Age’s Site Update For April 2016


Greetings all, I’ve got quite a bit to cover.

Guild Wars 2 has gotten some heat about new legendaries getting cancelled last month but it seems to have been relieved by Super Adventure Box coming back the day before April 1st. I did a post about the Legendary stuff as well as a video so check it out if you’d like. Streams have been good and pretty consistent. As for videos I narrowed it down to one a week minimum. Raiding takes up a lot of my time and kind of messes with my schedule for the streaming. I want to do among other thing but I’m trying my best to make it all work. Writing did take a bit of a hit last month so I’ll be trying to make up for it this month. Also, I’ll be heading to PAX East this month (April 22-24th)! So don’t be surprised if content doesn’t come out around that time. Oh and I made H.O.P.E., the legendary pistol (pic above). I love it, hopefully dual pistol gets some stronger viability down the road.

Guild Wars 2 posts I think will be picking up again. There’s a quarterly update in the middle of the month so that should be interesting. I think there will be some be some weekly news preceding the weekly update so we’ll see how it goes.

League of Legends playoffs stuff will go up on Wednesdays. I do have a few things to say since I did screw up my EU predictions quite a bit; I understand why though. Also, I’ll be working on my guides when the summer split occurs. That’s when the last of the major changes typically makes it’s way into the game and is a good point to make a guide based on items, masteries, and so on.

Overwatch released two shorts that have me reinvigorated with the lore. They’re called Recall and Alive. Even if you’re not into the game, go check them out, they’re quite good.

For games of this month, Quantum Break (Xbox One, PC) comes out April 5th. It’s a game that looks like a cool game concept. Dark Souls III comes out on April 12th. Ratchet & Clank comes out on the 12th as well. Star Fox Zero (Wii U) released on April 22nd and I really want to play it.

That’s all for now, hope you all have a good month of gaming!

– Age

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