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Age’s Site Update For December 2014


Hey guys, been a while. Here’s a small update on what’s going on.

So on the League of Legends front, I’ll be starting that up again. I’ll be watching IEM  San Jose this weekend and writing it. Since the tournament is on the 4.20 patch this will mostly talk about about picks/bans, new strats, some new items if picked and the teams. It’s going to be a good tournament.

I got into Heroes of the Storm Alpha last week and I’ve been playing a bunch. I got halfway to max level really fast. I’m going to write a bit on what I think about it and how it differs and is similar to LoL now that I’ve played.

On the Guild Wars 2 front, I’ll still be keeping up with the GW2 posts. They’ve been kinda coming out a day late, sorry about that, I’ll try to get back on track with those. I’ve been dipping into PvP as well and trying to get better. Watching the WTS on Friday gave me some ideas to work on.

Deals page is a bit out of date, my bad, I’ll be working on it this weekend so swing by next week and check it out. Also, I’ve started streaming regularly on Thursday evenings so if you’re bored feel free to swing by. So far I’ve streamed Heroes and GW2. Next session should be a LoL one. Maybe I’ll have a day for each game not sure, for now I could probably do 2 stream days a week.

I guess that’s all for now. As the Holidays gets closer, I’ll probably won’t be writing as much but will be back in January. Take care all and Happy Holidays!

Age’s Site Update For July 2014

I just realized I didn’t put a monthly site update out for this month so I guess this’ll be more of a summary.

So I’ve been keeping up super hard on the Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends weekly posts so I’m glad that I could stay on top of that.

I want to do a write up on The Crew and Destiny betas since I got into those. I got an ArcheAge beta invite as well so I’ll probably do a write up on that too. I’m putting Heroes of The Storm on the side to cover until launch. I thought I would get Alpha access at this point but nada so no point in wasting time prepping to write on it. I will still keep looking out on the features though.

I also plan to do more stream so be sure to watch out for that. I’m also thinking of doing videos for some of my posts, undecided at this point.

Annnnnnnd that’s it I guess. Hope everyone had a good month. Happy Gaming!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For May 2014


Hey guys!

Age here again! First off, I’ll like to say thanks to all of you following my blog. I know I’m “weekly poster” type of person and I don’t really have a set date of when I release a post. With all my projects and other life things going on, I try to keep up as best as I can. No new game post this week because of something I have this week/weekend. However, this post is to highlight some stuff that’s been going up as well as some end of the month things.

So let’s talk Guild Wars 2 first. I’ve been revving up on these posts again to once a week. I try to have a good topic for you guys that’s being talked about or as one of my tin foil hat theories (of which I have that I’ll share soon). Living story is kicking off again so I’m glad I have some content to run around doing. Surprisingly it’s refreshing to do the Crown Pavillion again. Unsurprisingly, I’m frustrated at the Gauntlet again (curse you Liandri!!!!) but I’ll definitely try to finish it this time. Kind of side tracked a bit but all to say that you can look forward to weekly GW2 posts!

Now, onto League of Legends. Some of you may have seen my updated version of my Basics guide. The last bit (jungler) I’ve been holding back because I’ve been recently messing around with a few builds I like. This resulted in some changes for the other lane guides so I want to see if these runes and masteries are up-to-snuff. So that’s why the Jungler guide is delayed. I’ll be revamping the other lane guides if my new setup proves to be better. Of course I still plan to do a final post to all the links to the guide sections.

LCS stuff! Since the summer split has started you can look forward to my weekly summaries of the LCS. I’m even more into now because of the Fantasy LCS Riot is running.

For Heroes of the Storm, I didn’t get in Tech Alpha yet. Hopefully, *fingers crossed*, I can get in in a few months so I can finally try it out. I’ve been trying to stay away from it and most info so that I could get a “newbie” perspective to Heroes so, again, hopefully!

Also, and I have to double check some things on this, I’ll be having a featured section on the home page of the site that has gaming deals! These deals will usually be discounts on selected upcoming game titles. These deals help me and Gamebreaker TV out; so in the future you may want to check out that page when it goes live!

And that’s all for now! Again thanks for following, I rather enjoy scrounging up stuff to write and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Have a good one and stay awesome!

– Age

Age’s Site Update For April


Hey all, Age here and I wanted to give an update for the upcoming weeks.

I’ve been posting a lot of Guild Wars 2 stuff lately because ArenaNet is releasing some really good news with their Features Pack as of late. Side note: that wardrobe is one of the best things I’ve heard of this week. The posts will slow down to once a week again when the April Features Pack comes out.

I’ve noticed lately I’ve been getting quite a few hits on my League of Legends basics guide. I feel that it needs an update since Season 4 is different from Season 3 so I’ll be re releasing a Season 4 Basics guide. I renamed the Basics guide that’s out now with Season 3 in the title so both versions will be distinguishable. I’ll just make a post with links to each of the Season 4 guides when I’m done. That will probably be released sometime in April.

I will probably write a review type of thing about games I play that are coming out this year and also do some posts on Heroes of the Storm if I get into alpha/beta (I know quite a few people in alpha at the moment).

LCS week recaps are still going till the end of the split. Speaking of LCS, some other stuff I’ve been doing, besides Gamebreaker writing, is a LoL show called Waypoint for the LoLNationTV YouTube channel. It’s a recap of the news of the week and I work on the LCS portion of the show (writing and editing). Right now we’re focusing on the LCS Big Plays since the show episodes recently got moved to be released on Fridays. There’s also another show on the channel called Summoner Showcase Revival which, you can probably guess, showcases the LoL community’s artistic talents.

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!