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Destiny’s ‘The Taken King’ Expansion: Weighing My Options


Hi everyone, this is something a little different from usual. I want to talk about the console FPS MMO game Destiny. There’s an expansion for the game coming out next week called The Taken King and I want to talk how I’m personally weighing the options in order to decide if I should get it or not. Note that I’m not tell you if you should get it or not; but merely sharing my current experience in deciding if it’s for me. In fact, let me say this now: if you like Destiny or if you think The Taken King is worth getting, then get it! Don’t let my experience or (internet) comments deter you from getting the expansion if you think it’s worth it for you.

To put my Destiny gameplay experience into perspective I played a ton of it every day since release. I was even Destiny Public Event’s top ten on the Public Events Leaderboards for a bit. I started to reduce my game time because I was getting burnt out on grinding so much. Around the first DLC, The Dark Below, I started playing regularly again but dropped off after a few weeks and only played if people needed someone for raids. Again, I came back to play the next DLC, House of Wolves, but that only lasted a week max as there was no new raid and I beat the story within 6-8 hours on all 3 of my characters.

Now with the release of the Taken King coming, I’m at a dilemma of purchasing the expansion. I don’t really care if I’m essentially buying the game again, I got my year’s worth out of the game. In fact, my problem stems from not the box price, but if I’ll play more than a few weeks to warrant the purchase.

So far the new fixes for UI and inventory have been great. I REALLY think the glimmer cap needs to be removed (this is seriously part of my top 5 things to fix). PvP was always solid in my opinion and would probably keep me playing if I was really into it. It’s the PvE that bugs me. The story that players got at release was pretty good. I thought that the DLCs would expand the story in that aspect but right now there seems to be no correlation between the original story and the DLC stories. May down the road there will be as I hear they’re revamping the storyline.

Outside story, there are some other PvE options left. There’s dailies, strike playlist, the weekly Nightfalls and raids. Other than that you can farm public events and quests. All these things got a little stale for me over time. Unless you need to get to a certain rank, quests were things I got if they were easy to do or tied in to the content I’d be playing for the next hour or so. What I think Destiny needed is visible goals which is kind of what they’re adding in now with quests to earn new professions, weapons and so on. Right now, there’s no long term goals to go for after I finish content. If I want to prep for the next raid that comes out I’ll do it.

Now, there’s also the friends aspect to consider. Destiny is an MMO after all. I still know a few people who play Destiny and even some coming back. Even so, I feel I won’t play substantially as I did back near release.

The ultimate reason that I’m sharing this post is that a few months back Guild Wars 2 announced their expansion and people were wondering if it’s worth it for them. I’m an avid GW2 player so it was worth it for me, but right now I feel the same way about the Destiny expansion that those players on the fence felt about the GW2 expansion. If I hear of something amazing, something I know that will keep me playing for a good while then I’ll definitely buy The Taken King. For now, I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Age’s Site Update For September 2014


Hey guys, been a while so decided to do a little update post. First off, most of my writing is based on Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends (usually LCS content). With Living Story taking a bit of a break and the lull between LCS and Worlds, I wanted to take a bit of a break myself. I was feeling a bit burned out and I didn’t write a lot about the GW2 September feature pack because it was more of an update to things then new features. Granted there the new player experience. Probably should have mention I would take a break so apologies on that.

While there’s no new Guild Wars 2 content to speak of, there was one thing I wanted to write about for GW2 concerning Dragon’s Reach: Part 2. I’ll hopefully get to that soon. Of course, GW2 posts will probably restart regularly near the start of November.

The Worlds tournament for League of Legends started today and I can’t wait to write about the games. Got quite a bit to say about the teams and the games. As with my LCS posts, it’ll be a weekly review.

Oh and I guess the picture gives it away but I got Destiny last week. I’ll do a quick post on that but here’s a TL;DR: the game is ok. It isn’t a hype game nor a revolutionary game, it’s an ok game. I think critics and players got their hopes up hence the mixed reviews. I do think that Bungie needs to keep adding more PvE content because it’s really easy to burn through the story.

Finally, I’ll get to updating the game deals page, pretty sure some of the deals needs updating. That’s all for now, hope you all have a great week! Happy gaming!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For July 2014

I just realized I didn’t put a monthly site update out for this month so I guess this’ll be more of a summary.

So I’ve been keeping up super hard on the Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends weekly posts so I’m glad that I could stay on top of that.

I want to do a write up on The Crew and Destiny betas since I got into those. I got an ArcheAge beta invite as well so I’ll probably do a write up on that too. I’m putting Heroes of The Storm on the side to cover until launch. I thought I would get Alpha access at this point but nada so no point in wasting time prepping to write on it. I will still keep looking out on the features though.

