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Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend Event 1 Thoughts: The Shiro Legend


Hi everyone, I’m going to go over the Revenant profession in terms of Shiro and how it affects the Revenant as a whole. This will be judged by the iteration of the Revenant from the first beta weekend event for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Shiro is to embody the damage aspect of the Revenant; to burst opponents and to be really slippery. Let’s start with the weapons introduced with this legend: main hand and offhand swords. I’m sure a lot of feedback has been looked at or is being addressed but I’ll still go over them for the sake of consistency.

Dual Swords

The main and offhand swords overall are good but still need a bit of work. The shadowstepping related skills are buggy and the swords need to dish out a bit more damage. Here’s a break down of the skills:

Preparation Thrust (Skill 1) – the basic skill that chains into Brutal Blade then Rift Slash. The first two apply vulnerability. The attacks are okay, but the damage on Brutal Blade needs to go up.

Precision Strike (Skill 2) – strike 3 nearby foes with blades that chill. Pretty decent mid range damage skill, and it does some nice damage too.

Unrelenting Assault (Skill 3) – Shadowstep and deal damage to a target and nearby foes. Strikes 7 times and gain might for each successful hit. This skill is cool to watch but it has a few issues. One bug is that you’re suppose to be evading while performing the skill. I heard that’s getting fixed so no need to talk about that any further. Another thing is that the damage is too low. Sometimes this skill didn’t perform all 7 strikes and ended early. Finally, the shadowstepping sometimes put me into objects in the world and I had to waypoint or relog to get out

Duelist’s Preparation (Skill 4) – a block skill that, when used successfully, turns into Shacking Wave which damages and immobilizes enemies in a wide cone. Pretty decent skill, not much to say here.

Grasping Shadow (Skill 5) – Stab your foe and shadowstep back (600 range) pulling your foe with you. This skill is a bit buggy. Sometimes enemies would not be pulled back as you shadowstep back. Using this skill into Unrelenting Strikes is pretty fun.

Legendary Assassin Stance

Time to cover the Legendary Assassin Stance. The idea of this stance is to provide kiting and maxing your damage output:

Enchanted Daggers (Skill 6 | Heal) – You summon 6 daggers that steal heath from enemies you hit. 6 daggers = 6 hits. You also get a base heal. I like the idea of this skill in line with the legend, you need to keep fighting to heal up. I did have trouble using it at first but I’ll get into that later. I would  like the initial heal to be a bit stronger.

Riposting Shadows (Skill 7) – You evade back (1200 range) and remove any movement conditions (chill, immobilize, cripple). It breaks stun and grants you 50 endurance. Pretty amazing stun breaker if you ask me. If there’s not a wall or a cliff behind you, you can pretty much break out of a fight quite cleanly.

Phase Traversal (Skill 8) – You use the Mists to jump to a target (1200 range). Your next 2 attacks can not be blocked. Pretty good to use with Riposting Shadows to gain a reprieve then to quickly get back into a fight.

Impossible Odds (Skill 9) – An upkeep skill that grants you quickness and super speed every second. Using the skill again to deactivates Impossible Odds. This skill vamps so much energy that I used it very sparingly. The skill itself is awesome but the upkeep saps all of your energy in a few seconds leaving you with less combat options. You need to be at max energy when using it in order to manage it properly.

Jade Winds (Skill 0 | Elite) – Channel for a few seconds to turn any enemies around you to jade which damages and stuns them. It takes a few seconds to cast but the effect is very worth it. If you really stick to targets and retain a high amount of energy you can trigger this skill quite frequently if you wanted to.

Regarding Enchanting Daggers, at first I found myself having a problem when in a fight and popping the heal like I’m on a Warrior or Guardian which left me in bad situations at times since the initial heal is low and I’m still taking damage. It took a while for me to learn that you need to get out of the fight, use the heal, then pop back in. Riposting Shadows and Phase Traversal aids in accomplishing this task. Something that the Shiro legend lacks is condition cleanse from bleeds, poison and so on. Switching to another legend and using that legend’s healing skill is the only real good way to survive condition burst.

Devastation Line & Legend Pairing 

The Shiro legend line Devastation basically provides life siphon and damage increase in one way or another. I find Rapid Lacerations is useful for casting skills like Jade Winds and Enchanted Daggers successfully. Pairing Shiro with other legends, I found the most useful pairing with Shiro is Jalis for the extra retaliation and stability followed by Mallyx for dealing with conditions. I’d pick Mallyx over Jalis if I were more condition based. Glint was recently announced and the skill set her legend provides might be something I like. It will depend if I like her utility skills but the shield makes it very enticing. The shield might help with the lack of Shiro condition cleanse too.

Overall, the main non-bug issues are with energy consumption, condi cleanse and lack of damage are the main issues to look at. Looking over these will make Shiro a more viable legend to use. I feel like I still need to play more Shiro in order to get a more firm grasp on how the legend is suppose to be used. I will say though that the Shiro legend is really fun to play and you should definitely try it out if you get the chance.