Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 5


Halfway of the split is over. We’ll be taking a look at current performance as well as re-evaluating final placements or playoff spots for EU and NA LCS teams.

Europe Week 5

Alright so let’s start with the bottom half of the bracket first. Starting with Giants. On the bright side, they finally managed a win in Week 5. Downside is that it was against ROCCAT is arguably the 2nd worst team in EU LCS right now. Both teams sit tied for last place at 1-9. Splyce, a new LCS team, sits at 3-7 but isn’t a great teams since the wins came from beating ROCCAT and Giants. Right now you could say Splyce is the better of the 3 teams. It leaves Splyce some time to grow if they get back into the LCS but I fear ROCCAT and Giants get worse every split despite some surges.

Mid to lower part of the bracket is Fnatic, Origen, & Elements. Once power houses in their own respective manner now sit in the middle. Fnatic, sitting at 6-4, still struggles to adapt due to losing some great talent in Huni and Reignover and the shot calling from YellowStar. Rekkles is trying to shot call but it clearly affects his overall performance as he is known to carry games multiple times in the past. Now they’ve swapped Noxiak (support) for Klaj. Will it help? We’ll have to see. I think they can make playoffs though. Speaking of struggling, Origen has been on a weird ride this split. xPeke is coaching the team now as they look for a new one. The shot calling is still a bit lacking, PowerOfEvil is getting better as times passes so who knows where this team will end up? A lot of people had their doubts before and look at those results. Elements is the last team but I do not think they have a shot at playoffs solely for the reason that all their wins come off the lower teams. Also, I’m not really convinced that their roster can beat the higher teams.

Now let’s talk about the big 4. Unicorns of Love and Team Vitality sit tied for 3rd with 7-3. Now, if I had to choose one for 3rd, I’d go with Unicorns. Their roster is quite good and seems to mesh a little better than Vitality’s but Vitality is a really good team that can surprise me. I feel if Shook and Kasing are on their game, Vitality can be a hard team to beat. Now, the top two are G2 Esports and H2K. Now, I believe G2 will be number one in the end, they just look so good overall but they are not immune as they lost to Vitality in Week 5. H2K is a strong contender as well; H2K always seem to sneak in their rise in performance as a split progresses.

North America Week 5

NA LCS is a magical playing field this season.

I have to start with Echo Fox. I have to. The roster is back with kfo in top lane and Froggen in mid. And they went 2-0. One of those games was against NRG. Now, I’m not saying this will be the epic comeback but… could it be? I mean they destroyed NRG 15-2. FFox could make playoffs if they keep it up. Now let’s look at Renegades. With Fox being way more on point, it looks like Renegades are at the bottom of the standings now and probably will be for the rest of the split.

Lower to Middle we have Dignitas and Team Impulse. If I had to pick, Impulse will be slightly ahead of Dignitas. Both teams are playing better than I thought to be quite honest. Either team could surprise and grab a lower playoff spot.

Middle of the pack is Team Liquid & NRG Esports. From the looks of it, Liquid abandoned their 10-man team strat. In my opinion, it wasn’t aa good idea int he first place due to team communication and synergy being so varied. They seem to play well with the roster they have at the moment. NRG has been slipping as of late. They were in 2nd but it seems that other teams are picking up the meta picks and strategies and appliying them much better than NRG now.

Tied for 3rd is Cloud 9 and CLG. Now there were doubts about how both these teams would perform and to be honest I wasn’t sure either. With Hai as support for C9, they see much more wins due to Hai’s really good shot calling and trust in the call from the other members of the team. CLG has been improving as a whole. If it isn’t Darshan that’s carrying, it’s Huhi and Stixxay. In fact, I think Huhi is quite good in mid. Now, let’s talk TSM. After 5 weeks the dream team is sitting pretty in 2nd place. The team is playing better overall and seems is getting more used to YellowStar’s shot calling allowing Bjergsen more freedom to do his thing. Finally we have Immortals. I knew this was a team to look out for but man, they are 10-0. This team is unreal. Especially WildTurtle. He puts out such impressive numbers and I think Immortals is a good fit for him and the chill or humorous personalities on the team.

Looking Forward To In Week 6

The Vitality match ups vs H2K & Unicorns should be good. The Echo Fox matches should be interesting to watch due to the normal roster returning and stamping a “We’re here to win” vibe from Week 5. The EU top 4 seems to be determined somewhat but you never know. Also, the dethroning of Immortals seeing as much as we have but you never know.

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