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Out of the Shadows: The Return of the White Mantle


Warning: this post WILL have spoilers for Living Story Season 3 Episode 1. You have been warned

Ok, so I finally get the chance to talk a bit about the story episode that came out last month. This episode is mostly about resolving some loose ends or to following up on hints ArenaNet has put out such as the notes from Rata Novus. Let’s start at the beginning.

We start by going to Eir’s home for a wake; basically hanging out with friends in remembrance of Eir, telling stories and the like. There’s not a lot going on with this episode to push the story but it is a nice thing that ArenaNet added for Eir. We find out that Braham was not present but is out on his own at the moment in the Shiverpeaks. We’ll probably meet up with him in episode 2 or 3. Taimi send us mail about wanting to meet up about her discoveries in Rata Novus. We invite Rytlock who was at the wake to join us.

So Taimi has been up to some research keeping any and all but us out of the Dragon Research lab. Especially Plunt. Once Taimi, Rytlock and yourself enter the research room, Taimi goes over the ley line map and the organ she harvested from a chak that she put in Mordrem bile (yea, we all know that’s not going to end well). The ley line map does show signs that Glint’s egg has been “activated” in a sense. what this’ll mean will probably affect us in later episodes for the enemies we’re facing in this season. Or might be another problem, who know? There’s also signs of activity in the north so that’s where we decide to head. I’d like to point out one thing that ArenaNet did and that’s give Taimi independence. She was alone doing the research and even fought off chak that got attracted to the lab by herself. Glad she has gotten to prove she can hold her own just fine.

Once we exited the lab Almorra Soulkeeper was there to offer us the Marshal position aka the desk job. Of course we decline but another interesting thing that happened is that Soulkeeper handed Rytlock a message from the Black Citadel. Which he crumpled and threw away in an instant. It makes me wonder if there are some questions the Citadel want answers for that Rytlock doesn’t have, or doesn’t want to answer. Keep in mind that we still don’t know what happened to Rytlock in the Mists. Another encounter we have is with Canach as he’s in pursuit to “save” Caudecus from kidnappers. However, if the situation seems that Caudecus is deemed a threat, Canach has the right to handle him. Fortunately he is heading in the same direction as us so he tags along in the airship ride north.

Moving onto Bloodstone Fen. As we get closer to the area, a huge explosion followed by an implosion, which is important to note, occurred. This explosion and implosion was caused by a ritual the White Mantle were performing. Lazarus a Mursaat absorbed the energy of the explosion. This ties in a bit with raids as the Forsaken Thicket raid is all about going in deeper and essentially stopping a White Mantle ritual from taking place although we didn’t know why the rituals were taking place till near the end of the wing.

So before we find out about Lazarus, we do investigate Bloodstone Fen to see what caused the explosion. Turns out Caithe was investigating as well. She and your character survey the area where a ritual had taken place. Caithe also brings up what she’s done in the Living Story Season 2 & the HoT story apologizing for not trusting us and asking for forgiveness. Interesting no? We don’t give an answer right away but I wonder how that dynamic will pan out. If we do forgive her, there will definitely be some discord with some of our group members, especially Marjory.

During our investigation, Canach was able to track down Caudecus in Bloodstone Fen. We meet up with Rytlock and Marjory (who’s rocking some awesome armor) to take down the corrupted Minister who, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is the current leader of the White Mantle. We head into a bit of a bad bind as we get surrounded but in come Lazarus. He declares to everyone in the area that he should be worshiped as the White Mantle’s leader/god. The unbelievers would burn. And he did just that; Lazarus called down fire and torched a lot of the White Mantle. Caudecus was able to get away and Lazarus disappeared after asserting his dominance. So we have an escaped Minister who’s proven without a doubt he’s leading the White Mantle. A powerful Mursaat on the loose who is probably amassing his devoted followers. To make things worse, Taimi calls us up and declares that Primordius is awake. Yay.

Now we have a lot of issues to deal with Caudecus, Lazarus and Primordius. I feel the White Mantle will be more of the issue this season and Primordius will be used for the next big bad for the next expansion. What’s cool is that we might see the return of the dwarves or even more Tengu as they have some loose ties concerning Primordius. Of course there’s still the issues within our group that need resolution or answers so we might get some of that in next episode.

As I’ve said, this episode seems to lay out a good foundation for story in terms of where it can go. I’m very intrigued how the story will play out.

Age’s Site Update For August 2016


Greetings friends! Here’s the monthly post for August!

Guild Wars 2 posts will start rolling out soon. First one should be about Living Story Season 3 Ep 1. Lots of pathways to discuss with that one.

