Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 First Year PvP League Season 1 Week 1


So we’re in our first week of the very start of PvP Leagues in Europe and North America. From the Week 1 matches I think it was very clear cut to see how the teams that got a buy into Pro Leagues are more experienced than those that qualified. There were a few exceptions though.


So Europe featured four matchups with qualifying teams vs buy teams and all the teams that got a buy won their matchups 2-0. The Civilized Gentlemen, Orange Logo, & Rank Fifty Five Dragons particularly stomped in both their games versus More Guns Than Roses, Chaos Contingency & Purple Noise respectfully. A closer matchup was Car Crashed vs Vermillion. However, the experienced Vermillion won the first match and ran away with the 2nd match.

I really can’t say much else except things kind of turned out as expected for the Week 1 matchups. I’ll be very interested how teams will adjust for Week 2.

North America

The North American matchups went a little better than stomps. Final Form (formerly The Dankening) went up against Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy and Final Form won 2-0 but Ez Pz put up a more decent fight as a qualifying team. That and Final Form’s composition of 2 Druids, 2 Chronomancers and a Tempest was quite potent in sustain therefore can stay on points for long durations. Spoookie vs Never Lucky ended in a 2-0 win for Spoookie. The first game went rather well for Never Lucky which was a bit surprising seeing that Spookie is quite experienced but the second game, Spookie turned on the kill switch or something and crushed Game 2.

The 3rd set of matches between Team Pz & Apex Prime were very enjoyable to watch. Both teams were quite even and for Forest of Niflhel and Legacy of the Foefire, the secondary objectives secured a win each for the teams. On the 3rd map, Battle of Khylo, it came down to mechanics as trebuchets on the map are pretty much not a big factor halfway through a match. I found Apex Prime had slightly better mechanics unless they got out rotated thanks to Zoose’s portals and the Revenant mobility coming from Tradstar and Tarcis. In the end, Apex did win due to getting better fights on points while still having a far point ticking for them. To me, Team Pz is the only qualifying team right now that can shake up the upper bracket.

Disappointingly, Zero Counterplay vs The Abjured didn’t happen as Zero Counterplay had an invalid roster and had to forfeit the matchup for the week. Honestly, I think The Abjured would have won the matchup anyways but it’s a bit disappointing we won’t see them play till next week because I’m curious if Phantaram and Magic Toker will be playing Revenants or will be using Tempest & Daredevil respectively or a mix of both.

In Summary

Overall, the results of this week aren’t really surprising; the experienced will have a better time versus the newer teams. I’m not sure if 7 weeks is enough to improve a lot for the lower bracket teams but what it does give them is a ton of experience. You get to play against the top teams in the region. Learning how these top teams split in the beginning, rotate, fight on or near objectives and prioritize targets is very valuable. It’s very possible for the lower bracket teams to retain their spots for next season with the experience they’ll obtain in Pro Leagues over new teams trying to get in.

A bit disappointing that Warrior/Berserker is completely out of the meta as neither region played a Berserker or a Warrior for that matter. This fact has been known for a while now but Pro Leagues makes it very evident. That means Warrior needs some reworks to be made viable. An interesting thing to note is that not a single European team ran a Thief/Daredevil. There was an old school Dagger/Pistol Thief along with a Staff Daredevil and a D/P Daredevil which are pretty much the best Thief builds to be running for high level play at the moment.

Again, the results from Week 1 are to be expected. After all, some of the qualifying teams got together 2 weeks before qualifiers to play in Pro Leagues. With time, perhaps we will see these teams grow to be more of a challenge for the upper bracket.

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