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Scarlet’s War: Reflecting On The Villain

I didn’t have much to talk about this week on the Guild Wars 2 front. However, ArenaNet put out some videos on Scarlet so I’d like to go back and reflect on Scarlet as a character and what her role was in Living Story season one.

First off there were 2 videos ArenaNet put out this week. One was on Scarlet’s War (video above). The other video featured Scarlet’s voice actor, Tara Strong, and her thought process of playing the role of Scarlet. I think most of us when we first saw Scarlet in the Clockwork Chaos patch, we thought of Harley Quinn (and loot of course). A quick recap in case you didn’t know: Scarlet Briar was originally called Ceara. Ceara had a prestigious scientific background, even among Asura, but someone (in this case something) took over her thoughts for lack of better words which lead to the Scarlet we know today.

I like this type of character. Chaotically fun in a dark way. You also have to give Scarlet credit for making odd alliances as well: Dredge, Flame Legion, Krait, Nightmare Court, pirates. That’s a lot of different groups. It’s obvious she was driven to madness and ending up doing the events of Living Story season one but I wonder if it was her drive, or what was corrupting her to make her gather an army, do the experiments she did all in order to attack Lion’s Arch and to puncture the leylines. Near and after the Battle for Lion’s Arch I felt as if Scarlet was trying to awaken or unlock something. I mean, why else would you place a drill half the size of Claw Island in LA? In this case it was a dragon (assuming it was a dragon). But was it to release the dragon in order for it to reek havoc, or was it in order to kill it? It made me wonder if Scarlet had some sort of plan or weapon to fight against the dragon; to free herself from it’s grasp. Or maybe she wanted to free the dragon all along. I guess we’ll never know… or will we? (Taimi might discover something). It might be just me, but I feel like there’s something… missing. Maybe it was the point I made that makes me think so. Or maybe it was that smile she had on her face when the cinematic rolled in after killing her. I still strongly feel that Scarlet will come back to life somehow in some way.

Scarlet was the villain of Living Story Season 1 but I wonder if we’ll feel the same after Season 2 if Scarlet is brought up in the story somehow. I could be totally wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) and Scarlet was just corrupted to be a villain and that’s the end of that. Time will tell, but hopefully Season 2 of Living Story will be even better in story telling overall and keeps us players intrigued each Living Story patch.

WvW Rewards: Thoughts On Distribution Methods

mistforged-bowHey guys. Maybe some of you have been waiting patiently, like me, twiddling your thumbs in hopes of claiming some WvW rewards after the Spring 2014 tournament. Why we’re waiting? because some rewards were not distributed properly.

Post Tournament

For example, I was on Blackgate. Despite holding out on the 2v1 during the first few weeks we got bumped down to fourth by the end of the tournament. Since 1st place gets 500 tournament tickets and proceeding servers get 50 less than the previous server (2nd gets 450, 3rd gets 400 and so on). Blackgate players that finished the WvW meta should have gotten 350 tickets. I got 400 when I opened my chest. I didn’t realized I got 50 more tickets until I checked the forums and the standings. I also found out some people didn’t get their chest via in-login popup like I did. Since this happened there’s been a delay for the NPC to deliver the rewards.

First off, yes I agree with people that the distribution of rewards should have been tested out well before the end of the tournament (there’s a PBE type of server as well as internal right?). Anyways, June 17th everyone will get their rewards. The Battle Historian will have each person’s reward chest. I’d like to share a way that the rewards could have been distributed.


Some people didn’t get their WvW reward chests which caused people to complain which ultimately lead to the rewards delay. I think mailing the chests to us was the best way. It’s done for gem store purchases. It’s does to signal living story. Why not for the WvW rewards chests? Instead of login pop ups or making enter WvW for the chest. Why not use the method that’s been proven works? The only reason I would think they couldn’t is because of the variation of the chests that made this difficult.

Double Click Tickets

The NPC for rewards is fine. But rather than that, why not have a double click ticket feature much like how Black Lion Claim Tickets work? Saves players the trouble going to the Rewards Vendor which will only be there for wvW tournament rewards.

In conclusion, ArenaNet should use features that they have such as double click item rather than adding an NPC. Also they should test alternatives well if they choose to such as login-varying rewards as opposed to login items that are the same for everyone.


Tell Me A Story: Introducing The Guild Wars 2 Story Journal


That’s right folks! Living Story Season 2 will be recorded like your personal story!

ArenaNet introduced an interesting feature for next month: the Story Journal. This journal will record your progress in Season 2 of Living Story.

How The Journal Works

Living Story will have notifications like your personal story, leading you to the next area to progress in the living story content for the month which are now called episodes. To unlock an episode aka each Living Story patch in your Hero Panel, you just need to log in when the patch is live. What’s cool is that each unlock episode can be replayed on any character on your account as much as you want. If you missed a patch, you can buy past episodes in the gem store for 200 gems each.

