TSM League of Legends Starting Roster Announced

For those of you curious about the latest TSM roster, here it is. This will be the team going to IEM San Jose:

Top: Hauntzer (from Gravity)

Jungle: Svenskeren (from SK Gaming)

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC: Doublelift (from CLG)

Support: KaSing (from H2K)

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  1. Any predictions for TSM’s placement at IEM?

    • I really can’t say. For most of the teams going to IEM there’s been a lot of ups and downs last year/worlds. Also I haven’t heard anything of CLG’s new ADC yet. The new TSM roster has potential but they’ve been playing together for about a month or two now as far as I can tell. If I had to say, then maybe somewhere around 3rd place.

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