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LCS 2015 Summer Finals: What Happened & Why

CLG trophy

In one of the most interesting splits for NA and EU LCS we have quite a bit to talk about the finals. Let’s starts with the EU LCS then shift to NA.

EU Finals

So the EU finals were between Fnatic and Origen. These two teams were pretty dominant in the split coming in and in the finals they put on quite a show. I think it’s save to say a majority of people were expecting Fnatic to win given their perfect split, dominant play and strength in each role being pretty much the top 2-3 in the EU LCS. It was up to Origen to step up and bring strategies that would help win games; and so they did.

Early game was key in determining the pace of the game and pretty much who’d win overall. If Origen could punish early well enough, they went into mid game strong enough to take the game. If they didn’t punish enough, Fnatic were able to pull the game back into their favor or even run with their lead for the win. Also, early game is was “Gank Top Lane” pretty much all 5 games. Origen was doing well getting Soaz ahead most of the time. However, It seemed Fnatic evolved with each game and somehow pulled through the early game, even if they weren’t ahead.

Overall both teams put on a good performance. In the end, Fnatic took it 3-2. Some individual misplays happened with both teams; Fnatic at least will need to fix them going into Worlds.

NA Finals

This was one series that was quite frankly disappointing to watch. CLG won with a surprising 3-0 sweep. It wasn’t disappointing in terms of TSM losing but more in terms of TSM not even putting up a good fight.

The first game is when a surprise Yasuo pick top for ZionSpartan came out vs Dyrus’s Gnar. And it crushed hard. So much that in team fights Zion melted everything. Doublelift was doing work on Tristana takiing out turrets rather quickly. The second game Zion was on Gnar and he survived numerous ganks and even turned ganks into kills for the team. This lead to great kills for Doublelift and even a pentakill. The third game Zion got Gnar again and did great. The other members of CLG played well too. Aphromoo made some great engages on Braum, Pobelter was melting health bars on Viktor. Even Xsmithie had great games on Gragas and Ekko.

TSM’s best performers was honestly Wildturtle and Santorin. Bjergsen played well too but couldn’t do much on Yasuo. Dyrus was either a meat shield or couldn’t do much due to getting out farmed or out harassed. Lustboy, in my opinion, played the worse. He couldn’t play Alistar well at all and had a rather lackluster Janna in game 1. The issues were that the picks and bans TSM had in games 2 and 3 were plain bad. They didn’t punish Xsmithe’s current pool of Gragas and Ekko, they didn’t take Viktor for themselves, they made comps with no reliable wave clear. Most of all, they focused ganks top too much and couldn’t secure kills; most of the time the person getting ganked on CLG got away.

To Conclude

Fnatic losing a few games before going to Worlds is good for them. It will help them work on the weaknesses they showed, mainly their early game, so that they can have a good run at Worlds. Origen should get 2nd seed since the played really well and are the only team to take games off this split’s dominate Fnatic team.

In a way, CLG winning is good for both teams. CLG because it’s a great motivational boost to beat TSM in such a fashion; securing your spot at Worlds. For TSM, it’s a big wake up call. They’re putting in the work but something went wrong in planning and in champion picks. They’re not going to take this lost lightly in the slightest and will be working their butts off for Worlds.

LCS 2015 Summer Finals: Who’ll Win?


It’s been a while since I’ve published a League of Legends post so we’re going to talk about finals! EU and NA are shaping up to be very good as the fight for 3rd place will happen between Unicorns of Love vs H2K and Team Liquid vs Team Impulse. Then on Sunday we have the big matches everyone is hyped for. The fight for 1st place: Fnatic vs Origen and TSM vs CLG.

3rd Place Matches

So for Europe, I have to give 3rd place more into H2K’s favor. They’ve been looking off all split but I believe that they have what it takes to win versus Unicorns of Love. I will say though that if PowerOfEvil or Visicachi carries hard, then Unicorns have a good chance to win.

In NA, I’d give 3rd place to Team Liquid. Keep in mind that Team Impulse’s mid laner XiaoWeiXiao is out. Yes I’ll admit Rush is really good and  Apollo can carry but I feel that Liquid overall are a better team. Liquid just have to make sure they don’t make silly mistakes.


I’m leaning towards Fnatic to win the split. A lot of people will and I can’t blame them. Fnatic just look so good right now. Every single member of that team is great in their role. Not to mention that they haven’t lost all split long. However, if anyone in EU can beat them it’ll be Origen.

In NA, I think it’l be close but I think TSM has an edge over CLG. It really depends how the Rush Hour lane performs and if Xmithie can have a good time in games. On the flip side, it could go CLG’s way if Dyrus gets harassed a lot and can’t do anything. Same can be said for Bjergsen.

I do know that it’s going to be an interesting weekend to see who’ll be crowned champs in both regions.