What This Means For Story and Achievements

The story will still be delivered similar to last season but in a more episodal format so that each patch can be tied into the next but not so much as to you don’t know what’s going on if you missed a patch or two. Season 2 of Living Story will move away from the meta-achievements in order to obtain the end reward and will focus more on the storyline. Completing a storyline for an episode will result in the reward instead. Achievements within story steps of an episode will act like so: once an episode is unlocked, you can go try to do any achievements you have; you can even go back and try to complete any left unfinished. ArenaNet stated in their blog that Season 2 achievements be more challenging than in Season One and will result in achievement points AND material rewards.

What Do I Think?

Pretty genius to be honest. You’re no longer forced to log in every two weeks to beat content. Great for players that can get extremely busy. If you’re busy the patch is live you can log in, unlock the episode and come back later on to do it. The smart thing is to put Living Story Season One content in the gem store. A lot of people who came back when the Features Pack hit in April missed out on a lot of living story. This gives them a chance to do it (if they so wish). The price of 200 gems for an episode is isn’t absurdly high either and you can used gold to convert that to gems to get them. It’s also nice that ArenaNet are separating the achievements from the story so that people who want to rewards can do the story and people who want to be completionists and get the achievements the episode has can put in the extra work.

Hopefully all goes well with the feature; I might even buy an episode or two!

Brace Yourselves, Guild Wars 2 Living Story Season 2 Is Coming!


It’s coming; in one month, Season Two of Guild Wars 2 Living Story starts on July 1st!

So it looks like Festival of Four Winds isn’t the actually start to Living Story as ArenaNet recently published the photo above. The festival will be around to keep us busy for the next month for fun at least. So let’s take a guess at how this new arc of Living Story is going to start. Note that this won’t be a long post but something to think about.

Taking a Look Back

At the Scarlet victory bar gathering, an unexpected visitor came by: Marjory’s sister, Belinda. Belinda is a Seraph soldier but told Marjory that in a week that she’ll be going on an expedition into the Brisban Wildlands. Well remember that cut scene after we killed Scarlet? (If you didn’t know by know you should know that we killed Scarlet at the end of the 1st Living Story Season). That leyline that was punctured headed off into the area near Brisban. Coincidence? I think not!

What I Think Will Happen

So naturally I’m thinking (and you probably have as well) that this expedition is going to get hit by the (Elder) Dragon we woke up. By the Dragon itself or it’s minions. This will lead our band of hero NPCs to scout the area for the expedition. To keep the story interesting, I’m going t assume that Belinda will either be dead or possessed by the Dragon but we’ll find out at the end of Season. If we find out of either one somewhere in between the season, it’ll be for the dramatic effect on Marjory. Or… ArenaNet could just have Belinda injured and we find her somewhere nearby Brisban… (sarcasm is hard to project into writing).

So for sure, something will happen to the expedition that will be part of the Living Story because it was setup so well at the bar scene at the end of Season 1. You don’t just bring in a character like Marjory’s sister unless it’s significant. Well, we have a month to speculate, go back and find some Easter eggs but that’s my preliminary guess as what’s going to happen so far.

Do you have any theories? Feel free to share below!

Guild Wars 2: The Festival Of The Four Winds Is Breezing In Next Week

Festival-of-the-four-winds ArenaNet want to celebrate the Chinese launch of Guild Wars 2 with the return of some past Living Story content! Zephyr Sanctum and Crown Pavillion will be returning next week in the Festival of the Four Winds patch and I am quite happy about it!

Isn’t It Just The Same Content?

So yes, from what I understand it is the same content: same mini games, same bosses, the whole shebang. I think it’s minus the Gnashblade vs Kiel bit. Or maybe not! I did like that a lot of the community role played that super well. I definitely thing the Scarlet invasions won’t come back though. What makes these things good is that people can potentially go back and gather the achievements they missed and beat the bosses in the Queen’s Gauntlet they missed. For me that’d be Liadri the Concealing Dark. Man that’s a pain to beat. I was in school at the time of this content so it’d be great if I could finish off the achievements I missed. If no then no biggie. I assume there will be a new set of achievements to go for in this case. Completionist mode: On.

Is There Something New?

If you’ve done it all already then don’t fret because it looks like there’s something new. There’s a ship in Zephyr Sanctum around 0:16 seconds of the preview video which I’m pretty sure is new so I’ll be looking into that. Other than that, it’s a mystery of what’s coming up that’s new. Who knows? ArenaNet might be pulling a fast one on us just giving us content we’ve had access to in the past along with a bit of new stuff then BAM! It’s Clockwork Chaos like content all over again. Oh man, my theory wheels are turning in my brain again. I, for one, can’t wait to see what things I can do (and hopefully finish) along with any new stuff that comes along the way. I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out!