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Gates Of Maguuma: A Short Review


So, Living Story Season 2 has finally kicked off and I have to say, it’s a good patch. Quite a bit I want to cover so let’s jump in.

First off, Dry Top is introduced as a new zone located south west of Brisban Wildlands. The zone itself is kind a neat with a desert outlaw scene. The zone itself reminds me of how Southsun was introduced but I think the difference will be that Dry Top will have more of a purpose in this Season of Living Story. Other than the new zone, journal and achievements, it feels like living story that we’re used to.

The Story Journal

Speaking of the journal, the Story Journal I find is the heart of what’s different with LS. The journal allows you to replay episodes of Living Story which essentially could guarantee more permanent zones every now and then. Due to the replayable episodes achievements are more challenging. Finally, the episodes will seem to flow better which is what ArenaNet wanted.

Oddly enough, the only issues I have is with the journal. Dragon Season collected and tweeted out the main issues:

  1. Skip a Story Step – We’ve done the story in order to replay it. If we’re going back in for achievements, we’ll probably want to skip ahead to the section we need.
  2. Story summary doesn’t go away upon episode completion (on replay) – Kinda weird since we finished it
  3. Ability to complete the elite achievements on alts – Alts should always be standard ArenaNet should think about (Remember WvW leveling issue?). If we were able to do achievements via alts before, we would still want that ability.
  4. Button to deactivate an episode so that the story tracker goes away – I can see this as a miss. It would be nice to have this in case we just want to stop halfway and restart later.


I can’t end this without some form of speculation. This tweet caused a lot of us to lose sleep. For those who don’t know, the Realm of Torment is a zone from the Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign. It’s an area where evil individuals reside and are corrupted into creatures. It’s also an area GW1 players had to traverse in order to defeat the evil god Abaddon.  So is it possible there’s a link between the Realm of Torment and Scarlet’s research? Not sure yet myself but it looks highly possible. Great find and quite possibly hints at near future content.

So that’s my thoughts on the patch, I’m having a good time with it. Hopefully you have a good time with it as well! Till next time!