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Lion’s Arch Name Results & Core Specializations Coming Soon


New Lion’s Arch Poll Results

The results are in! Like them or not, these are the new names of some of the areas in the new Lion’s Arch. The names have been chosen due to majority vote:

  • Canal Ward → Commodore’s Quarter
  • Lighthouse → Phoenix Roost
  • Lion’s Court → Lion’s Court
  • Air Base → Lion’s Arch Aerodrome
  • Memorial → Field of the Fallen

There will be a grand opening of the new Lion’s Arch in the next content update so be sure to check out the events!

Core Specializations Coming

Core specializations will be coming in the next content update as well. I guess we can assume that the profession reward track will be added in as well. If you missed what specializations are or just need a refresher, I wrote about it here.

This probably also means that skill points will now be hero points depending on how many skills point per character you’ve unlocked. This would also mean that we find out what this new material used to get items, where you use skill points as the currency, will be.

The content update could be as soon as next week so if you want to get ahead of the curve in skill points (per character wise), I suggest you take Ink’s Hero Point Challenge. The video below describes what I’m talking about. Basically, you’re running around each map focusing on getting only the skill points on the map.