League of Legends LCS summary post will also be next week along with playoff predictions. Some surprising results I must say. As for the LoL Seasonal guide, I decided I won’t do one this season. I postponed it time after time due to life stuff but it’s gotten to the point of not mattering if I started it now. Sorry if you were looking forward to it.

You might see less writing from me in the near future due to the plethora of things I’m doing: streaming, videos, podcasts. Factoring in extreme exhaustion from work and hanging out with friends and family to make sure they understand you aren’t ignoring them, it doesn’t leave much room for writing these days. I have been slacking a lot though so I’ll try to make an effort to get some good rest and try to get back on the writing horse again.

Speaking of content, I’ve started doing Let’s Play streams and upload them to my YouTube channel. Pretty fun to do. I started with Life is Strange (the image above is from a cut scene from the game) which is a fantastic game. The first episode is free on Steam I highly suggest you try it out.

For games of this month, Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Realm of Shadows is out and looks interesting. No Man’s Sky should be coming out on August 9th for PS4 and PC. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Xbox One, PS4, PC) comes out August 23. Finally, Attack on Titan (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC) & World of Warcraft: Legion releases on August 30th.

Think that covers things, catch ya soon!

– Age

Living Story Season 3 Starts July 26th!

Praise the six, some GW2 news! Normally I’d get this stuff out on the day of the news but it’s been a while. The story picks up from the end of the Heart of Thorns story. We’ll be back playing Living Story in 2 weeks time on the 26th! With said news is a few things to note.

  • You need to log in when the episode is live in order to unlock the episode for free on your account. You’ll have till the next episode is released (estimated to be around 2-3 months)
  • You do not need to have Heart of Thorns to unlock Living Story episodes as stated in the previous point but you will not be able to play Living Story season 3 without Heart of Thorns and is intended for level 80 characters.
  • If you buy Heart of Thorns later, any episodes you unlocked will become available to you

Living World Season 2 is currently 40% off if you do not have it and wish to play it.

Other News

The retired PvP map “Raid on the Capricorn” will be revamped and re-released as “Revenge of the Capricorn“. This map will be the regular 3 point capture style with no underwater point. The mechanic of the map will have a 4th capture point available periodically to be capped for extra points.

There will also be a new fractal called “Chaos Isles“. Elements of past fractals will be in this one and will be the start of an arc that will run in tandem with Living World Season 3’s plot line.

Major patches will now be six a year rather than quarterly (four a year). This includes the July 26th patch. So we might be looking at 2-3 more patches afterwards.

Now, the problem I have is that the July 26th patch also include balance changes which causes a few problems for PvP as it’s less prep for the Worlds qualifier tournament and 2 weeks prep for PvP Leagues. I am excited for living story again but that balance patch issue popping up could pose a problem for many. We’ll see how things go.

Age’s Site Update For July 2016


Here’s the monthly post for July!

Guild Wars 2 posts are still in the same position as last month. So I’m still waiting for Living Story content or something significant.

League of Legends LCS posts weren’t weekly. It was really hard to keep up with all the games due to the other things I have to do. It’s harder to watch at least 3 times more games than usual. I did a mid point split summary of the teams. I’ll probably do a split summary and playoffs summary as well. The guide wasn’t worked on, I had a lot of IRL things to fix at the end of the month so I’ll be working on the guides this month.

I am streaming weekly now on my Twitch channel. Mostly Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch so feel free to stop by!

For games of this month there’s nothing that peeked my interest but the Steam sale ended today so hopefully you picked up a game or two to tide you over.

That’s all for now, I’ll catch you next time!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For June 2016

overwatch genji cinematic

And we’re back with another monthly post!

Guild Wars 2 posts are really stagnant mostly because there’s nothing really significant to talk about right now. I don’t want to put out a post that’s “grasping at straws” per say. I’m waiting for Living Story at this point so bear with me if GW2 is the content you’re interested in.

League of Legends LCS posts will be back starting next week. There are new formats that I’m excited to check out but that means a lot more games I have to watch and analyze. I love League but man I’m running out of free time heh. That reminds me. I’ll be working on a Season 6 guide that will be out (probably the first parts) hopefully by the end of this month.

Overwatch has been super fun. I play everyday and I’m getting the hang of characters I like but there is definitely room for improvement. I may have a post or two for Overwatch down the pipeline.

For games of this month that have peeked my interest are Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PC, PS4, XB1) which released on June 7th, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) on June 24, and Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4) on June 28.

That’s all for now, I’ll catch you next time!

– Age