Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Summer LCS Week 5-9


Alright so the summer split is over, the results are in. North America having some predictable results but Europe being Europe has some interesting results to go over.

Europe Week 5-9

G2 Esports claimed 1st and H2K claimed 3rd. However, in a surprising twist, Splyce shook up the standings and grabbed 2nd place. I did see potential in this team but I didn’t expect a 2nd place finish which is very impressive. Another impressive showing was Giants, they found their stride and came out the remaining weeks with a lot of ties and victories dropping only 2 sets.

3 teams slumped a bit in the remaining weeks: FC, Fnatic and Vitality. These teams ended up getting mostly ties and a loses than wins. Fnatic, doing the best out of these three teams, managed a 5th place spot which is a bit surprising given that they started the split fairly well.

North America Week 5-9

The rest of the NA split pretty much went as expected in terms of match ups. There was one crazy upset of Phoenix1 beating TSM in week 8 which was TSM’s only lost all split. NRG did pull of a win off Team Envy who has declined slightly since week 4. Apex had a few strong showings beating Liquid and CLG. There was quite a few expectations concerning CLG but it seems they couldn’t pull off their performance from last split and ended up in 4th which isn’t too bad as they can still have a chance to get to Worlds.

In the end my predictions turn out correct about TSM, Immortals and Cloud 9 taking the top 3 spots. Cloud 9 always seem to claw it back somehow but this split is a much better showing.

Playoff Predictions

For EU I expect G2 Esports but the rest is really hard to say. Fnatic & H2K has a good chance to finish top three as they usually show up at playoffs. Splyce has been doing well and Giants could pull off the upset as they have been declining split after split till now. Unicorns will be the underdog though.

For NA I expect TSM and Immortals to finish top three. the 3rd team in that mix will either be Cloud 9 or CLG but Liquid has upset potential. Envy I feel has a bit more growing to do.

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