Heart of Thorns Story Chapters 5-8: Despair and Hope


I just realized with me consistently raiding a lot over the past two week that I’ve been putting the story posts on the back burner. Well no longer! On the bright side, it”s pretty much a non-spoiler for GW2 players at this point. But again, spoiler warnings if you haven’t played through the story just yet.

Chapter 5: In Their Footsteps

In this chapter, we simply talk to Itzel or Nuhoch scouts in order to catch up with Braham & Rytlock. The scouts we talk to depends on who we helped defend the Itzel village from the last chapter. We find out that the duo are tracking Mordrem who are taking prisoners. Not much else to delve into here.

Chapter 6: Prisoners of the Dragon

This… this is the chapter that got to me the most out of the entire story. Our group has rejoined with Braham and Rytlock. Both of them fill us in that they found a Mordrem prison camp. We proceed to fight our way through which was quite the task. First we fight through a horde of Mordrem. Then we get past jungle tendrils by using fire grenades. Then we need to use said grenades on a Mordrem boss which is a bit tedious to do for the first time solo do to some plants that spawn and regen the health of the boss. But after that we finally get to the prison cells.

Now, up to this point, something to note was that Rytlock felt the presence of one of the members of Destiny’s Edge at the beginning of this chapter. We didn’t know who but it was 1/4 of a chance it was Eir (or Zojja, Caithe, Logan). We also find out the Rytlock and Braham saw that Mordem were bringing corpses back into this camp. Meaning that this camp was also a minion making factory.

Alright, let’s head back to the cells. We find a number of cells to open and surprisingly, we found some Nightmare Court in these cells. They didn’t want to fight us but rather just get out of there which we allowed them to do. At this point, I’m wondering to myself “what the heck are Nightmare Court doing here?”. The Nightmare Court were teased in a trailer last year, but more specifically Faolain impaling a soldier. I thought the Nightmare Court would join Mordremoth but it turns out not to be the case.

Oddly enough the very last cell we find is one with not just Faolain in it, but Eir as well! With one line, Faolain explains why the Nightmare Court doesn’t like Mordremoth: because they seek freedom. The Court wants to be separated from the Dream but with Mordremoth it’s way worst. We tried to open the cell but then a Mordrem bamboo vine (or something of the sort) snapped the cell farther away from us.

This is where quite a bit happens. First, Faolain saw something large lurking around them so she injures Eir by stabbing her in the abdomen with sharp vine in order to escape. Faolain may have gotten away if Eir didn’t retaliate and threw the vine right back at Faolain’s spine. And the Mordrem creature shadowing them dragged the injured Faolain away and returned instantly. Eir didn’t run and stood tall as the creature stabbed Eir in the stomach instantly killing her. This is where I lost it. In a blind rage I ran in with my group and started hammering at the boss. I didn’t care for mechanics. I didn’t care of any damage being done to me. I just wanted this thing dead for what it just did. After the fight, we pay our respects to Eir and let Braham take his time to grieve as we moved on. I had to stop playing for a bit after this.

Eir is probably one of my top NPCs in GW2 and to see her taken out like that left me so sad. As if I lost a good friend. I honestly felt so bad for Braham as his worst dreams had became a reality in mere seconds. This is definitely one of the most profound moments for me in the story.

Chapter 7: Prized Possessions

In this chapter we finally leave Verdant Brink and head into Auric Basin. We check up on the Pact members in the area and we meet an Exalted named Ruka who was tracking Glint’s Egg. Lucky for us right? Well we do eventually find Caithe and a warped Faolain (body and mind) trying to take the egg away for Mordremoth but we manage to snatch it up and get away.

I think it was a little obvious (at least to me) that Faolain was going to be turned but I didn’t expect that transformation into a predator-type form. Our character was able to get away from her in the end but you know we’ll see Faolain again down the road.

Chapter 8: City of Hope

Here we enter Tarir but need to do trials in order to be worthy of entering the egg chamber where Glint’s eggs will be safe with the Exalted. These trials reminded me a lot of the GW1 trials to become ascended. They were pretty fun.

In the end, we secured the egg from Mordremoth’s grasp or anyone’s really. What’s interesting is that the Exalted told us they were suppose to protect Glint’s egg and we took them at face value. I dunno, doesn’t sit too well with me but for the time being, the egg is safe so the focus can be on beating Mordremoth.

That concluded this round of chapters! A huge sense of despair and loss with Eir’s death but some security with getting Glint’s egg back and safe housing it. I can’t wait to talk about the next set of chapters!

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