Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 7


Once again this week we’ll be looking at specific games from Week 7 from EU and NA LCS. Some shock and awes for sure definitely happened.

Europe Week 7

Unicorns of Love vs ROCCAT was an interesting turnout. First off, Rammus top lane by fredy122 was an interesting pick. Needed some help early but ROCCAT made it work and then the Rammus keeps on flank engaging for kills. I think everything was going well but I think Unicorns made a mistake in the mid game. They got flanked on but I think Hylissang could have had better positioning to close the choke and to possibly get away. If not, he would have been the only one to die and Unicorns could still contest Baron. Even if Hylissang didn’t move, the rest of ROCCAT was grouped whereas Unicorns were split which made it easy for ROCCAT to engage on 3 members. In the end, Unicorns lost 3 and Baron. From there, the game kept going in ROCCAT’s favor due to the pressure Baron buff had on Unicorn’s base.

North America Week 7

Echo Fox’s winning streak has ended. They went 0-2 versus TSM and Immortals. The game I really want to highlight is the one where the winning streak for Immortals ended and CLG was the team to end it.

So aphromoo was being the most annoying support harassing early jungle clear on Reignover and Gromp for Wildturtle but Adrian, the support had to secure it. Because of this, CLG could gank Huni who was 1v1 with Darshan in bottom lane. They even secured a kill onto Reignover when he tried to salvage a kill. From there it was purely harassing Huni and Reignover. A few minutes later, Immortals started to bring the game back by performing collapses to either kill someone or save someone.

The mid game was pretty even with Immortals getting some kills but CLG got a afew as well plus pressure as they got Darshan split pushing the bottom lane as Fiora and Xmithie split pushing on Udyr in the top lane. Whenever Immortals went for a fight or an objective Darshan would get more out of the bottom lane. This works for CLG because it forces Huni to keep Darshan out of the base. It kept on going like this and if you’ve seen Darshan’s games where he split pushes, he doesn’t stop. The breakthrough point was when Immortals went for Baron but Xmithie stole it so no empowered recalls meant Darshan could get into the base with less threat. Darshan and  Xmithie were able to get to the Nexus in time to kill it. A really great game, hopefully we see more entertaining games like that.

Looking Forward To In Week 8

Most teams will have a week free for practice before Week 8 due to IEM Katowice so we might see some new picks or strats coming out in Week 8.

We have Team Vitality versus G2 Esports so that will be fun to watch. Immortals versus NRG could be interesting but I’d put that in Immortals’ favor since NRG have been on a slide as of late.

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