Thoughts On League Of Legends Season 6 Spring LCS Week 2


EU and NA LCS continues in Week 2. We take a look of how teams are progressing and growing in the LCS.

Europe Week 2

The teams are bunched up in a few areas. G2 Esports, Vitality, Unicorns of Love, H2K and Elements are all in 1st place with a 3-1 record. Elements did face ROCCAT and Giants two teams that are struggling really hard. Giants more so. Due to the history of the team, I think they’ll be out next split at this rate unless they change something for Week 3. Splyce, a new LCS team finally got a win versus ROCCAT who, again, has a weird roster.

In the cases of G2 Esports, Vitality, Unicorns of Love, and H2K, these teams have good rosters that work together well in addition to a good coaching staff. Interestingly enough each of these teams lost a game in Week 2. Out of the matchups, I think G2 Esports did the best seeing that they lost to H2K while the other teams lost to new rosters or some under performing teams.

Fnatic, still learning with their new roster went 1-1. All things considered, I think that’s decent as the team still learns to work together. Finally, Origen did pick up a win this week versus Unicorns of Love which is good considering last week’s performance. It seems they worked on their shot calling somewhat.

North America Week 2

For NA, I first want to talk about Team Impulse. They did a 180 in week 2 going 2-0. Now this week’s schedule was more balanced in difficulty (faced off against teams at similar skill level) but the games went better. They beat Cloud 9 quite handily even though CS was more or less even. They need to keep it up because I was ready to count them out if they didn’t perform well in week 2.

Let’s talk about Cloud 9 for a bit. For that Impulse game, Hai wasn’t there. For the CLG game which C9 won, Hai was there. Exactly the same story as last week. This shows that Hai is still the most integral part of Cloud 9 due to the shot calling. I wonder if Hai will be on Support the games in week 3 due to this or are C9 slowly grooming someone to be the shot caller.

TSM, CLG and Dignitas aren’t looking half bad with their rosters at the moment but they still need some work. I will say that DIG really needs to step it up when it comes to the higher tier teams.

Team Liquid & Echo Fox . I’m still not sure what to say. For Liquid, with IWillDominate retiring I’m not convinced the team will go far this split. Echo Fox can’t say since 3 subs filled in week 2.

Renegades I still think can be decent. I think the vision mentality might be out of place but I could be wrong as it helped them get this far.

Immortals and NRG are pretty much the teams to beat sitting in 1st and 2nd place respectfully. I knew NRG would be a strong team but my hat’s off to them. Immortals I knew would be a good team but I didn’t expect for them to be this good so fast.

Looking Forward To In Week 3

Week 3 I’ll be looking at the middle tier teams and see who will improve. I’m not convinced the lower tier teams will make it to playoffs unless something changes for the better. I think we’ve seen enough games to understand what teams will run but there maybe a few pocket picks left.

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