First League of Legends 2016 Preseason Changes

Some of you may know of the first changes to preseason by now but Riot put out a video detailing those changes. I’ll highlight what was in the video but check out the preseason site for more. Alright, let’s have a look.

Marksmen Changes

Quinn – Valor will be able to be called to carry Quinn providing her a large speed boost to fights. This ability is on a low cooldown.

Graves – Basic attacks are a blockable spread of Buckshot. The new Q is End of the Line which is a blast from Graves’s shotgun that deals bonus damage to enemies trapped near walls or tight corners.

Corki – Basic Attacks are now split between magical and damage. Corki’s new passive allows Corki’s crew to drop payloads at his base that grants him a movement speed boost for a short duration and a longer valkyrie on the first one used

Kog Maw – Bio Arcane barrage doubles Kog’s attacks speed as well as the attack speed cap as the cost of needing to stand still.

Miss Fortune – Bullet time per level adds an extra wave scales with crit. Love tap is the new passive that does bonus damage the first tiem she attacks a new target.

Caitlyn – Yordle Snap Trap now has charges. When an enemy stands on a trap or is hit by 90 Caliber net, the next basic attack on them is a long range headshot.

Marksmen Items

Essence Reaver – Improves mana regen and provides cooldown based on crit chance

Phantom Dancer – New stats that improves dueling power

Runaan’s Hurricane – Bolts now can crit

Static Shiv – Improved wave clear

Rapid Fire Cannon – Charges up to deal a long range high damage shot on a single target. Works on structures

Additional Starting Items

Cull – Grants bonus gold per minion kill

The Dark Seal – Aggressive option for snowballing

3 New Flasks – Gives players different options for sustain


  • Support items can upgrade to their final form or can be combined with Sightstone to free up a slot
  • Trinkets auto upgrade for everyone
  • Sight Ward removed from shop, trinkets and pink wards will be vital for vision control
  • Wards leave debris for a short time when they die granting ward pattern info to enemy team

The Rift Herald

Top lane objective in Baron pit for the pre 20 minutes of the game. Whoever gets the killing blow gets a buff for early game power and lane pushing. Herald is a 2 person objective so ideal for jungler & top laner.

Keystone Masteries

Mastery System is revamped. There will be fewer options but they matter more. Keystone masteries are the last tier options in a mastery tree and impacts your gameplay. There are 3 keystone options but you can only pick one.

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  1. Not sure if I like or dislike this season’s changes. I like the refillable pots but at the same time, no mana T_T.

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