Heart of Thorns Story Chapters 1-4: How It Begins


So I’ve been holding back due to not wanting to ruin story for people. However, I have to talk about it sometime so here we go; if you haven’t played story and don’t mind the spoilers then read on. These posts will be in the form of talking about the story 4 chapters at a time. I feel that’s a good pace and it works out for the over story.

Chapter 1: Prologue – Rally to Maguuma

In this chapter we see that our character has taken quite the leadership role. We confer with our teammates Braham, Rox, Marjory, Kasmeer, Taimi and Canach as we talk. We see the state each our companions are in most notably Marjory who I felt really wanted to tear some enemies to shreds with everything that’s happened to her recently.

Chapter 2:  Torn from the Sky

This half of this chapter most people know of as it’s the very first part of the story from beta. However there is the second option now available to us that allows players to scavenge for parts to re-enforce the Pact camp before the Mordrem assault. During the scavenging we witness (as a non-Sylvari) a Sylvari Pact member lose control of his mind and sumbits to Mordremoth. We end up having to kill this Sylvari. It was interesting trying to hope and encourage that this Sylvari could fight it off not knowing if we could help or what would happen. Perhaps playing as a Sylvari we could have a different outcome.

Choosing to rescue Pact members was the same scenario from beta and we assault Mordrem in a cave and release the members from vine prisons.

We also have Braham’s rashness with rushing to find his mother which I’ll talk about later.

For Rytlock’s return I never really paid attention to it until now but Rox hammers Rytlock with questions with where he’s been and the powers he’s obtained. Rytlock said he’s talk about it later. However the subject comes up once or twice later in the story and Rytlock keeps avoiding the details. It makes me wonder just how he got his new abilities and what he saw in the Mists.

Chapter 3: Establishing a Foothold

At this point we’re in a camp getting info on where Mordrem take prisoners in order to find. This part is straightforward. This interesting part of this was the chatter around you. We hear about some Pact soldiers being wary of Sylvari around them; some soldiers try to reason with those would don’t trust their Sylvari comrades.

The Sylvari Pact troops themselves are worried for their lives, I spoke to one would was scared for her live but I (my character) shared some advice on how to proceed for now. It may have been a bit irreverent to some but this shows some of the tension that’s at these Pact camps. Some events in Verdant Brink expand on this part of the story but I feel like this part of the story could have lead into more story. For example some side story where two Sylvari friends are in a camp and one gets corrupted and the other isn’t but is under heavy scrutiny by the rest in the camp. If we were playing a Sylvari that could factor in as well.

Chapter 4: The Jungle Provides

Here we encounter Itzel Ibli and Nuhoch Tizlak. Both are scouts fending off Mordrem as they grow nearer to their home. We help fend them off and make a deal with the scouts. We help defend the Itzel village in exchange for their help. The defense was rather simple, we either went to met them head on with Tizlak or stayed and defended the village with Ibli.

It’s important to note that we decide to split off from Rytlock and Braham who went to scout ahead. Both of these characters were rather eager to do so and I could understand why. Braham wants to save Eir (specifically) in addition to the other main Destiny’s Edge members and Trahearne; Rytlock wants to save his comrades. Braham in this chapter consistently shows he doesn’t want to waste time waiting, that he wants to get a move on to save his mother. It’s interesting how the relationship between Eir and Braham has grown from Braham being purposely distant from Eir to this state.

And that’s all for now. Keeping Braham and Marjory’s state of mind in check along with Rytlock’s mystery on his time in the Mists while we trek in the jungle where Sylvari Pact members are scrutinized makes the story very fascinating on how it kind of gels together. Some of these small instances make for possible future scenarios, even after the HoT storyline. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the next four chapters!

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