League of Legends Worlds Season 5 Finals: The Two-Time Champs


We have our champions for Season 5 but is it all that surprising? SKT have secured, for the first time in LoL competitive history, a 2nd World championship.

It was pretty much the same game SKT played since the start of Worlds, get even or ahead in gold slightly then slowly gain a large lead with better teamfighting and rotations. There was one instance where SKT messed this formula up and that was in game 3. For some odd reason, SKT members filtered in one after the other into a fight they’ve already lost giving KOO Tigers a great lead early that let them snowball into a win giving sKT their only lost at Worlds.

What Does This Mean For Other Regions?

Well other regions need to step it up, especially NA. Now when I mean regions I mean the stronger regions like Korea, China, Europe and North America.

Last year, Europe were the ones who really dropped the ball but came back so well this season. This year, Europe had a really good chance with Fnatic and, surprisingly, Origen being contenders. North America did not come into Worlds to win at all; CLG collapsed in the 2nd week of group stage, Cloud 9 did surprisingly well for a horribly struggling team but in the end couldn’t make it work out, and a majority of people thought TSM wouldn’t get out of groups and they didn’t.

Overall it seems like Chinese and the Korean scene always has a team or two that’s a shoe in for the finals. North America hasn’t contested that position in a long time & and Europe was able to this year. The focus for teams in both these regions should be to be a real threat to other regions come these international events. This means being consistent & winning a majority of your games in the Spring/Summer splits. It means fixing important mistakes and not letting them come back 4 weeks later in a split. It’s about keeping cool under pressure and not tilting in series. It’s about communication being clear so that the team can play as one. I know it’s not easy but these things are what SKT brought to Worlds and they were able to win it all. If NA or EU teams want that Summoner’s Cup, something has got to give.

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