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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns – A First Look At Guild Halls

Colin Johanson had a segment at the E3 PC Gaming Show and talked about Guild Halls! Sidenote, Colin also announced prepurchase for Heart of Thorns; check this link for more on that! Ok, back to Guild Halls; we got a sneak peak plus a blog post by Game Designer Link Hughes and learned quite a bit! Once your guild goes to a guild hall location and clears out Mordrem that are holed up in your future Guild Hall, there’s plenty to do.

The Six Pillars

There are six goals that form the pillars of what ArenaNet want Guild Halls to perform:

  • Emphasize Community and Fellowship
  • A Place to Call Your Own
  • Build a Shared History
  • Bring Guilds into the World
  • Activate Player Creativity
  • New Ways to Play Together

Guild Hall Types

There will be two guild halls to choose from:

  • Guilded Hollow: a monolithic cave beneath the jungle. Located near the lost golden city.
  • Lost Precipice: a vertical refuge within a hidden canyon with a river. Located on the border between the Maguuma Jungle and the Northern wastelands.

Swapping types will not affect any guild progress.


Guild Progression

The guild upgrade lines found in the Guild Panel will be in your Guild Hall now. All guilds will eventually gain acess to everything, it just depends on how much a guild invests in making building.


There are various buildings to get for you Guild Hall. Here are a few:

  • The Workshop: a building used to learn the new Scribe crafting discipline. The Scribe discipline will allow players to make guild tools like banners, decorations for your Guild Hall, and some offesive and defense tools that can also be used in WvW
  • The War Room: a building that will feature WvW crafting. This crating results in WvW specific tools such as a WvW air strike
  • The Arena: a battle arena for fighting other guildies and also provides some sPvP buffs
  • The Tavern: a building for social lounging



Decorations, as stated before, are used to spruce up your Guild Hall. You can gain decorations via The Workshop, group content and you can even get one item by pre-purchasing Heart of Thorns. Decorations can be placed any where in a Guild Hall. Guild members with the Articfact permission will be able to move and place decorations. Once a decoration is placed, it “belongs” to the guild and will appear in the Guild items tab.

Guild Portal

Last but not least is the Guild Portal. This feature, when claimed, allows player to fast travel to their guild hall in a process similar to GW1’s. You have to open your guild panel and hit the Guild Hall button that’ll be there in order to fast travel into your guild hall. To leave your hall, repeat the process. This portal also allows guilds to travel together to the same map instance when a destination is chosen. This helps removes worrying about some members being on a different instance. Great for guild missions.

Guild Missions Rework

While on the topic of Guilds, guild missions are getting a bit of a rework. Guild missions in the future will run for free without the need of a consumable. Also, all guilds will get the same fixed set of missions to perform each week for more variance in missions.

It’s a lot to take in, but I’m glad we got the info! Also, I’m pretty sure we’ll get a Points of Interest episode on Guild Halls Friday at noon Pacific on GW2’s Twitch channel so looks forward to that!