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TSM League of Legends Starting Roster Announced

For those of you curious about the latest TSM roster, here it is. This will be the team going to IEM San Jose:

Top: Hauntzer (from Gravity)

Jungle: Svenskeren (from SK Gaming)

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC: Doublelift (from CLG)

Support: KaSing (from H2K)

IEM San Jose League of Legends: A Quick Rundown


Hi all, so for those who didn’t get a chance to watch some League action at IEM San Jose, I’ve got a quick rundown for you.

Let’s start with the the new jungle and items. Since there is more sustain in the jungle with the new smite and jungle items, it’s way easier for more champions to jungle. In one game there was even a Twisted Fate jungle. This leads to a usually easier start at level one where aggressive moves are made for vision. Gromp / Krug level one start is somewhat the standard at the moment for the jungler and bottom lane. Ranger’s Trailblazer with the devourer enchantment is the favorite item by a majority of junglers due to the sustain and lower cooldown for smite. It’s also more essential to secure jungle because small camps give a bonus when the large monster is hit with smite. Due to this all small camps are quite beneficial and also provide more gold. I think that’s most of the smaller details. Now let’s cover the teams.

Alright so Lyon Gaming didn’t really show up due to missing 2 people on the roster, one of which was the captain/shotcaller. Can’t really judge them on this event. painGaming was another team that I didn’t know about. They’re a Brazillian team and went against Cloud 9. They kind of looked lost half the time but still put up impressive fights. Cloud 9 looked good throughout IEM but there were some bloodlust chases and some weird moves by some players; Sneaky remained consistent. Alliance played well and they showed some promise with Rekkles on their team now. Team SoloMid I have to say was the most disappointing team there. Expectations aside, they played poorly in their first game; played better in their second game but lost in the end. I think everyone except the bottom lane and maybe top was doing alright. TSM’s new jungler, probably had some jitters and didn’t play as he usually does which kind of hurts in this preseason jungle patch they played on. The most interesting team was Unicorns of Love. They went all the way to the finals and looked really good throughout, their jungler, mid laner and top laner are especially good.

Well I think that’s all of it. You can check IEM’s site for the coverage of the games. Oh and be sure to watch the LoL celebrity ARAM that also happened!