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Entanglement Experience & Dragon’s Reach Part 1 Trailer First Impressions

Guys, this next patch… is going to be so good. Be sure to watch the trailer before reading!

Okay so, these patches just keep getting better and better! For one, the vines are spreading further into Tyria. Up to the Black Citadel at the very least; and Rytlock is not happy about it. It also looks like personal issues will be featured in this patch as well. Let’s talk about Entanglement first.

My Entanglement Episode Experience

Beware, spoilers ahead. So I have to say, this patch was highly impressive. At first I was going through the motions, seeing if I would find out more about the image that could be linked to the Realm of Torment. Then as I was exploring more of Dry Top I got really into the scenery. And that cave where the episode takes place is quite awesome.

The part where we have to help out the camps in Kessex Hills and Timberline Falls was ok, then we saw Belinda, Marjory’s sister, hanging dead from a vine that grabbed her. Then we saw Marjory almost breaking out into tears. At that moment, I felt so sad and even sick to my stomach a bit. I was doing the episode with a friend so we didn’t leave the instance right away when we finished but man I felt so bad whenever I looked over and Belinda.

Finally, there was The Machine. At first I thought, this is it! We’re going to be ported to a new zone! Initially I thought it’d be the Realm of Torment but I started to question it when I saw the Tree in the cut scene. Then we saw the insignia of what was thought to be the Realm of Torment. Then we saw the green orb get sucked into the middle and saw the Dragon’s eye, the eye of Mordremoth. Our character confirmed we saw the Eternal Alchemy which blows my mind because if that insignia where the smaller orbs represent the Elder Dragons, there are 6 in all. What would be cool is if we have some light attachment to the Eternal Alchemy so that we have visions or something along those lines. I think it’d be interesting story wise.

All in all the last two moments of the episode made me very happy and excited for the next episode which we’ll talk about now!

When Corruption Spreads

Well, I guess no one made any weed repellent strong enough just yet because the vines have spread out to at least the Black Citadel/Plains of Ashford area. I noticed that the corruption spread distance from Dry Top to Timberline Falls (from episode 1 to 2) is relatively the same distance from Timberline Falls to The Black Citadel. If the corruption spreads in all directions, then we could be looking at the bottom of Frostgorge Sound having a few vines as well.

I do wonder if the corruption could even spread into the Shiverpeaks. If it’s possible, the spread would be quite bad. The reason I question if it’s possible is that The Risen have only spread up to Lion’s Arch (starting from the bottom left of Tyria) during personal story. It looks like Mordremoth’s vines are either following a path of waypoints or the ley lines which pretty much covers Tyria either way.

Decisions & Priorities

This patch features Destiny’s Edge 2.0 making what seems like some hard decisions. We see Rox talking with Rytlock, Braham about to talk to his mother Eir, and we see Taimi with other Asura looking as if they want an answer out of her.

These “tests” definitely follow from the personal issues of each character I mentioned above from Living Story Season 1. From Season 1 we know there’s friction between Braham and Eir. We also know that Rox had to make decisions between her friends (mainly Braham at the time) and her getting into Rytlock’s warband. Taimi I’m not so sure of but there may be some Asura not too thrilled with her infatuation with Scarlet or with her research of Scarlet.

It will be interesting to see how these characters will proceed if personal issues get in the way. The members of the first Destiny’s Edge had big personal issues as well; and we all know that turned out badly.

“Ascalon, I Free You From This Curse!”

Hands down, this line is the single biggest thing in that video. I had a dumbfounded expression on my face but was internally freaking out when I saw that. It appears that Rytlock is going to release the Ghosts of Ascalon to fight for him. You know, the ones who harbor insane hatred for the Charr for over 200 years? Yea those ones. That scene reminded me of Aragorn from Lord of Rings: Return of the King when he got the ghosts to fight for him. Rytlock is pretty much Aragorn in this case. Oddly enough, they both need a sword to release the ghosts from their spectral curse.

Anyways, the fact that Rytlock resorts to these measures really signifies that Mordremoth presents a huge problem next patch. However, if the ghosts are bound to help Rytlock fight Mordremoth in exchange for something, I’m guessing letting their spirits being freed, that’s a different case and could very well prove to make the story more interesting.

To Sum It Up

All in all, ArenaNet has been doing a great job on the story. I hope they’re not burning through all the good stuff right now as I feel we’re reaching a high of the story rather quickly. I could be wrong though and this could very well be only a small sample of the good stuff yet to come.

Personally, the Gates of Maguuma patch was okay for me, it felt like a normal LS patch: a bit of speculation and decent story setup for next patch. Entanglement is what woke me up, the trailer was fine but the ending of that episode was so good and had me wondering what was coming next. Now we see that the trailer for Dragon’s Reach: Part 1 is amazing and full of intrigue. It naturally leads me to believe the patch will be amazing as well.

I have to force myself to remember to dial it back a bit as next episode is Part 1 of the story. I assume there will be two episodes to make up the story of Dragon’s Reach but you never know!

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Review Coming Next Week


Hey guys. Hope any of you Guild Wars 2 players are enjoying the Entanglement patch. I am so far but I decided to make my review of it next week.

The reason being is that there are a ton of spoilers so I wanted to wait till at least the weekend was over for players to enjoy the content. I need to add some of the spoilers in order to talk about the patch and my usual speculation. That and I need to sort all of my thoughts out on the patch.

So enjoy the patch and I’ll see you next week!

