Age’s Site Update For August 2016


Greetings friends! Here’s the monthly post for August!

Guild Wars 2 posts will start rolling out soon. First one should be about Living Story Season 3 Ep 1. Lots of pathways to discuss with that one.

League of Legends LCS summary post will also be next week along with playoff predictions. Some surprising results I must say. As for the LoL Seasonal guide, I decided I won’t do one this season. I postponed it time after time due to life stuff but it’s gotten to the point of not mattering if I started it now. Sorry if you were looking forward to it.

You might see less writing from me in the near future due to the plethora of things I’m doing: streaming, videos, podcasts. Factoring in extreme exhaustion from work and hanging out with friends and family to make sure they understand you aren’t ignoring them, it doesn’t leave much room for writing these days. I have been slacking a lot though so I’ll try to make an effort to get some good rest and try to get back on the writing horse again.

Speaking of content, I’ve started doing Let’s Play streams and upload them to my YouTube channel. Pretty fun to do. I started with Life is Strange (the image above is from a cut scene from the game) which is a fantastic game. The first episode is free on Steam I highly suggest you try it out.

For games of this month, Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Realm of Shadows is out and looks interesting. No Man’s Sky should be coming out on August 9th for PS4 and PC. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Xbox One, PS4, PC) comes out August 23. Finally, Attack on Titan (Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Vita, PC) & World of Warcraft: Legion releases on August 30th.

Think that covers things, catch ya soon!

– Age

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