech to boot. Before disappearing and becoming Sombra, she worked with Mexico’s Los Muertos gang. Currently, Sombra works with the terrorist organization Talon.

Weapons & Skills

Sombra is equipped with an SMG that has a short range spread.

  • Hack – Sombra’s secondary. Hack allows her to temporarily stop heroes from using their abilities. She can disable Torbjorn’s turret and she can disable health relics for enemies while augmenting them for allies.
  • Thermoptic Camo – Sombra can become fully invisible and gains increased movement speed for a short duration. Attacking, using abilities or taking damage removes this effect.
  • Translocator – Sombra can throw a translocator beacon projectile to a location that lasts for a short duration. When activated, Sombra instantly teleports to the beacon’s position (including if the beacon is in mid flight).
  • EMP – Sombra’s ultimate. This skill sends out a large electromagnetic pulse in an area that disables enemy barriers and shields and applies Hack to any enemy caught in the blast.
  • Opportunist – this is a passive where any enemy under 50% health can be seen through walls by Sombra

Of course, a demonstration of the skills would be helpful so here you go:

I can see Sombra being constantly in the back line taking down or disrupting targets. I think the combination of her camo and translocator will make her insanely mobile horizontally and vertically. She’ll also have a great way to get in, burst and get out. Her ability to hack health relics will also be helpful in deterring enemies from extended fights. I’m not sure about what you can and can’t stop with the EMP but as players learn that you’ll be able to play her to great potential. Also the collapsing of shields and barriers will make Sombra a pain for heroes that depend on shields for damage mitigation such as Reinhardt, Zarya, & Winston. Right now, I think of Sombra as a utility Genji.

Sombra is a character that will definitely shake up how the game is played. As a person who like the concept of hacking and stealth/rogue classes, I can’t wait to get my hands on her. Blizzard said that Sombra would be available on PTR as soon as BlizzCon is over. So you can pretty much look forward to trying her out at next week.