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Patch Preview Thoughts

So it looks like things take a huge turn for the worse as Dry Top gets invaded by… roots? Also, it may not just be Dry Top as the camp in Timberline Falls gets attacked by roots as well.

I have to say this will be an interesting turn of events. It looks like the living story heroes try to find the “root” of the problem as they venture in what looks to be an underground chasm. I knew that Dry Top mine had more inside! This makes me think this the content will be similar to the Tower of Nightmares. Maybe most or all of it will be instanced and there will be an area.

I’m not sure how this episode will “entwine” with the Gates of Maguuma but hopefully it’s a fluid process for the story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m highly anticipated for this content. As for the content itself, this was a question I had in the back of my mind: how will players that didn’t do Gates of Maguuma see Dry Top in Entanglement? Think about it. In the video, Dry Top and it’s citizens were wrapped in thorny vines. If a person who hasn’t done Gates of Maguuma story line starts during Entanglement, it doesn’t make sense. That is unless the Dry Top change in scenery are instanced but that could affect the flow of the story. Ideally, Dry Top should be as is. When you start the instance, Dry Top can change to it’s thorny substitute but when you leave the instance, you should be in a different area to keep some sort of immersion of the story.

It also looks like giants are getting in on the action. Not sure if it’s highly relevant or was just a taste of enemies to come. With all those roots, I can’t help but feel this is some sort of “project” Scarlet left behind. Or maybe it’s a bit of the power shown by the dragon we woke up.

In conclusion, the patch should be interesting story wise. I’m highly curious how it’ll go with the Story Journal and I hope the flow from the current patch to this one is good. I’ve been putting it off but I also hope that the desert look that Asura has isn’t hard to get! More immersion for the area is best immersion after all.

Gates Of Maguuma: A Short Review


So, Living Story Season 2 has finally kicked off and I have to say, it’s a good patch. Quite a bit I want to cover so let’s jump in.

First off, Dry Top is introduced as a new zone located south west of Brisban Wildlands. The zone itself is kind a neat with a desert outlaw scene. The zone itself reminds me of how Southsun was introduced but I think the difference will be that Dry Top will have more of a purpose in this Season of Living Story. Other than the new zone, journal and achievements, it feels like living story that we’re used to.

The Story Journal

Speaking of the journal, the Story Journal I find is the heart of what’s different with LS. The journal allows you to replay episodes of Living Story which essentially could guarantee more permanent zones every now and then. Due to the replayable episodes achievements are more challenging. Finally, the episodes will seem to flow better which is what ArenaNet wanted.

Oddly enough, the only issues I have is with the journal. Dragon Season collected and tweeted out the main issues:

  1. Skip a Story Step – We’ve done the story in order to replay it. If we’re going back in for achievements, we’ll probably want to skip ahead to the section we need.
  2. Story summary doesn’t go away upon episode completion (on replay) – Kinda weird since we finished it
  3. Ability to complete the elite achievements on alts – Alts should always be standard ArenaNet should think about (Remember WvW leveling issue?). If we were able to do achievements via alts before, we would still want that ability.
  4. Button to deactivate an episode so that the story tracker goes away – I can see this as a miss. It would be nice to have this in case we just want to stop halfway and restart later.


I can’t end this without some form of speculation. This tweet caused a lot of us to lose sleep. For those who don’t know, the Realm of Torment is a zone from the Guild Wars: Nightfall campaign. It’s an area where evil individuals reside and are corrupted into creatures. It’s also an area GW1 players had to traverse in order to defeat the evil god Abaddon.  So is it possible there’s a link between the Realm of Torment and Scarlet’s research? Not sure yet myself but it looks highly possible. Great find and quite possibly hints at near future content.

So that’s my thoughts on the patch, I’m having a good time with it. Hopefully you have a good time with it as well! Till next time!

The Gates Of Maguuma Are Opening July 1st!

First watch that video above if you haven’t already. All done? Ok, let’s get started!

So the first shot was of Labyrinthine Cliffs. At first I thought “oh wow this is nice” then bam! rockets from the sky fall onto the scaffolding then the music got epic.

Then we get a shot of our LS heroes in what looks like to be the Maguuma Jungle (which… makes sense…). What was cool is that Taimi finally got into her golem Scruffy (at least that’s the first time I’ve seen her in Scruffy). Some cutscenes fo the surrondings an inquest golem Braham is about to smash in and a scene of Rox and Braham walking through the desert sands towards something. The video ends with Labyrinthine Cliffs in ruins and the “Gates of Maguuma” title card comes into view.

So.. Who Shot First?

Jokes aside, who was it that bombarded Labyrinthine Cliffs?! Could it have been remnants of Scarlet’s army, wanting a little payback? Could it have been Inquest? Or maybe it’s an unknown third party. Most importantly, how will the destruction of the Labyrinthine Cliffs tie in with the Maguuma Jungle area which is quite a ways away from Labyrinthine Cliffs.

Maguuma Area Confirmed For LS Season 2

Mostly everyone got it right with the leylines from LS Season 1 activating in that direction. It’s nice to have it confirmed though. And all our LS heroes will be there! I seriously can’t wait for Taimi to kick some butt with Scruffy!

Through The Desert Sands

So it looks like we’ll be fighting some devourers and Inquest but there’s one scene that’s keeping me in a bit of suspense. That is where Braham and Rox were walking to through that desert storm. If that’s actually part of the story, I’m wondering just where they were heading to.

I guess all our answers will start being answered next week. That video has got me a bit hyped for the new LS season. Again, can’t wait for July 1st to come around.