Heart of Thorns Story Chapters 13-16: Inner Demons


Last story post! This is the conclusion of the Heart of Thorns story. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Chapter 13: Buried Insight

This chapter is about securing info on the Elder Dragons but it’s also about Taimi. Taimi is a character that struggles to show she doesn’t need protection all the time and that she’s not merely a child. Givening her intelligence she’s quite the genius but her disability and her age makes our group feel parent-like when she’s left untended.

We first start off by turning on ley collectors in Rata Novus to power the machines. In doing so we fight off a bunch of chak and we find an Asura Gate that lead to a room where the Elder Dragon research lab is. The problem was is that we needed to sacrifice Scruffy, Taimi’s golem, to complete the ley line circuit. It was quite the touching moment in when Scruffy looked back at Taimi one last time as if to ask if she’ll be ok without it.

Without Scruffy, Taimi was a vulnerable target for the Chak but after Eir, I wasn’t about to let Taimi of all people die. I stuck to her like glue and fended off any Chak that came within 600 range. After we cleared the room out thanks to Taimi’s lazer idea, we gathered the info available in the lab and Taimi decided to stay behind by herself to do more research. It’s at this this point where we learn that Taimi can handle herself but on the flip side, Taimi also learned that help from others isn’t a bad thing.

Chapter 14: Sign Cutting

Like the other transition chapters this one it to catch up with our group. Not much to say here.

Chapter 15: Bitter Harvest

In this chapter we head deeper into Dragon Stand where Trahearne, Logan and Zojja are being held. We get to them but either Zojja or Logan is in a weak state while the other is unconscious. We also run into Faolain who stated Trahearne is being worked on even deeper in Dragon Stand. We chase her as we leave Rox and Kasmeer to tend to Zojja and Logan. We end up scaling a spiraling tower and take out Faolain before looking for Trahearne.

Chapter 16: Hearts and Minds

This was an interesting despite assuming the end is an end boss. So what happens is that We find Trahearne connected (quite literally) to Mordremoth’s vines. We need to take two people into the dream world via Trahearne with us while the others stay and watched Trahearne. The options were Caithe, Braham and Canach. When you choose two, you have two respective bosses to fight. It was kind of an inner demon thing as well. For example with Braham we had to fight Eir and Garm, Caithe had to fight the Avatar of the Pale Tree, and Canach had to fight himself.

I think it was a nice touch to cover the turmoil that these characters faced in living story of this expansion and giving them some type of closure. Now the actual Mordremoth fight starts differently if you run a Sylvari or not. If you’re a Sylvari, you’ll be enticed to join Mordremoth and during that time you’ll be an enemy to people in your party. After that (or otherwise), you get to fight Mordremoth and that fight is super challenging solo. Quite a few mechanics too. We also bring in Rytlock, Marjory and the third person you left behind. It gave a feeling of taking back your life in a way if your playing a Sylvari.

After the fight, we exit the dream world and we are forced to kill Trahearne due to Mordremoth planting a seed in Trahearne’s mind. It was interesting how I didn’t feel anything when taking him out. I mean he was vital for personal story but he wasn’t a character I was overly excited for I guess. Also him taking the spotlight in the personal story may have helped a bit.

That’s the story! Overall it was good. The story covered personal problems for characters and resolved some questions from living story. Now new questions are asked. Is Mordremoth really gone? And what exactly happened to Glint’s Egg when the ley line energy surge from killing Trahearne hit it? Time will tell. But I’ll be very interested to find out.

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