Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 3


The third week of EU and NA LCS has concluded. Now I think is a good time to make some predictions of how the split turns out, provided things stay the way they are now.

Europe Week 3

Given the team rosters at the start of the split, the results of this week are pretty much straightforward with no surprises. It is sad to see that Giants, given the teams experience in the LCS has not garnered them a single win. It’s pretty bad and it looks like they’ll finish last this split. G2 Esports on the other hand is looking very strong and is the likely team to finish first with H2K, Unicorns of Love and Team Vitality as contenders. The other teams such as Fnatic and Origen may pull something off for playoffs but that’s what they’re going for at the moment: a playoff spot. The top 4 teams are pretty much locked in at the moment (G2, H2K, Unicorns, Vitality). Which means the mid to lower teams are vying for a play off spot.

North America Week 3

The surprising thing from this week is Team Liquid going 2-0 versus NRG and a surging Team Impulse. Against NRG, the game sarted to break open around 25 minutes as Team Liquid kept winning team fight after team fight. Versus Impulse, it looked like Liquid was actually losing but they once again flipped the switch and snowballed it into a win in the last 5 minutes.

Anyways, Immortals & NRG looks like the top two teams in NA. The middle of the pack is a blend between CLG, TSM, and probably Impulse and Liquid. Dignitas can find it’s way in there. Echo Fox and Renegades will probably be bottom two. Despite having veterans on Renegades, I think the vision changes this don’t really blend with the play style of the team. Fox just doesn’t have the roster to compete for a playoff spot in my opinion.

Looking Forward To In Week 4

Not many interesting matchups in Europe as I see clear wins but in NA there’s Liquid versus Dignitas which could prove to be interesting. CLG vs Immortals could be good as well. What I really want is an upset match. I really like those because it throws off predictions for the split and makes it more interesting to watch teams and see what happens. Hears hoping.

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