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Guild Mission Changes In A Nutshell


Yesterday, Guild Chat showed a bit of the new guild panel off and the guild area in Lion’s Arch. Game Designer McKenna Berdrow also released a blog post about it. Here are some of the points for said episode about Guild Missions:

  • There will be guild missions for all 3 modes: PvE, PvP, & WvW, each with their own dedicated mission slots
  • Missions will reward favor which is needed to level up guild halls
  • WvW and PvP guild missions will be guild centric (eg claiming and holding a fort or PvP as a guild team at take down a certain amount of players)
  • There will be progress-style missions (eg win 3 PvP conquest matches)
  • Your guild will be able to select which type of missions you’d like to play each week
  • Not selecting a mission preference will give you a mix of PvE, PvP & WvW missions plus a 10% favor bonus on mission success
  • Guild challenges and puzzles are now instanced missions; you can still ferry friends and guilds into these missions
  • Expansion day 1 guilds will have 3 missions available: one easy, one medium and one hard
  • The harder missions reward more favor
  • As the guild hall levels up, guilds will be able to purchase new mission slot upgrades
  • There will be a weekly favor cap
  • Personal rewards for PvE guild missions have been placed in personal reward chests instead of in world chests
  • Resonating shards will be part of the personal rewards
  • Most missions will now be pre-rolled – your guild will be able to see what you need to do once the mission is rolled.
  • Bounties and Trek will be random target missions – you’ll be able to see a broad perspective of what to do but will be more specific once the mission is launched

Guild Wars 2 Commander Squad UI Gets A Buff


Colin Johanson, Hugh Norfolk and Joshua Davis sat down at TwitchCon to show off the new Squad UI for commanders that’s coming to Guild Wars 2. This Squad UI is pretty sweet. The image above doesn’t portray the final iteration but shows you the functionality that will be part of the UI. You can use this UI for WvW and PvE for raids & guild missions. Here are the UI features:

  • Ready Up functionality
  • The ability to split into sub squads
  • Supply info (main squad & sub squads)
  • Open, Close or Invite only functionality
  • Up to 50 viewable players in the UI
  • View of squad member health bars (that are in proximity)

Definetly a big plus to the current UI and will be very helpful in both WvW and PvE!