Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 8


Week 8 of EU and NA LCS had some pretty hype games. Man, all the epicness is happening at the end of the split.

Europe Week 8

So the team I want to focus on is Origen. They played Unicorns of Love and ROCCAT. They also subbed in xPeke. Now I wasn’t sure how the team would do with xPeke back in the mid lane but they played a little better than before. The game versus Unicorns looked like a loss but Unicorns overstayed in Origen’s base which resulted in a wipe and Origen simply strolled into Unicorns base for the win. The game versus ROCCAT could have gone either way but ROCCAT was winning in the mid game. The constant split pushing pressure Soaz put on helped Origen win. I wouldn’t say Origen is exceedingly better with xPeke but they play a bit better. There’s still a few individual mistakes here and there but those can be worked out.

North America Week 8

Definetly focusing on Dignitas this week. Echo Fox vs Dignitas. I need to talk about this game. This game was insane. Dignitas had a huge advantage multiple times with Baron and Aspect of the Dragon. Even both buffs at the same time. But Echo Fox managed to win  the fights or hold off long enough to counter. I really don’t know why Dignitas couldn’t close out the game with some many great advantages. On the flip side I’m also surprised Echo Fox was able to hold off a multi buff Dig team like that and somehow pulled off an epic win.

Dignitas versus Immortals was a similar scenario. Dignitas has a great advantage with 2 inhibs down on Immortals side; mostly because Immortals went a bit ham. Then all of a sudden, Immortals Aced Dig, took Baron and siege Dignitas, taking turrets and inhibitors when possible. Immortals didn’t let up and were a bit more cautious with their diving at the end. But when Immortals saw a good opening, they took it and won the game. These two game shows Dignitas has what it takes to gain a lead and control the early/mid game. Now all Dignitas needs to do is to learn how to close out games faster without giving the enemy a way back in or giving the enemy a chance to scale up.

Looking Forward To In Week 9

In EU, the Unicorns’ matches versus H2K and G2 Esports should be good. In NA, Immortals plays TSM & Cloud 9 plays Echo Fox which could be a fun one.

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  1. Yep, Dignitas games were really good games. I get much more surprise in Immortals games, where they were able to take the game, even though they had less gold! Great lol week 🙂

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