Age’s Site Update For January 2016


We’re back folks! Hope everyone had a good holiday season! Mine was pretty decent. So without further delay, here are the plans for this month.

For Guild Wars 2 posts I wanted to cover Pro Leagues weekly but the way the meta was it didn’t make the games exciting to watch which, in turn, doesn’t make for good writing. Maybe with the break players found some new tactics and that would make games a bit more exciting to watch. Otherwise I’ll be doing the weekly posts per usual. I’ll also be writing some GW2 stuff over at which is a site that has some cool tools like a boss timer, daily tracker and a dual stream app for watching 2 streams at once. Speaking of streaming, I’ve been doing Twitch streaming for a while now and it’s been pretty fun. Mostly been streaming GW2 stuff. Trying to get a regular schedule down and put out 2 videos a week on my YouTube. Hopefully that goes well since my raid team is shaving off a few days for the foreseeable future.

League of Legends posts will rev up again soon since LCS starts up mid-January. This time around I’ll be gauging what’s strong, what items are being used and how the pro are playing the map this time around in order to get an idea on how to update my guides for this season. Usually I wait till around the summer season of LCS to start working on these to have the most up-to-date version of a guide so I don’t work my butt off updating it every month but just do a single easy update.

For games of this month, Amplitude came out on January 5th. It’s a electronic music type of game where Guitar Hero meets Audiosurf (if you know these games). There’s also Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS that looks interesting. That comes out on the 26th.

That’s all for now guys, hopefully 2016 will be a good year for pumping out content. It’ll be slow at first due to getting back into the swing of things but hopefully I can do more! Catch ya soon!

– Age

PS. here’s the 2016 login for League of Legends, prett ysweet if I do say so myself!

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