Age’s Site Update For February 2016


What’s up everyone. Age here with that monthly site update! Besides leveling in Blade & Soul, raiding & grinding mats for my legendary in Guild Wars 2, I’ve been keeping rather busy!

Guild Wars 2 posts are still the weekly posts per usual. I did miss last week due to fixing a video. I’ll be starting writing on Mattsta.Ninja regularly starting sometime next week or the week after. Twitch streaming and YouTube videos surrounding GW2 has been fun. It’s been a little hard to keep up but I’m trying hard to keep up the regular content and stream schedule. I don’t want to neglect the blog for the other stuff I’m doing so I’ll be sure to not miss a post in the future if I can help it.

League of Legends LCS posts are still once a week. For now, they’re on Wednesdays the following week, mostly because I’m busy early in the week but it’s before the next week of LCS games starts so it’s not too bad. I might bring it back to Mondays.

For games of this month, I’d take a look at Street Fighter V (PC/PS4, Feb 16), Fire Emblem Fates (3DS, Feb 19) and Far Cry Primal (PS4, XB1, PC)

That’s all for now, I’ll catch you guys soon!

– Age

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