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Guild Wars 2: Initial Thoughts On The First Raid Encounter


Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my raid encounter experience from Beta Weekend Event 3 for Heart of Thorns. The Squad UI was broken at the beginning of the weekend so no one could get in reliably until Sunday evening I believe; at least that’s when I found out about the raids being available. Because of the issues, the beta weekend event was extended to Monday October 5th till noon Pacific. So, here are my thoughts and experience. There’s also a video of this post below!

I actually was really impressed with the raid encounter. The first three guardian fights were pretty straightforward and help you learn what to do for the Vale Guardian boss. You learn mechanics such as the red guardian only takes condition damage and has damaging seekers that players can knockback. The blue guardian you have to boon strip and has orange AoE, which for the sake of clarity we’ll call orbital strike, which players have to stand in to prevent squad damage. The green guardian has small AoE lighting fields which if you’re standing on can displace you after a few seconds. The Vale Guardian is a different story though.

Incorporating all three guardian mechanics into the Vale Guardian fight seems relatively simple but if you screw up by not getting enough people on an orbital strike from the blue guardian mechanic, most of all of you are hitting the downed state.

The farthest I got before getting booted from the beta was getting the Vale guardian to around 60% then it splits into the 3 guardians you fought before. At this point, players get attuned to a guardian based on the colored pillar you’re standing closest to. I think this attunement forces you to attack a guardian and you’d take retaliation damage if you attacked a different guardian.

It was a really fun time despite getting my face smashed in a lot. It also made me use a condition build I made this beta weekend that worked really well on the red guardian. For these raid wings you’ll definitely need to plan things out for clean runs. It seems with time the raids can be successfully pug-able but will go way faster with organized people on voice chat. All in all, I’m very excited to try out raiding with guild mates and friends.