I also plan to do more stream so be sure to watch out for that. I’m also thinking of doing videos for some of my posts, undecided at this point.

Annnnnnnd that’s it I guess. Hope everyone had a good month. Happy Gaming!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For June 2014


Hey guys! I wanted to give you a quick update for this month. It won’t be long I promise!

League of Legends Jungler guide and All-in-one LoL guide post

Since the new Summoner’s Rift is coming in soon, I decided to hold onto the Jungle guide so I can get the new camp images in. The all in one guide post will be put out shortly after the jungle guide is up. I changed my mind, I’m going to put this out next week and update it when new Summoner’s Rift VU is out.

Game Deals Page

So I’ll be adding a game deals page that’ll be up on Monday (June 16th) that will be featured on the home page of the site. basically it provides you guys with discounts for relatively new or upcoming games. It helps support me and Gamebreaker TV out. I’ll update the page as much as possible. I may have something like a sticky on the side so you guys know which games have been added or removed.

Guild Wars 2 and LCS Weekly Posts

Still going to put out a post for both GW2 and LCS every week. As you’ve may have noticed I’ve recently post the LCS stuff on Thursday (might shift to Wednesday) and GW2 stuff on Friday. I’ll probably do a Fantasy LCS post to tell you how I picked my team and how I manage my roster each week.

E3 and all the Alphas and Betas!

Since E3 is over I might do a post next week about E3 thoughts. I got into Destiny Alpha & Beta and Battlefield Hardline beta so I might do a writeup on those as well.

And that’s all for now, hope you guys have a good weekend! Happy gaming!

– Age

What Make A Game An MMO?

Some of the next gen games for consoles look like they will need a persistent internet connection to obtain the full experience from the game. Some of these games have even outright claimed to be MMOs while others have not. The term MMO, which means Massively Multiplayer Online, doesn’t really have a concrete definition. Everyone has there own definition of the Massive and Multiplayer parts which are, more or less, similar to each other. So, what makes a game an MMO? I’d like to share my definition and look at some of the console games that are coming out and see if they fit.

So the world of an MMO game has to be big. How big? Big enough that there is a map with sections of the world you can explore. These sections can be instanced or be all interconnected with each other. Usually the former holds true but I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more MMOs become the latter in the future. Also the world needs to have a history of some sort. Be it a game based on fiction or reality, the world needs some background or lore to keep the state of the world in perspective.

The number of people is one of the main point of differentiating multiplayer games like Battlefield from an MMO. I also think this is the point where it’s hard to classify when a game is an MMO. An MMO should have a lot of people. I don’t mean 30 or 40. It should have players in the thousands mark. Why? This large amount of people creates the community for the MMO where players can form parties or guilds in order to do content in the world. Usually parties are temporary and are formed to meet an objective. Guilds are more permanent and are usually formed to do large (or small) activities with like-minded individuals. The essence of an MMO is it’s community. The very reason you would play an MMO is to socialize and to play the game with other people.

Kinda obvious but an MMO must be played online. This intertwines with the former two above. It’s hard to be able to play in a large world with other people that you know or don’t know without actually being able to connect to the world. The online part ensures an ever changing environment of not only the world, but people as well.

My Verdicts
So let’s look at some console games and see if they have the right to be called an MMO. Note that these are my opinions and you may or may not agree with them.

  • The Crew: A world where players can drive across the USA and back and you can join friends when you want for “the Fast and the Furious” heists and go back to doing your thing afterwards. Sounds like an MMO. There is a large world, the entirety of the US where the developer at E3 said you cand rive from on coast to the other. There’s the possibility of lots of people given the vastness of the world. You definitely need an online connection to play. I’d classify it as an MMO.
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division: This ones a little hard. The world setting is New York. From the E3 demo videos I saw, New York could be huge to explore but it could also have that feel but not be as big as I initially think. The world is PvP RPG-like where you have a quest line but other people could go and attack you if you’re seen. Players can come and go but again, I’m not sure the limitation of the number of people per server. To keep the skirmishes feeling like skirmishes, I’d imagine that the number of players can’t be too high otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get anything done. Until I know more about the world I can’t really confirm MMO or not. Right now to me it’s like a hybrid of an MMO meets FPS.
  • Destiny: It’s been called an MMO from the beginning and it definitely is one. The Borderlands/Halo type of world looks insanely vast. You can join people to take on bases and other fun objectives. Destiny hands down gets the verdict of legit MMO from me.

So what do you think the definition of an MMO is? Let me know in the comments!