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League of Legends Worlds Season 5 Group Stage: Some Unexpected Results


Man, these last two weeks have been interesting to watch. To be quite honest with you all, I had predetermined a lot of results for this Worlds. In this respect I thought it would be a boring Worlds to watch. I was wrong. I was so dead wrong. This has been the most interesting Group Stage of Worlds I’ve ever seen. Let’s jump right into it.

Week 1 – The Underdogs: Cloud 9 & Origen

If I told you that Cloud 9 and Origen would be the the top of their respective groups by the end of week 1, you would have called me insane. And you would have been well within your rights to do so. But it turns out that’s exactly what happened. Cloud 9 toppled AHQ, Invictus and Fnatic. These 3 teams are not push overs. With Cloud 9’s run in the summer split, Hai coming in 2-3 months before Worlds as the jungler, and everyone except Sneaky always performing well, you can see why people had low expectations. But they managed to put up some convincing games. A similar story for Origen. Not in terms of having weak players but just not strong enough to beat the likes of KT Rolster and LGD Gaming. However, they too went on a hot streak of wins.


The team I believe was the most disappointing was LGD Gaming. They were a 1st seed and very hyped to get out of groups but they did not show up at all in the first week. TSM was lacking in performance as well but it wasn’t expected that TSM would do well this year.

Week 2 – Random Surge & Drops In Performance


Week 2 was a turnaround week for most teams. Group C pretty much doubled their win/loss from Week 1. There wasn’t much expectation for Bangkok Titans and H2K to go through since the Titans part of a weaker region and H2K did not have a stellar end of the split in LCS. Also, the fact that they were against EDG and SKT which are teams that have proved to be exceptionally good teams wasn’t in their favor.

Group A was very surprising as Flash Wolves made a surprising comeback and 3-0 for week 2. Another upset was CLG. They sadly went back to their ways of good steak/bad streak which I honestly thought was fixed. They did run similar comps throughout their matches. Pain Gaming was surprisingly good in the 2nd week and actually put pressure on teams. They can be a decent threat next year.

Group B was interesting as AHQ and Fnatic showed up and both made 3-0 comebacks looking way better than in week 1. For Group D LGD Gaming looked better than in Week 1 but it wasn’t enough to comeback. TSM was disappointing in their performance, they had one decent game but their problems showed.

Looking At Quarterfinals


The drawing for the quarterfinals was done live right after the last match for groups. Origen vs Flash Wolves I really can’t say who would win this. On their best days I think both teams will be pretty even. If I had to choose, I’d go Flash Wolves. AHQ vs SKT I think SKT has it. AHQ did do way bettern in the 2nd week but SKT is another beast of a team to play against. EDG vs Fnatic will be an explosive one; possibly to all 5 games but I think Fnatic can pull a win out of that matchup. KT Rolster vs KOO Tigers is another matchup that can be really close if both teams bring their A game. If I’d have to pick, it’s be KT Rolster on this one.

And that does it for covering groups. We’ll see how Quarterfinals pan out.