Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 6


This week we’ll be looking at specific games from Week 6 from EU and NA LCS and how they didn’t go as expected.

Europe Week 6

We’re going to first take a look at Fnatic’s games. Now I expected Fnatic to go 1-1 but not in the way it turned out. Fnatic won against G2 Esports but lost against Splyce.

In the Fnatic vs G2 game, G2 had the advantage for pretty much the first 15 minutes but then they started losing that advantage when they started getting caught out near Baron and mid lane. Fnatic also had Kog Maw who needs a few items to get rolling. And man Rekkles got rolling at twenty minutes. I also have to highlight Gamsu who was a super tanky tree.

In the Splyce vs Fnatic game, Splyce simply utterly destroyed Fnatic with a 13-0 kill score. It was pretty even around 15 miuntes but then Fnatic kept on overstepping and getting killed.

In both instances I feel like Fnatic overstepped in their games. The difference between the two is the strength they were at. When Fnatic overstepped a few times on G2, they had a super tanky Maokai and a itemized Kog Maw. They weren’t at that point versus Splyce. Also, G2 did make a few positional mistakes that gave Fnatic kills.

Other matchup I want to touch on was the Vitality vs H2K match . It was a really close match up between these teams up to the last fight. Vitality was always in the lead but H2K kept on inching back into the game. It got to the point of fighting for Dragon and an ace in order for Vitality to win. Both of these teams really did well if if some mistakes came out, they made up for it for the most part. Bad time to do Baron? Disengage super fast. Can’t get the flank? Readjust and patiently wait. It was an hour long game but very well played out.

North America Week 6


Echo Fox. This team. This team is amazing. Team Liquid versus Echo Fox was back and forth for 50 minutes. Then it seems like Liquid was winning with the siege pushing in mid. Then the god like team fight in Fox’s base resulted in an Ace for Fox with 3 people up, including Keith, the ADC. With death timers being so long, Fox was able to stroll down mid lane and take the win. Versus Team Impulse it was a solid win for Fox at 25 minutes. I feel like letting kfo get Kayle was a bad idea given the very good utility of the ultimate. Plus Impulse’s team did not scale well damage wise. Is it too much to say that this Fox team can make playoffs? I’m 50/50 mostly because they were going to lose to Liquid but they played that last team fight super well. I will say that Fox is one of the stronger lower teams and could surprise us.

Looking Forward To In Week 7

Echo Fox games are going to be the true test. They play TSM and Immortals. If Fox goes 1-1, then I’d say Echo Fox have a chance at playoffs. I think the chances are low that they beat Immortals but it’ll be interesting to see how well they do against them.

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