Heart of Thorns Story Chapters 9-12: New Paths


We’re back with some more story to talk about. This post won’t be profound story wise persay but there will be some resolution and some setup for the next story post.

Chapter 9: The Predator’s Path

In this chapter, we are regrouping with everyone and Taimi is placing hologram disks for us to follow. Not much here to talk about but it does show off Taimi’s playful personality a bit.

Chapter 10: Strange Observations

As we get near our party, we find Marjory and she fills us in that they’re searching for Taimi who apparently went off on a mini adventure. We get designated to search the hill. After passing through some Mordrem we find Taimi in a cave with some Exalted pillars we need to activate a data station. After activating it, an Exalted named Kiru swings by telling us that the data station is really an apparatus that senses ley line energy. By activating this we find out that a lost city called Rata Novus exists and Kiru tells us that there was research being done there on how to kill Elder Dragons.

I want to identify a few things here. Taimi is still a child by Asuran standards (by most standards to be honest). She’s also crippled. So I think it’s natural that anyone in the group would worry about Taimi’s safety when left alone. However, Taimi wants to be treated as a person who can fend for herself. You see a hint of this when we actually find her. When we ask why she’s in the cave by herself, she first replies with “I’m quite capable on my own”.

Naturally we bring this info of Rata Novus to our group. Braham also comes back, with less hair as well. An interesting topic a friend brought up is that maybe the death of one’s parents results in this hair style (Braham had a half bald hairstyle thing going and his father was dead when we met him).

Chapter 11: Roots of Terror

In the process of traveling to Rata Novus we run into a Pact Camp that got ran over. After talking to a lieutenant we find out that Logan, Zojja, and Trahearne diverted the Mordrem that attacked the camp away. In the process they got capatured. To make matters worst, a monster which was later revealed to be a chak lobber has been attacking the camp often. The Magister who saw the direction of where the Mordrem were going led a group to kill the chak lobber. We caught up with the Magister who was the only one left alive but dying. We got the direction the Mordrem were heading but in the end we decided to go to Rata Novus first to find out if any Elder Dragon research was there in order to defeat Mordremoth.

Now, it’s pretty obvious at this point that Braham wants to take out this dragon. However I’m surprised that he didn’t want to scout the Mordrem with everyone else and wanted to come to Rata Novus with Canach, Taimi and myself. This may have showed a bit more growth in Braham, learning to be wise in determining what to do.

Chapter 12: The Way In

This part is where we talk with Tizlak in order to get to Rata Novus via the tunnels below Teku Nuhoch. Not much to go on here once again; pretty straightforward stuff.

That’s all for this post. I know it wasn’t much but this sets up well for the next bit of impressive story surrounding Taimi. Catch you next time!

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