Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 4


For the fourth week of EU and NA LCS there were games where the outcome was pretty much easy to guess. However, I want to look at 2 games in NA that were a bit interesting to me.

Liquid vs Dig & C9 vs NRG

With Team Liquid vs Dignitas The game started with the usual: farming it out & gank attempts. When the game started to break open is when a team fight erupted in bottom lane letting Liquid get 3 kills followed by an ace a few minutes later in top to mid lane. At this point, it was 9-1 and the game just snowballed from there to a 18-1 win for Liquid where Dignitas only got 2 turrets and a kill from first blood. Dardosh, Liquid’s jungler got a significant score of 10-0 landing spears and chasing down people.

The Cloud 9 vs NRG started out the same way of farming it out and gank attempts. Two kills came out for Cloud 9 from a quick collapse in mid and that slight advantage gave Cloud 9 the pressure needed to later on get 5 kills and a Baron. After that, it was smooth sailing as Cloud 9 started tearing NRG’s base apart. The game ended with 14-3 win for Cloud 9.

What These Games Show

My point in taking about these two particular games is that the match ups are pretty close in skill. However, both games show what most games are like in the LCS nowadays. Games right now are snowballs. If you get a decent lead early, it is very very hard to come back. I feel that LCS games now lack comeback potential. Yes, some teams can pull it off but if you can clearly see the results sub 20 minutes then I can’t really see a point. I think the main reason for this is the vision changes and turrets going down faster. Reduced vision now makes it so that you always have to be cautious and not get caught in a collapse or you’re done unless the enemy team makes a huge mistake later. I think making Dragon more appealing to take early rather than a team just setup and take it without any contention would make games snowball less. Anyways, that’s my two cents on the matter. I like that games require you to be more on point but could do with a little less snowballing is all.

Looking Forward To In Week 5

Has to be CLG vs TSM. Both of them are currently 5-3 in a 4 way tie with NRG and Cloud 9 for 2nd place. But only one of these teams can possibly stay in that position after Week 5. Fnatic vs Unicorns could be interesting as well seeing Fnatic picking up a bit more these days.

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