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PvP Leagues Announced For Guild Wars 2

John Corpening had the pleasure to announce at Gamescom that PvP Leagues will be coming to Guild Wars 2. When Heart of Thorns releases, players will be able to test their skill level with a PvP league system. Here’s how it works. There will be 6 divisions, that range from Amber to Legendary, that a player can be in each season. Each division gives players rewards. Better division equals better rewards.

Divisions Explained


Everyone starts at Division 1. Each division has a number of tiers and each tier has a number of pips, Completing all tiers will get you into the next division:

  • Division 1 rewards forward progression, you won’t lose any pips or tiers
  • Divisions 2 and 3 rewards wins, loses results in lose of pips in a tier. You cannot downgrade to a lower tier or division.
  • Divisions 4 and 5 rewards wins, loses results in lose of pips & tiers. You cannot downgrade to a lower division.
  • Division 6 is the Legendary division. It’s repeatable and garners better rewards

Other Bonuses

Players earn League Tokens when advancing a division in order to buy PvP specific items such as the back item “Wings of Glory”. Division 6 allows a player to transform Wings of Glory into it’s Legendary form “The Ascension”.

Players get a badge next to their name representing their division. This badge resets every season.

Players that make it to the Legendary division will receive a permanent title to show that they’ve made it to the top.

Guild Teams

You can queue as a Guild Team (3 guild mates minimum) in order to earn and leaderboard ranking. There will be a matchmaking ELO system for guild teams. The leaderboards will be used as qualifiers for invitations to GW2 PvP tournaments. Guild specific rewards will be given to top ranked teams per season.

I for one am really excited for this. I definitely want to test myself to see how far I can go in this. Guess I better start practicing now!