Guild Wars 2 April 2016 Patch Review – A Teaser

guild wars 2 ad infinitum glide

I didn’t have time to finish an in depth post about the April patch, so I’ll be doing a brief overview based on each mode. So without further ado, here we go!

Edit: Didn’t have time to get to this and it’s a bit late at this point in time so there will be no extended review of the April patch.


So the main problem with PvE was the HoT maps being very grindy. Many players have stated that it takes away from what they liked about GW2 which is that they didn’t feel forced to sped hours upon hours to get something significance. Well ArenaNet went back and fixed that. They added waaaaaay more map boxes to open which means more loot and more materials you needed to make things for legendaries or scribing. They also gave out way more map keys and currencies so that you can buy more if you participate in a full map rotation that is. HoT events are more rewarding in this regard. Finally they updated some HoT NPCs to be frequently available rather than that required the map being at a certain stage in order to be accessed. All these changes were amazing and definitely reinvigorated players the first few days.

Fractals got some balances and tweaks. The mistlock instabilities are way better and are challenging but not to the point of super annoying. Players can finally craft the legendary back piece Ad Infinitum which was a long wait from HoT launch. Rewards got tweaked as well. They do feel a lot better and you definitely get a lot less rings which was not that rewarding over time.

Right now, PvE players are lying in wait for Living World Season 3 which is, at the earliest, July. In the mean time there are some current event updates ArenaNet added to PvE that slightly tide the lore hounds over about what could be happening to Tyria or some possible events in LS3.


It’s here with PvP that I’ll highlight the balance changes. So Thief and Warrior, two professions having trouble in the recent past are seeing more play. Mostly because everyone else got toned down. Thief in particular seems to be able to do +1 and decapping again in a fairly decent manner. Warrior I’m not entirely sure of. I think condi Warrior will be viable. Power warrior might be with the new Destroyer & Demolisher amulets but we’ll see.

Mesmer definitely feels like it’s one of the best professions right now. Revenant is still up there as well. Elementalist seems to have dipped slightly over Ranger as support but is still viable. Engineer and Necromancer got hit but is still viable. The profession that probably needs a bit of help now is Guardian. Guardian has little to no mobility whereas everyone else has something to get around.

PvP itself is still problematic with unranked queues being still up to par. Ranked should be better in this regard but then there’s the issue of motivation of playing for an entire season. This is something I’ll talk about in a more detailed post.


This is the last one I wanted to touch because it was the one thing ArenaNet had to appease a lot of WvW players with. WvW is getting better each week. The patch alone brought reward tracks, quality of life changes and an improved and more open Desert borderlands. This brought people back into the mode which made things more fun and active.

On top of that, post-patch ArenaNet has been putting up polls and getting feedback on players opinions. These polls are on features players would like to see or that players think ArenaNet should work on. It’s a very transparent approach to things. I’m glad that they took the time to accumulate all the issues players see with the mode. It’s interesting as ArenaNet try to merge player’s wants with some of the ideals ArenaNet want for WvW into a cohesive game mode every WvW player can enjoy and that ArenaNet can be happy with. Hopefully they keep up the good work.

And that’s the overview of things. Overall the patch was pretty awesome. The only exception is to some balance nerfs that I think weren’t warranted to the degree they were nerfed. Again, I’ll try to have a more in depth view of things once I get the chance. Hopefully this tides you over for now!

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